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A/N Kyuubi

Hidden in the vents

Chapter 13

Naruto felt nervous as he walked up to the base's entrance. How would they take his sudden shift in appearance? How was he going to explain it to everyone? Should he tell them about the Kyuubi? Would they hate him like the people in Konoha do? A bop to the head distracted him from his thoughts. Looking up he saw Hidan smirking down at him. "Cool it kiddo, all that thinking is going to make your head explode." Naruto scowled at him. "Shut up!" He looked down. "I'm worried about what to say." Obito turned his head toward him. "Eh? If you're worried about telling your friends about the fuzz ball, we'll help you explain everything." Hidan nodded. "Yeah, so quit worrying, after Tobi and I finish with the mission, we'll gather everyone together and explain what happened, OK?" Naruto gulped and nodded. "Hai" With that they went silent as they reached the base's entrance, and went inside.

While the two older men went to finish the mission, Naruto went to change. He kept to the shadows as he walked to his room, not wanting anyone to see him until they were all gathered in the meeting room. His door creaked when he opened it, he went immediately to his closet to grab another shirt. He picked a long sleeved mesh shirt and a short sleeved black shirt, to put on. He then grabbed another cloak, this one having a hood, with a high collar, instead of only having a high collar. He donned it and threw the hood over his head. He then went to his bathroom to see the changes done to him from Kyuubi's technique.

He couldn't help the startled flinch and gasp when he saw himself. He looked completely different! No longer was his hair dyed green, but it now had three different colours. Bringing a pale hand to his head he examined the locks. There was pale blond, silver, and on one side a patch of black. He frowned. "This hair looks so weird, almost like hair colouring gone wrong." He examined the new tilt to his hair. 'Looks like I got mostly Kakashi's hair.' He then examined his new eye colours. His left eye was grey/black. 'Kakashi's and Obito's influence.' He thought before examining his other eye. 'Still looks the same.' Only now both his eyes had a feline tilt to it. The scars on his face were darker. He traced them absently, before reaching up and prodding his now pointier ears. 'I look like a f***ing elf' He grumbled mentally, physically sneering at the pointy cartilage. Dismissing them he examined his skin. 'My skin is paler. It's no longer tan.' He sighed. 'Must be the Uchiha genes that had something to do with that.' He opened his mouth, looking at the pointer canines in his mouth. 'Looks like Kyuubi did this one.' He thought as looked back at his new appearance. 'I wonder what else changed besides the physical ones?' He wondered.

A knock at his door, drew him back to reality. He walked to the door and opened it, to see Tobi standing before him. "Everyone is gathered." He told the boy who nodded underneath his hood. Together they headed for the meeting room.

Naruto stopped just outside the meeting room, and took a deep breath before opening the door and walking inside. All his friends were there along with, Hidan, Deidara, Zetsu, Sasori, Kisame, Konan, Kakuzu, and even Pein was there. They all looked up when Naruto and Tobi came through the door. Naruto gulped and sat down at the head of the table with Tobi on his right and Hidan on his left. Clearing his throat he began.

"Hidan and Tobi gathered you all here, because I have something to tell you." The others looked confused, and curious.

"I don't want to beat around the f***ing bush so I'll just come right out with it." He took anther deep breath, and gathered his courage.

"Nine years ago the Kyuubi no Kitsune was sealed inside me." He stilled waiting for the shouts of incrimination.

Looking up through his bangs he saw confusion in the eyes of his friends, and sudden realization in the eyes of the adults.

"But I thought that the Yondaime killed it!" Chouji said.

Naruto shook his head. "No, he couldn't kill it, he had to seal it away, so it wouldn't be able to escape."

"Why would they lie to us?" Shino asked.

Sasori cleared his throat and spoke. "The Sandaime of Konoha made a law stating that no one was allowed to speak about the Kyuubi being sealed into a child, to anyone, not even their own children, so they made that lie up."

The others turned to him.

"Why would he make this law?" Sai asked.

"Apparently he wanted Naruto here to enjoy a normal childhood, but it was not possible as the host of a demon is always going to be hated for the thing inside them." Sasori glanced at Naruto who nodded.

