Fifth year not only is it the year of O

Fifth year not only is it the year of O.W.L.S, but it was the year that started it all. I remember it all so clearly as if it happened yesterday. There she sat her long brown hair swept over on shoulder as she waited.

"Where are they?" she asked her self her friends were suppose to meet her there ten minutes ago.

"Aubrey!" a girl with long red hair ran over in jeans and a quidditch tee. Aubrey stood up and embraced the girl in a hug.

"Hey Stacey, you were suppose to be here ten minutes ago!" She scolded the girl laughed.

"Yea I know, but you know the family we have to all come together. Now come on everyone's waiting." Stacey and Aubrey walked over to a large group of red heads.

"I found her." Stacey called to her family and Aubrey glared. She is the daughter of George Weasley and Katie (Bell) Weasley. She has a brother in seventh year (Arthur), a brother in fourth year (Ben) all Gryffindor, and the Twins Fred and George entering first year, all with the Weasley red hair.

"I love how you make me sound like clueless idiot Stacey."

"Well hello Aubrey how was your summer?" Stacey's mum asked.

"Good, how about yours?" She asked. Aubrey never had a problem with the big family. Actually the welcomed her like she was one of them. It made England seem more like home.

"Fine, Thank You." Stacey remembered something and slapped Aubrey's shoulder.

"Aubrey, I listen to that CD you leant me, and let me just say YOU'RE DISTURBED!" Aubrey began to laugh. Last year a friend of Aubrey's had mailed her an Evanescence CD for her birthday. Once she loaded it all on her i-pod she told Stacey she had to listen to it over the summer.

"I love Evanescence! How can you not? Her voice is so pretty!" Stacey rolled her eyes, and Aubrey smiled.

"No I liked it, but you act so sweet around people HA!" Stacey began to take her trunk off the carrier.

"I am from New York! I am American, ok. Compare to you guys, I talk like an uneducated hillbilly, and most of the songs on this thing have, love, sex, or drugs in the lyrics." Aubrey waved her i-pod in front of Stacey. Aubrey was a muggleborn from America. She got a letter when she was ten telling her to join Hogwarts, though one must assume there is a school of wizardry in America. "I am mischievous not sweet." She stated dryly. The rest of Stacey's family were talking and correcting siblings as the girls talked.

"Should we try and find Ava and Sonya?" Stacey asked sitting down on her trunk. Aubrey thought about it and waved it off.

"Nah, they'll find us." She said nodding her head towards Stacey's family. Stacey laughed and pulled some candy out of her backpack.

"They may be embarrassing, but they are better then a neon sign." Stacey unwrapped some licorice wands and handed one to Aubrey.

"Hey Stacey! You found the Yank!" Her cousin came over and stood by the girls. Aubrey and Stacey exchanged a look. James Potter, son of Harry and Ginny Potter. He has brownish red hair and crystal blue eyes. Worst of all he and his friends are all in my year. He has a brother Albus in fourth year, a sister Lily in second year all Gryffindor.

"I should call the Village, Stacey because I found their missing idiot!" Aubrey exclaimed not even sending a glance towards James.

"What do you want, James?" Stacey groaned. James pushed Aubrey over and sat down on her trunk.

"Mum said I had to wait here." Aubrey looked at him then back at Stacey. Asking the unspoken questions Stacey nodded. Aubrey pushed James onto the ground. "HEY!" He yelled brushing off his pants.

"Can you go find Frank or Caelin?" Stacey was trying to get him to go away, but James just shrugged.

"Hey James!" Both the girls groaned. James smirked at them.

"Looks like they found me." He smugly stated. Aubrey had the urge to slap him.

Frank Longbottom was son of Neville, and Hannah Abbott. He has black hair and blue eyes Gryffindor. A little brother in third year named Roy (Ravenclaw) and a sister name Donna (Hufflepuff) in second year.

"Hey Stacey, Hey Yank." Caelin greeted. Caelin Finnigan was the only child ofSeamus Finnigan, and Lavender (Brown) Finnigan. He has sandy blonde hair, and had hazel eyes.

