Chapter 1

Thanks a lot

It started out as a peaceful day in Konoha. Even if there was chaos outside these walls, you couldn't tell inside them. It was around six when my alarm clock went off. As it went off beeping I use my nameless jutsu on it, even if it's a work in progress it still got the job done. "Minato sensei, don't make me came in there just to wake you up!" Follow by a quote from the Shinobi law book. Which I just tuned out. This isn't a normal morning. I should thank Jiraiya sensei for this one.

He dropped by for a visit since he was passing by and before I knew I had a fifth bottle of sake. My head is killing me. Pounding on my door again. "Kakashi, I'm up!" let's is if he buy that.

"No you're not! You're still in bed with the cover over your head. Wishing the sunlight would just burn out." Another quotes something about drinking & something else. "Smart ass." I grumble under my breath.

Then a new set of footstep. "Isn't he up yet, Kakashi?" I wish I had today off but leaving Kakashi and Obito alone would only lead to a funeral. Which I don't want to be responsible for telling the Hokage or the Uchiha's clan. "Doesn't he feel well?" Also I wish for one day I had this button, if I push it everyone around me would became mute. "Minato sensei, if you don't feel well, we can always train alone." As much as I wish for that, I decide with what best for Obito.

Dragging myself out of bed. "I'm up, I'm up. Just give me…… five minutes."

"Maybe an hour to a day." I thought to myself as I dragged my self to the shower, which is screaming my name. I kept telling myself 'only five minutes. Only five minutes' but it didn't help.

"Minato sensei, your five minutes are up. Now get out of the shower and get dress. We have over four missions to do today plus two hour of training to make up for. So get moving." My room went quite which only means. "NOW!" he screamed with his head inside my bathroom.

Mentally adding his name to the 'I have to thank later' listed. Then, a thought enters my mind and an evil smirk followed right behind. " God, he acts like an old man." Rin words give me evil idea. To act like an old man and take my good old sweet time.

"What took you so long!" Rin complain as I got hit with an evil glare from Kakashi. "I'm a old man remember so it take me awhile to get ready." Her face screamed. ' Oh god he heard me.'

"Since I'm a old man, I have to take care of myself. So what's for breakfast? It is the most important meal of the day."

"Evil bastard." Kakashi grumble as Rin mumble "Rotten old man."

So I can be rotten sometime and pig headed among other words that I'm sure Kakashi saying in his head.

It only took an hour to eat my Raman. "Breakfast is, also the most healthy meal of the day to, but in your case you'll die before you hit 30!" Rin is my health nut and tells me that every day.

Finishing my entire noodle and went to drink the broth but Kakashi had other plan. Into the sink my bowl went. "Okay time to go!" Being rush out of my own apartment.

"Hey there a note on your door." Rin handed it over to me as Kakashi pushed me out of the doorway. "Oh my hip it's hurt!" They're not buying it. I let out a deep sigh. "First stop will be the Uchiha's compound." Rin drop her head. "Do I want to know what the note said?" Handing it over. "Leave him." Kakashi push me toward the training field. "We can't do that. His an team member. What would happen if this were a mission Kakashi? What would do when?" Remaining quite to hear Rin scolding him.

"Hand him over to the enemy telling them all about his Sharingan. That he doesn't have YET!" She stormed off as we just stood there. "She'll be back." Yep he was right. "What did the note say anyway, Minato sensei?"

Minato sensei,

I waited over an hour since everyone was a no show. I was on my way but out of nowhere rouge ninja kidnap me.

Obito U.

"That's a bunch of BS." Kakashi was the first one to speak which lead to another fight between them. I hate moody teenager. I wonder if this is how Jiraiya sensei felt. I'll have to ask him the next time I see him. "Okay no more!" I yelled which was a bad idea since I ended up holding my head. "Uchiha's compound now." I pointed the way I wanted them to go. "Yes sensei." There was no complaining coming from either of them as we walked there.

"Uncle Obito your sensei found you." Itachi said giving him away. "Shit!" was all he said running off. "Mommy Uncle Obito-" a piece of candy appeared of all nowhere. "What was that again sweetie?"


"Do we have to catch him?" Kakashi stared at me waiting for an answer. "No because if you catch him, you'll just kill him." Rin yelled as another fight broke out. Holding my head since it killing me again from all the yelling. "Have your hands full today, I see." Mikoto walked out of her house to greet me. "You have no idea." She knew my look. "I have something that will help with that." She said as she disappears inside.

"So where did your uncle go?" Rin asked as a small bag of dango appeared beside Itachi. "I don't know."

"He won't tell us. Obito is paying off the kid." Itachi raise an eyebrow. "I'll tell you if your price is right." Clever child. I hope if I ever have any they take after their mother and not me. "If you're for Obito, you might want to look near the dango shop. It's buy one get one free." Mikoto give us the clue to Obito undoing.

"Thanks you, Lady Mikoto." We took our leave. Catching up with Obito didn't take long. Getting though the four mission without those two fighting was the worst part. More yelling, more screaming, and fouler language every time those were together. It was train on your own since I was summed up to the tower. Most liking their behavior had gotten back to the Hokage already.

Thinking up a good reason for them before knocking to his door. "You called for me Lord Hokage?" It was just the Lord Hokage and Jiraiya in the room. "There been rumor about Grass & Rock Shinobi terrorize a small village, the whirlpool village. They asked for the Leaf for help but only two Jonin may go." Those two Jonin were Jiraiya sensei and myself. My team had to stay, which I know I'll hear no complain from Obito but I'll hear it from Kakashi.

"Why do I have to baby sit him! Can't you send someone else? And when he start taking mission again?" I didn't get my answer only the detail of this mission. "Thanks a lot sensei." I thought as we pass through the village gate.

"Take care Minato sensei." Obito was the first to say farewell. "Stay safe and come back to us!" Rin yelled giving Jiraiya a piece of her mind. As Kakashi stood there in silent before speaking. "Once you come back will talk about our mission."

Saying my farewell to them not bothering telling them to behave their self. Knowing it would be a waste of time.