"Sasori is right, I did not have a good or normal childhood. Before I moved into the cottage in the woods, I lived in an apartment. Every day I was beat, called a demon, a monster, was spat on, ignored, people would throw me out of their shops, and I was over charged for everything. It got better when the Hokage gave me the cottage. I then started wearing a disguise to keep the people of Konoha from knowing who I was, I used the Aburame style, to be able to buy myself food at a normal price, I was able to go into stores, and buy things I wanted. I was able to walk around without being beaten." Shino frowned, he didn't realize that those were his real intentions. If he had known he would have been able to help his friend better.

Deidara spoke next. "Eh, this is interesting and I am planning on dropping a bomb on Konoha next time we're near it but why are you covering your head, un?"

The entire group looked to Naruto who sighed. Reaching up he grabbed the edge of his hood and pulled it down. There was a collective gasp.

"What happened to you!" Kakuzu sputtered, his green and black eyes growing wide.

"I had an accident." Naruto told them, only for Hidan to snort. "No you didn't, you ran knowingly in front of Hatake Kakashi's jutsu, and got a f***ing whole through your chest!" The group gasped again.

"Is this true?" Zetsu growled, mentally going through plans to track down the copy-nin and killing him slowly.

Naruto glared at Hidan and said. "I did it to save Tobi." Tobi wilted under the collective glares aimed at him.

"Don't blame him, it was my fault, I distracted him. Anyway long story short, I died." Another collective gasp. Naruto rolled his eyes.

"But the Kyuubi saved me and brought me before his seal. There he told me that his chakra wasn't assimilated into my body enough to work properly so he had to use a technique of his in order to save my life. It required taking cell or tissues from a donor and using them to heal my injury, but there is a side effect. I would gain any attributes of the donor. Their DNA's mixed with mine, resulting in us being blood related. Kakashi and Tobi were the lucky donors."

The group turned to look at Tobi and Naruto, seeing the obvious physical resemblance between the two.

Konan cleared her throat. "Is there any other side effects?"

"As of right now, I am uncertain. Due to the Kyuubi's chakra my ears are pointier, and my eyes are more slanted, but beyond that I am unsure." Naruto explained.

Konan nodded.

Pein spoke next. "Did it have any effect on your chakra?"

Naruto looked at him in confusion.

Pein sighed and explained. "The Hatake clan all had a different color of chakra, it being white instead of blue. I was just wondering if the assimilation of his DNA might have an effect on the color of your chakra."

Naruto hummed, he didn't think of that. "I not sure, it is something I will have to check when we are done here."

Pein nodded.

Tobi looked at Naruto through his mask. 'I wonder if he'll gain my clans bloodline?' He turned back to the conversation when Kisame spoke for the first time.

"This is a problem." The entire group turned to him.

Hidan frowned at him. "What the f*** do you mean?"

Kisame sighed as he prepared himself to reveal to them the secret behind the Akatsuki. "It is a problem because if the leader finds out about Naruto he's going to suck the demon from his body." The group stiffened in shock.

Pein's eyes flashed as he hissed at the man. "What?"

"The real reason for the formation of the Akatsuki was to eventually capture all of the jinchuuriki, suck out their demons thus killing their vessels and then, using the power of all nine Bijuu's to take over the world." Kisame explained.

He looked at Naruto making the two men beside him stiffened, ready to defend Naruto if Kisame made any attempt to attack. "This is the information trusted to me from the leader himself, I was going to keep it secret until the leader told you all himself, but when Naruto made us all aware of the Kyuubi, I knew I had to tell you all. I won't let him kill the brat." He declared.

The group relaxed but were still wary.

Zetsu growled. "This is unsettling news, but now we have to plan." He glanced at Kisame. "You said that he doesn't know about Naruto being a jinchuuriki right?" Kisame nodded.

"Then we have to ensure that he never knows about it. In two years it will be safe for us to return the children to their home, where they will be away from the leader's watchful eyes. The rest of us will continue to stay here."

Kakuzu frowned. "Why don't we just leave?"

Zetsu shook his head. "Then he will find people to replace us, people who would not think twice about kidnapping and killing Naruto for the Kyuubi."

Kakuzu nodded.

Zetsu looked at them all. "We will stay continue working under the leader, so that we can delay any plans he makes regarding the jinchuuriki."

Deidara grinned. "So then we deliberately fail on purpose so that his plans will be delayed."

Zetsu nodded.

"He will be suspicious if we continue to fail." Sasori told them.

