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"Atlanta,Archie Hera wants us at the school right away" sounded Jays voice from the PMR.

Archie growled as he and Atlanta separated from there cozy position on the bench. Of all the times for him to call thought Archie murderously. Atlanta was just leaning in for what could have been a kiss.

" Coming Jay" growled Archie. Archie looked around for Atlanta to discover she was already on her board and rolling out of the park.

"You need to be faster than that to catch me!" Atlanta called to him. Archie sighed and grabbed his board.

Finally he reached the school. Ares and Hera were waiting.

"Kids, Ares has come up with a new training exercise. Artemis stumbled across a shape shifter while hunting. We are giving you an hour to prepare your weapons and research the beast if you must" she said looking at Odie. "When you are ready head to the forest where we will have set it loose. It is wearing a metal collar so it cannot change to its true form. That's also how you can recognize it from a regular animal. All weapons are allowed. You have exactly two hour to prepare starting now!"

The team rushed into the school and started to gather weapons. Except for Odie who rushed towards a computer and started to surf the web for anything on shape shifters.

Before Storm's POV

Slowly she crept towards the deer. Her leopards paws not making a sound on the ground. The stag was a fine catch. With 12 rack antlers it was blissfully unaware of the danger creeping silently forward. Her tailtwitched at the closeness of it and knocked a branch. The deers head shot up and scanned the forest.

Storm shifted into a doe and calmly walked toward the stag. The stags eyes light up and looked her over. She moved closer to his and he whinnied at his good luck. Soon they were nuzzling their noses, when she shifted into a Jaguar and dug her claws into him. He cried out at the strange transformation of doe to cat. Slowly the life left him and he hung limp in her jaws. She shifted into a leopard again and started to drag him up a tree. She placed him gently on a high branch before leaping down and turning human.

Quietly she began to pick up wood for a fire. She spotted a fallen tree and started to break off branches from it. Suddenly she heard the whistling of a arrow and she leaped to the ground and changed to a wolf, which would be somewhat more normal round this area than a big cat. She spotted the archer and transformed into a doe and galloped away only to have a net thrown at her. She shifted again into a cat slashing at the bonds that had her trapped.

The woman that caught her walked over and glared down at her find. "Hmmm a shape shifter, you'll make a good challenge for the students" Storm had no idea what the women was talking about and that's all she remembered before she blacked out and turned human once again.

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