Ten Years Past

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Author's Notes: I kinda wanted to do a DMC 4 era fic, to see how these two had grown over the years. Closer, indeed. What would happen if they hadn't seen each other in several long months? How much has changed around the city?

Oh, this is definitely half PWP here. But I'll try to have fun with it like my other ones. What can I say, I enjoy writing different situations of DxL het fics. I find them fun.

Hope you enjoy.

Graphic lemon, once again. Don't read if it offends you.


''You could maybe at least try to call me next time!''

''Sorry, babe. Last I checked they don't have phone service in Hell.''

Dante leaned back in his chair at headquarters, his long legs crossed up on the desk. He scratched the very light stubble that he let grow in on his chin, and smirked up at the scolding young woman next to him.

If she looked delicious back in their early days, it seems that a few years were even better to her.

Her being Lady, of course. After Trish had left, to simply do her own thing, Dante and Lady had taken over the company full on, and Dante had recently had a rather harrowing job. One that took several months. Lady thought Dante had actually...died.

She had never been so worried before, now that she thought about it-and she rarely worried about the half-devil, whose powers seemed to only grow exponentially over the years. If she was any judge, he was more than a match for even his father these days, if he was still around. Neither of them knew.

The man seemed to literally grow, too. Even though he was an adult when they met-she could swear Dante was a couple of inches taller-and his former younger, muscular but more lean build was replaced with a very sturdy, broader build; his limbs had become corded with even more muscle, and seemed even more powerful than they were before. His hair a bit longer, wilder, and thicker. His eyes were the same stunning blue they had been, though, and seemed to deepen over the years. He was certainly no less gorgeous to her...if anything, his transition from a young man apparently in his early 20's(Dante never did say how old he was to her, or anyone) to the man he was now made him even sexier.

Even with his insistence on keeping his rather tickly, lightly annoying stubble.

He had adopted a different style of dress for the most part-he resembled a diabolical cowboy of sorts most of the time, with his big red duster, vest, spurs and chaps-but today, he was dressed a little more laid back, in his old style she knew-worn leather pants tucked into a pair of combat boots, and no shirt whatsoever. His hair was still damp from the shower. Seeing him like this brought back tons of memories. Lady had demanded he get the shower after he returned; he was less than savory at that time he walked in, though she hungrily kissed him anyway.

Lady was something now, too. While her body had always been a nice one, she had somehow proportioned even more over the decade-she was only eighteen when they first met, now that she was two years shy of thirty her body looked like that of a woman. What a woman she was, Dante would think to himself. Her hair she kept on the shorter side as she always did, but it was still soft, and styled much like it had been. Her slim, agile body stayed as well-the one he loved to run his hands over. He loved her new outfit choices-including a white cat-type suit-but he did like her short skirt which she would still wear.

Easier access, after all.

They had kept their relationship going as it was-nothing official but they certainly were close. They loved each other more than anything in this world, but very, very rarely ever said it, as it wasn't needed. They knew each other's minds-and bodies-more than anyone else; and while it was unspoken, neither had any other interest in other people. They had marked each other, as far as they were concerned.

He's impossible, even still, ten years later. ''Are you just going to sit there, grinning like an idiot?'' she scolded. Her arms were folded.

He grabbed her waist to nuzzle at her stomach, kissing her lightly a few times. ''No, I have other plans.'' He rested his chin there, looking up at her. She swatted him, but his grin stayed.

''Just...try to let me know the next time you go on an eight month job! I...'' She looked down. It wasn't like Lady to be at a loss for words. I was worried about you, you dumb jerk. I actually thought I lost you. She never said it...but she had found herself, while alone in her apartment, finding tears appear every now and again. While she wasn't sobbing, the tears still stung sometimes-it happened after jobs once and awhile, and when she felt that something was just...missing from her life. She was fully capable of being an independent woman, but the devil was essentially her other half, and he had disappeared.

She never liked to think about losing her devil. She regretted in the past few years they haven't been able to spend as much time as they used to in the first few years together-travels, jobs and life got in their way. Oh, they still had their fun. But it just wasn't as often. Sometimes he could be gone for a week, and she would look upon him when he came swaggering back in, finding her chest growing tight.