Zetsu nodded. "Yes, he will eventually realize that we aren't as loyal as he thought, but we will have to continue the ruse until we know that Naruto is strong enough to stand a fighting chance against him and any other new members he hires after us."

Naruto frowned. "What about the other jinchuuriki? Shouldn't they be warned as well?"

Zetsu turned to him. "Is this what you want?"

Naruto nodded. "Yes, they deserve to know that a madman is after them for their Bijuu, so they can train and be ready for him."

Konan nodded. "I agree. It will also be beneficial for us as well."

The group turned to her.

"If the Bijuu know us, we might be able to gain favour with them, and perhaps their villages."

The group nodded thinking about it.

"We might not even be able to convince them." Hidan said.

"Then we can at least say that we tried." Pein shrugged.

Hidan snorted, he really didn't care for the others, as long as Naruto was safe he was fine.

Kisame spoke. "There's another thing you all need to know."

The others looked curious.

"The Mizukage, Yagura who holds the three tails, is being controlled, by the leader. The leader is the cause for the strife currently affecting the land of mist."

The others stiffened.

Naruto frowned and asked. "Is there any way to help him?"

Kisame shrugged. "The leader has him in a strong genjutsu, it might be possible but we'll need someone who is excellent in genjutsu or an Uchiha."

Tobi stiffened, but remained quiet. 'I wonder if I could help?' He wondered, looking down at Naruto. 'If it was Naruto under a genjutsu I would do it in a flash.' He mentally sighed. 'I'll think on it.' With that he turned back to the meeting.

Zetsu was speaking. "Then it is agreed, we will seek out the jinchuuriki and inform them of the leaders plans while also conveying that we are double agents, seeking to help them. The children's training will increase, as I am sure the others won't let Naruto fight against the leader by himself." The children nodded seriously. Zetsu smirked at them and said. "Once the two years are up, I will bring the children back to their home, and speak to the Hokage about the threat against Naruto." The others looked surprised.

"But what if he tried to lock you up or kills you?" Naruto yelled in protest. Zetsu shook his head. "Do not worry I will have a clone nearby to switch places with me should the meeting not go well." That mollified Naruto a bit but he still looked concerned.

The others nodded.

Pein spoke. "I think I should accompany you Zetsu."

The group looked at the ringed eyed man. Zetsu raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Pein looked at Naruto. In his mind he knew that what he was going to say was going to shock people. He didn't want to reveal his secret but he had to, to ensure that Naruto was taken care of properly when he returned to Konoha. "As Naruto's maternal uncle I want to speak to the Hokage concerning Naruto, and the threats against him." The others eyes widened in shock.

Deidara looked between Naruto and Pein and shouted. "Eh? You two are related!"

Pein nodded. "Yes, his mother was my older sister, Uzumaki Kushina."

Sasori frowned. "Uzumaki Kushina, was the last jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi." He looked between Pein and Naruto. "and also the Yondaime, Namikaze Minato's wife."

Naruto turned to Pein for guidance.

Pein just growled, he knew that Sasori would quickly put two and two together. "Yes, Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato are Naruto's parents." He turned to look at a shocked Deidara. "And if any body hurts him because of this, I will kill them." He declared.

Deidara glared at Pein. "No way am I hurting Naruto just because of who his parents are! You shouldn't compare me to scum like the people back in my old village, who would take revenge on a child for something the parent's did, Un!" The bomb user shouted in indignation.

Kakuzu looked at Naruto. "It is all the more reason to make sure he is trained up, so that if anyone does find out about the connection between the Yondaime and Naruto, he will be able to defend himself."

The others nodded.

"I think I should go too." Everyone turned to stare at Tobi.

Hidan and Naruto frowned at the man. Was he really going to reveal his secret?

Deidara sighed and asked. "Why? So you can have some fun?"

Tobi shook his head, and said in a serious voice, completely opposite of his normal happy one. "No, I have some loose ends back in Konoha that need to be tied." He reached up and took off his mask, to the shock of almost everyone there. "After all it is my home village." He told them all with a smirk.

Zetsu could feel a headache forming. 'Next thing you know, they'll all be revealing secrets. Heck maybe Hidan will tell everyone that he likes to snuggle while sleeping? Or Konan will reveal that she's pregnant?' He shivered. 'Please don't let it be the last one.' The last thing they needed was for a hormonal woman rampaging around the base, demanding chocolate and anything else she wanted, while crying about her swollen feet. He looked up and paid attention to the conversation at Deidara's sudden shout.

