Okay Okay okay okay. I get it. Poetry is something I'm shitty at. If you hate it that much, tell me, and I'll take the whole fucking thing off, okay?


Leather clad Egyptian God,

Eats diseases, Does a solid,

Mysterious eyes, Gateway to Hell,

Protects the Kingdom with Mary and her bell.

Antsolutely deelicious, Don't Fuck With Me look,

To do it right, you must play by the book.

Finding souls to save and steal,

Destroying Malpractice and terminating Evil.


Shrouding halls with his defying glance,

Taunting, torturing, Fighting back.

Disturbed Teenager, Wicked past,

Devil's Advocate shall last.

Glassy stare, Wicked grin,

Thrives, feeds on anger and sin.

A shadow that's impossible to grope,

And kills the inside feeling of hope.

Your soul goes numb, your heart stops dead,

Get out quick; You'll lose you're head!