She missed the devil, something fierce. She could see in the look in his eyes that he felt the same.Dante himself had felt worry toward her being alone there-while her skill in firearms only got better over the years, there were some demons that were simply very, very difficult for any human to take out-especially the ones who had a great amount of magical powers who could level armies. Every night that he was in the dark, dank caves or freezing plains, sometimes alone, sometimes blowing apart demons or tearing them limb from limb, he thought of his Lady, whom he loved more than anything in this world, or any other.

She chuckled a bit at the feel of his stubble against her stomach. It was barely a fuzz; but it was just enough. She didn't think it detracted from his looks at all, however. She liked to see him dressed like he was, as well-it reminded her of older times, before Devil May Cry became so big...due to the demons which seemed to crawl everywhere these days.

She did long for the old times. She didn't know where they went. Her hands wrapped in his thick, silky white hair, stroking it back.

''Just...try not to leave me hanging anymore, alright?''

''Yes, ma'am. I'll try, no matter what, to find a phone in Hell if I have to go back.'' He grinned slyly at her, still resting his chin on her stomach, his arms around her waist.

She smiled back at him. ''I guess I can be happy with that answer.''

''About time.'' He stuck his tongue out.

She broke her embrace of him, not without him nipping her once. He looked outside. It was once again early fall, and the clouds were dark, the wind half-strong; and he suddenly got a wash of memories over him-memories of going to the bar, being attacked by demons, only to come home and pick up Lady to take her to the bar.

That was the first night they had gotten to know each other in several different ways. The feeling in Dante was crossed between nostalgia and lust, between the longing look in his eyes...and the little something forming in his trousers. Lady of course noticed this.

The more things change...''What are you thinking? Or do I want to know?''

He turned to her, the smile on his face surprisingly gentle. ''Just thinking about the old days.''

She smiled back at him. ''I know the feeling.'' She, too, had gotten a sense of nostalgia.

Suddenly, Dante jumped up. ''Come on, Lady. We're going out for awhile.''

''Wow, you're taking me on a date for once?'' It was a rarity, even after all the times. Dante was a bit more of a homebody when it came to those things. Unless he took her out to do something unspeakable to her in a public place, of course.

''Maybe. Don't push it. I'm still randy enough to poke a hole in the wall, you know.'' It had been eight months since any release. For him, it might as well been equivalent to regaining his virginity.

''Still a gentleman, too, I see.'' Lady didn't bother lying about how she felt. She knew Dante could figure it out fast enough, anyway.

He pulled on his coat, forgetting his shirt, once again. It wasn't like they stayed on long, anyway. Lady grinned; he looked a lot like he did ten years back...only grown up. He took her head in his hands, still rough from combat. He smelled fairly fresh from the shower, but still had the musky scent that followed him around, and the smell of the old leather that he always wore.

In other words, comfort.

''Maybe I'll actually let you guide me around tonight, devil.'' Lady winked at him.

''Like you'd have a choice.'' He picked her up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist, and kissed her again. It was the second time he did since he had come back, the first happening when he had walked through the door. The stubble scratched her chin lightly, but she didn't care; she fell into the hungry kiss, eight months wanting.

She hadn't had a kiss feel like that since that night ten years ago.

''Come on, you. Let's see if you can treat me properly, tonight.''

''I don't think that'll be a problem, babe.'' He raised his eyebrow in a naughty expression.

He's matured a bit. Just enough. Some things, though...will never change, she thought with amusement.She watched him as he walked out the door, his thick head of hair blowing in the breeze.

I'm glad for that. She followed him out.


They approached the bar where they used to go quite often, or what was left of it.

The city had fallen into much ruin, despite all of the work they put into getting rid of the demon invasions. People too let it fall into ruin, and now all that was left of the bar was a room with old, broken tables, an empty bar counter with broken bottles, a broken jukebox, and a few other odds and ends. Dante shouldered the locked door open and stepped inside.

