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The Next Day:

"Ok kiddies, its time to see if you can pass this test to become a full-fledged ninja, or to see if you totally fail at life," Iruka said the next day in class.

"You know, that's not very nice," one of the random generic students commented.

"Oh, you don't say? Well guess what? Life isn't nice and because you, Mr. 'I totally fail at life because I comment on stupid things that no one takes literally' your fate has been decided. And that means…" Iruka trailed off.

"What?" asked the random generic student.

"You fail. See ya!"

"Awww but it was my dream to become a ninja!" the student whined as he slouched over to the door.

"Yeah, well it was my dream to become a lawyer and look where it got me! All I get to do is teach a bunch of snot-nosed punks and I'm only a Chuunin for heavens sake!! I'm not cool enough to be a Jounin so I have to be stuck as the middle man on the totem pole doing the random, generic unimportant job missions while all the Jounin get all the action! What about my dreams, huh?"

The class was completely dead silent. You could literally hear crickets, even though it was in the middle of the day…

"Why would a ninja need a lawyer in the first place?"

"I….have no idea. Ahem, anyway, for the test, all you have to do is produce two shadow clones and you pass. We'll call you in one at a time."

Iruka left the classroom, leaving Mizuki, his aide with the clipboard that had everyone's names on it.

"Alright, first person is…Shikamaru Nara."

"Aww…what a pain," he whined as he left the classroom.

"Alright, this is my chance to show everyone I'm not just some random emo kid who has no ability whatsoever!! I will pass this test….believe it. Wait…who the hell thought of 'believe it'? That is the most retarded catch-phrase I have ever heard!" Naruto thought.

"I am so gonna pass this test with flying colors!" Sasuke bragged.

The whole class stopped their conversations to turn and look at him.

"After what happened yesterday? Keep dreaming…" Sakura replied sarcastically.

"But it was hilarious!! I mean seriously, who would've thought of that?" Sasuke grumbled.

"…Sasuke what drugs do you take in the morning to make you do something as stupid as that?"

"I don't use drugs!!" Sasuke replied indignantly.

"Sasuke, you're the reason I never want to use drugs," Sakura said.

The whole class burst out into laughter.

"Ha ha, Sasuke is our anti-drug!" the class chorused, laughing hysterically.

"That isn't funny!!" Sasuke whined.

"Gah…would you guys give it a rest?" Mizuki said as he entered the room again, Shikamaru following behind him.

"Sakura Haruno, it's your turn."

"Alright….this is my chance to show Naruto what I'm made of!! He'll definitely pay more attention to me once he's sees me pass the test to become a genin!" Sakura thought happily as she walked out of the classroom behind Mizuki.

"How did it go Shikamaru?" Sasuke asked as the class quieted down finally.

"Eh…it was a pain but what can ya do. I passed…" he said, showing his classmates his shiny new forehead protector.

"Wow…totally awesome! I can't wait to get mine!!" Sasuke said, awestruck.

"Ha…yeah…sure," Shikamaru chuckled to himself as he went to sit down in his seat to nap the rest of the school day away.

"Why does everyone say that?? I've passed every single exam we've taken with flying colors!" Sasuke growled, exasperated.

What was it with these people? Yeah, he might be a joker, but when it came to becoming a ninja, Sasuke was as serious as he could be. More like he had to be. He did have an occasional lapse in his seriousness, but it was only occasionally…it just wasn't his nature to be hardcore serious. Unlike Naruto, he knew how to just kick back and have a few laughs at other people's expense. But obviously, that luxury didn't come naturally to Naruto, seemingly at all. Never had he once seen Naruto crack a smile, laugh, or do anything that showed amusement, happiness or any emotion that was happy at all. All he did was keep his face as emotionless as possible, and if he somehow got angry or annoyed enough (which was often enough), he'd glare…but that was about it.

"Gah…damn angsty emo kid. What the hell made you so angry at the world?" Sasuke thought as he watched Naruto being the usual anti-social loner he usually was.

"You'd think I would have more of a reason to be pissed off at the world…but somehow I can manage a smile now and then…."

Suddenly, the door to the classroom flew open.

"YES!! I DID IT!!" Sakura cried happily, waving her forehead protector around in a moment of shear joy.

"Congrats, Sakura-chan," Sasuke congratulated her.

"Thanks!" Sakura grinned back, not even bothering to add a snide remark, since it was Sasuke after all.

He happily smiled back.

"Ha…and that's probably why I like Sakura-chan so much…"

"Naruto-kun!! Are you ready to take the test?" Sakura called out happily.

She waited with bated breath for his reply…but of course it didn't come.

"Of course…he didn't answer. It's Naruto…so of course."

Sakura was some what put off. She had never really even gotten an actual answer from Naruto…ever. But that hadn't stopped her yet.

Soon, mostly everyone had gone in and successfully passed the exam, leaving only Naruto and Sasuke. Finally, Sasuke's name was called.

"You guys just watch!! I'm totally gonna whip this exam!" he bragged as he left the room.

"More like this exam is gonna whip you," Sakura said under her breath.

"Of course I'm the last person to go...why can't I ever go first for once?" Naruto thought, seething.

Everyone seemed to have a personal vendetta against him. The villagers hated him for some reason unbeknownst to himself; his classmates thought he was dumbass…but a cool one since the girls never left him alone, especially Sakura who decided it was her mission in life to bug him every nano-second of his life with stupid, pointless things. And then there was Sasuke. The idiot was always the center of attention…for all the wrong reasons. Yet, he knew what he was doing, and hadn't failed at anything his whole time in the ninja academy. Naruto on the other hand, had failed the final exam two times already.

"Grr…stupid Sasuke!! I will totally pass the exam this time!!" Naruto thought with determination.

A few moments later, the classroom door was thrown open.

"YES!! I TOLD YOU SO!! IN YOUR FACES!!" an excited Sasuke whooped as he entered the classroom brandishing a forehead protector.

Everyone in the class stopped and stared in silence, disbelieving what their eyes were showing them.

"Did you beat up a genin and steal his forehead protector?" Sakura asked, breaking the silence.

"No, I did not thank you very much. I happened to actually, you know, PASS the test like the rest of you," Sasuke replied irritated.

"Ahem, Naruto Uzumaki it's your turn to take the test…" Mizuki interrupted the argument.

"Finally…my chance to prove to the village I'm fully capable of becoming a ninja!"

Silently, he followed Mizuki out of the classroom to where Iruka was.

"You ready for this Naruto? Are you going to pass this time?" Iruka asked him as he entered the room.


"Ok, whenever you're ready. Two solid shadow clones."


"Come on, you can do this!!" Naruto mentally prepped himself for the jutsu…his worst jutsu. No matter how much he trained, no matter what he did, he could never produce more than one shadow clone…and the one that he did produce was…useless. It couldn't even last a full minute. But this time was going to be different. It had to be different. If he was going to fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage, he had to pass this test. Summoning up all the chakra he could control, he performed the hand signs.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

When the puff of smoke disappeared…a lone shadow clone appeared next to Naruto. It was of course…useless. It disappeared after a few seconds. Iruka sighed.

"Sorry Naruto. You fail…again."

"Iruka…this is his third time! Can't you cut him some slack?" Mizuki asked, seemingly sympathetic of Naruto's plight.

"Mizuki, you should know better. You can't do a jutsu half-assed and expect me to just say, 'Oh well you produced one terrible shadow clone! Congrats on becoming a ninja!' and give him his forehead protector. We can't afford to have someone who can't even do a shadow clone jutsu become a ninja. And that's that."