"Eh! You're an Uchiha!" Deidara's one visible eye was wide in shock. He looked around. "Is everyone secretly from Konoha!" He yelled.

Tobi just laughed.

"So is Tobi your real name or is it fake? And how did you come to join Akatsuki?" Kakuzu asked looking intrigued.

Tobi sighed and began.

"My real name is Uchiha Obito. Tobi is the name Zetsu gave me."

Sasori hummed. "The student of the Yondaime. The one that supposedly died?"

Tobi nodded. "Yes, I got in an accident trying to save my teammate Hatake Kakashi, I was crushed underneath a large boulder. I thought I was going to die so I asked my other teammate Rin to transplant my right eye to Kakashi, who lost his in an earlier fight. The area around me ended up collapsing around me, and I blanked out. When I came to, it was to the sight of a campfire with Zetsu, Pein and Konan around me. I came out alive, but I ended up losing all of my memories. I didn't get my memories back until a couple years ago."

Deidara glared at him. "All this time, you had your memories and you still acted like a five year old on a candy high, Un?"

Tobi laughed. "Sorry, I got so used to my Tobi persona that I can't seem to shake it off. Besides it's useful in a fight, because people would underestimate me."

Deidara sighed while the others nodded.

Tobi turned to Kisame. "I think I might be able to help with Yagura."

Kisame raised an eyebrow.

"Being an Uchiha I can use my Sharingan to release Yagura from the leaders genjutsu, but I'll need back up, just in case he attacks. I think Zetsu, myself, you and Naruto should be the ones to confront him. Zetsu to explain to him what happened, Naruto to try to connect to him, being another jinchuuriki, and you to put at ease, as he knows you."

Kisame nodded in agreement.

Hidan who had turned away from Tobi when he took his mask off suddenly shouted.

"Okay, you got your point across, now put on your f***ing mask before I f***ing puke you motherf***ing clown!" While also reaching over Naruto's head and shoving the orange mask in place, while Tobi cried out in surprise. "Eh? But Tobi's face needs air to breath! Tobi will get shriveled up, and look like a prune! Tobi doesn't want to look like a prune!" Hidan snarled wrestling with the other nin. "Shut up and put the mask on you f***ing b***ard!" Tobi just cried out as Hidan smashed the mask tightly over his mask and wrapped the band back in place.

Hidan sat back smirk in place, while Tobi massaged his sore face. "Wahh Tobi's face is bruised."

The group just laughed, as Shino secretly taped the episode using a small camera built into his sunglasses.

After that display Zetsu looked around the table. The children were starting to look tired, and the adults obviously needed to think, he cleared his throat.

"I think this meeting is adjourned."

The others nodded.

"We will meet up again tomorrow, after having a night to reflect on things. Remember none of this gets back to the leader." He paused. "Or to Orochimaru." The others nodded.

Today had been a trying day, and they all needed to think about the new revelations that was revealed to them.

Zetsu picked up Naruto on his way out, intent on making sure that he got into bed, and to secretly make sure that he was fine.

Naruto rubbed his eyes as he was held in the tall mans arms. "Are you upset?" He asked looking up at Zetsu. The man twitched and replied. "I am, what you did was foolish." Naruto looked down in shame. "But I am proud of you as well." Naruto looked up, his mismatched eyes showing confusion and slight happiness. "You put yourself out there for your friend. Not many people would do that, so yes I am proud." They had made it to the child's room. He walked in and sat the boy down on his feet. He turned to grab the boy his night clothes, and walked up to the boy. Looking him straight in the eye he told him. "But the next time you do something like that I'll put you through hell in our next training session, got that?." Naruto reeled. It was bad enough the man's training sessions made you feel like you fought all nine Bijuu's and then stepped on repeatedly by them and made you want to curl up an die at the end, but he didn't want to face anything higher than that ever! He quickly nodded his understanding.

Zetsu smirked and quickly helped the boy dress for bed, and tucked him in. He looked down at the mismatched eyes looking up at him curiously. He reached down and patted the multicolored hair. "Get some sleep brat, tomorrow we have another meeting." The boy nodded, snuggling down for a nights rest, falling asleep immediately.

Zetsu sat down and watched him sleep, pondering over the various thing he learned about the boy, and planning.


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