''Hmph. Hell of a way to treat our old joint.'' He nudged at a broken chair on the ground with his foot.

''I know. I miss this place.'' It had become overrun about five years past...the damage had already been done, though...they didn't know what happened to the old owner. Probably moved onto greener pastures, like so many people in this dump of a city...if he was still alive. Most of the city consisted of slums, these days. Dirty, dank and sparsely populated slums. The two of them called the place home, though. Lady had no intention of moving-and neither did Dante, she knew.

He went behind the bar, and poked around. ''Well, holy shit,'' she heard him say.

''Hmm?'' She found the broken jukebox, covered in a thick layer of dust, rather depressing.

He popped up, with a full bottle of whiskey, still totally sealed. ''Looks like something was left behind.'' He opened it and sniffed. ''Mmmm...finely aged too, by the scent.''

''Heh, well they do never go bad, I think. A good one, anyway.''

He took a sip. ''Nope...it's still good.'' He looked around for glasses and couldn't find any. He turned back toward her. ''Care to join me for a bit?'' He grinned.

''I think I can handle some. I prefer mine on the rocks, but take what you can get, huh?'' She managed to dig up two chairs that hadn't been broken and set them up. He leapt deftly over the bar and span the chair around with his foot, catching it and sitting down in it.

''Still showing off, you freak.'' She smirked.

''How long have you known me, sweetheart?'' He took another nip of the whiskey and handed her the bottle.

''Too long. I still somehow have my sanity.'' She took a small nip. She shivered a bit. It did taste good, but she didn't drink it too often. Somehow, though, it felt right. She enjoyed the cool breeze that blew in, taking away some of the musty smell in the dark, abandoned place.

''I haven't broken you yet? Damn, woman. I must be losing it.'' He winked and took another pull. He then set the bottle by the chair and yanked her onto his lap, just like he did in the old days. She slid her arms around his broad shoulders and looked at him.

''Every time you try to break me, I only try harder, devil.'' She kissed him. He obliged her fully, and traced his lips softly around her jaw and neck, pausing to nibble at the sensitive skin of her throat. His lips felt the same...comforting and arousing. His hands held her hips under her short jacket, fingers tracing around. She felt the heat spread in her stomach again; she had a feeling if he kept this up, she would want to take him right here.

Eight months was a long, long time.

She suddenly started to chuckle. He looked up from her neck. ''What the hell's so funny, babe?'' He grinned.

''Remembering how you were such a tease in here.''

''You know you liked it.'' He stuck his tongue out.

''Of course. Well, after awhile. You were impossible.''

''Bah, I refuse to believe that.''

''Dante, you went down on me under the table on a Friday night!'' She could never forget that night. It was a long time ago, but he had decided to surprise her after she had taken him on the pool table one night. His jacket covered what they were doing, and they were in the corner, but she felt rather exposed as her devil worked his magic on her.

''As I recall, babe, you were enjoying it as much as you always did.''

''Well...gah! I mean, of course it felt good!'' She remembered trying her hardest not to scream and draw attention to herself, but he had finally broken her with his ministrations. Luckily, most of the patrons were so drunk, and the music was loud enough, barely any noticed. Dante had grinned like an idiot afterward, as he licked his lips off, while she was draped over the chair, panting.

''Only good?'' He nipped at her neck again.

''Shut up.'' She squeezed him lovingly between the legs.

''Gee, babe, I think you're the one going overboard tonight in the bar.''

''Yeah, look at all the people.'' She smiled, wryly.

''I do miss this place. And those days.''

''Me too,'' she said, a bit sad. She sighed.

''Cheer up, babe. I know...things have changed a lot. But...we're still the same.''

''We are.'' That was one thing. They each matured a bit, they might have grown a little older, but they were still young and had a lot of time ahead of them. But things were indeed still much as they have been.

''Want to go check out a few more places? I just feel like taking you around with me tonight. Showing you off, you know.'' He nipped her shoulder.

''I'd like that.'' She didn't want to admit she wanted him more tonight than she might have ever had. What have you done to me?