Aubrey was about to yell at him when Mrs. Katie came over. They had to address the adults by their first names because there were too many Mrs. And Mr. Weasleys.

"Ok, on the train you're going to be late." She hurried them along pushing them in the direction of the red stem engine. Aubrey dragged her trunk to the loading station and it was lifted aboard. All she had with her now, like Stacey, was a backpack filled with things to do on the train.

She waved good-bye to the Weasleys after their children had said good-bye. Stacey and Aubrey then board the train looking to find their two friends. They walked aimlessly to the back of the train. Sure enough Ava MacDougal, and Sonya Madley waited there.

"Hey." They hugged each other as Stacey and Aubrey settled in there seats. Ava had dark skin with brown eyes. Her hair was in tiny dread like braids. Sonya had blonde hair and blue eyes and light skin. Her blonde hair had side swept bangs.

The girls' laughter fell into silence as they finish their tales of the summer. Aubrey got up with her robes.

"We have tons of time left, why are you changing?" Ava asked, and Aubrey shrugged.

"I want to get in there before it gets crowded." She said pushing open the door and walking down towards the bathrooms. Walking back afterwards was nosier as the students began to get impatient. Aubrey was watching two first years squeal as a second year showed them what she could do with her wand when she ran into someone.

"Whoops sorry." She looked towards the person she ran into; None other then Oliver Wood Jr. He looked so much like his dad and was a year older then Aubrey. "Never mind, it's just you." She smiled playfully.

"Just me? I am your captain show some respect." She laughed in spite of herself. Oliver was captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and Aubrey was a chaser along with Stacey.

"Respect is earned Oliver not given." She shot back, and Oliver pouted.

"What I haven't done enough to earn your respect?" She laughed and awed at his pitiful stare.

"Aw, its ok Ollie I respect you." She laughed patting him on the shoulder. He laughed.

"So how was your summer?" He asked leaning against the wall.

"Good, yours?" He smiled like he had just won a game.

"Traveled with my Dad and the Cannons." He stated proudly. Oliver Wood Sr. was captain of the Chudley Cannons.

"Cool, how was that?"

"Let's go back to my compartment so we are not crowing the walkway." Aubrey agreed the walkway was filled with kids who were out to change clothing. They sat down and he began to tell his summer adventures. "I learned all these new drills and warm ups that should help. Also I asked the Chaser to give me some tips for you."

"Hey, I'm not that bad am I?" Aubrey yelled, and Oliver shook his head.

"No! No just trying to make your life easier." He answers quickly trying not to offend her any more then he had.

"Fine, but Oliver what happen to sending me an owl? You said you would send me pictures or something." She scolded him, and he shrugged.

"I was caught up with something, sorry." He apologized and she glared.

"Aw to busy making out with random girls that you couldn't even send one owl. I'm amazed you were able to handle it."

"No, one girl, thank you. What kind of guy to you think I am?" Aubrey looked to the ceiling as if she was thinking, and scoffed.

"So there was a girl. Tell me about her?" She asked trying to sound interested.

"Well her name is Ren Day. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and I meet her in Germany." He said, and she laughed to herself. She'd have to ask Sonya where she had been this summer.

"Aww, she the future Mrs. Wood." Aubrey mocked, and Oliver turned a light red.

"Nah, we broke it off about two weeks ago." He said vacantly.

"Why?" Aubrey pried trying to get all the details out of him.

"Because she was needed; 'Oliver is this how you hold the broom?' 'AH Oliver the broom is moving.'" His voice got high and squeaky as he mocked his ex.

"Nice." Aubrey giggled, and Oliver just smiled. A knock on the door ceased their conversation. A pig tail first third year walked in.

"Where are almost there." She informed them before shutting the door. You could hear her running down the train. Aubrey stood to leave, it was a wonder no one had come to see where she had been.

"Well I guess I will see you at dinner." He nodded in response, and stood to let her out, but as she was passing him the train jerked sending her flying into him. He caught her by the wrists. Their faces were inches apart, and she was pressed on his chest. She pushed off of him.

"Sorry, again Oliv…." She tried to apologize, but he pulled her back to him, and kissed her lips.

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