He hopped up, each of them taking one more nip of the old whiskey, before they left it there, on one of the unbroken tables. He shut the door behind them, taking one more look back at the old bastion of their semi-youth.


''This place looks even worse than the bar.''

''It does...'' Lady looked a bit lost, again.

The old playground that stood was in even more ruin. Besides broken bottles and trash, the equipment was in total ruin. It was doubtful even demons would let their young run loose in a place like this. He walked over to the slide, now toppled over. He had to smirk.

''Yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking.''

''Like I always say. You know me all too well, babe.''

''Was there any place in the city where you haven't did something to me yet?''

''Hmm, possibly. We might have to fix that.'' He licked her ear from behind, causing her to visibly shiver.

''Damn chilly breeze.'' I still try to resist. I try.

''Nice try, sweetheart.'' He kicked at the slide. ''A shame. Where did the time go, anyway?''

This was probably the most philosophical, if you could call it that, she had ever seen Dante. She didn't know what he had seen over this time...but perhaps all the time apart had awoken feelings inside that weren't there before. Or perhaps were always there, but submerged.

''Time is something even you can't fight, dear.'' She rubbed his back.

''You might think that. I kind of have, before.'' He winked. He had fought many a demon who could control it, anyway.

Lady chuckled. ''Still cocky as always.''

''Come on, love. You act like you haven't seen me in years.''

''It felt like it.'' She looked at him, with a longing look in her eyes, as the wind picked up. The air smelled of rain. Dante sniffed.

''Storm coming.'' He looked back at her, and caressed her cheek with the backs of his fingers. ''Babe, it felt way too long to me, too.'' He sat on a patch of old grass, which was still there, and pulled her down to his lap. His hands went under her jacket, warm against her bare skin, which was cooled from the breeze. He slowly ran them around-with little of the groping of his first time, but with a gentle, wanting strength. He buried his face in her chest, inhaling her fragrance, and moaned softly.

Dante...Her hands wrapped through his hair again, and she kissed the top of his head. She had to chuckle a bit at the tickling feeling, again on her chest...and quickly pushed some thoughts out of her mind. It was the first time where she thought she was about as horny as him-but it was much more than that. She continued to kiss his head, again and again, while he rested his head on her, brushing his lips over the top of her chest.

''Don't ever leave me alone that long again, devil,'' she finally said, in a low voice.

''Never. It felt like a worse hell than it actually was.'' He thought a lot about her. Every day he was down there, and with every demon he tore apart. He still remembered the one who knew about her, and threatened to go after her after he killed Dante. He was a human sorcerer in life, and he gave his soul to the hells to live as an immortal down there...so he was certainly human no longer.

Dante could have tons of fun killing demons, but he usually wasn't terribly sadistic about it. After he threatened her, he didn't realize he had it in him to prolong the demon's death for that long, as he broke every bone in his body with his bare hands.

He nuzzled deeper into her chest, brushing his hands over her breasts, which had awoken to his touch long before. She shivered and moaned, now lusting for more of his touch, his mouth, his whole body. He opened her shirt more, exposing one breast to the breeze, but he warmed it fast enough as his lips closed over it, the stubble gently scratching her, his warm tongue tracing around it. Her hands buried tighter in his hair.


''Don't...stop.'' Right now, I won't care if you take me right here.

''Never.'' He traced his hands down lower, up under her skirt which she wore, hands caressing her thighs, as he worked at her breast, sucking on it gently. He pulled away to kiss her deeply again, with even more hunger than before. His blue eyes shone with lust and affection.

It was then the first cold drops hit them.

''Fuck!'' Dante growled, him not wanting to stop-but knowing in the cold, the rain would be doing Lady no favors.

''Dante...'' She was so hot right now, she didn't know if she could stop, herself. When more cold drops hit her, she somehow decided to do the sensible thing. ''Come on...let's run back. It won't take long.''

''Yeah,'' he said, with disappointment in his voice. He really wanted to relive some of their old times again.

''Race you.'' She grinned and took off, a touch wobbly.

''Heh, nice try, babe.'' He dashed after her, grinning like he used to a decade ago.