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Pairings: Specialjewelshipping, implied oldrivalshipping and specialshipping, one-shot choosenshipping


Chapter 1: Rejection


'Alright Silver… get a grip on yourself…' The thirteen year old red-head thought aloud in his thoughts as he was behind a tree, face covered in red full of blush after looking at his childhood friend: the one who he would care for, protect, and mostly… his first friend that over the years, his care for her turned into something more he couldn't hold it anymore, "Today's the day…" Silver drew out a deep breath as he gulped slightly and shook his head as he started to approach the brunette but as he walked closer, he noticed someone next to her… extremely close to her.

His heart had skipped a beat when he noticed that it was Green, one of the Pallet trainers that was a pain to work with but he had gotten used to. Fists clenched in anger as he noticed Green look at his childhood friend, Blue, with a small smirk and she merely giggled. Silver wanted now to strangle the arrogant pretty boy but he knew that he was stronger than he was.

At that moment, his silver eyes soon found Green with his Blue, well… now Green's Blue, in a lip lock with her. This had made his heart drop. Silver was frozen dead in his spot when he saw the moment happen. In his eyes you can see everything crumbling into pieces. He couldn't blink at all, he couldn't even move but then his Sneasel came out of its pokeball and looked at Silver. It shook it's head before using one of it's ice moves on his to snap him out of it.

Silver started to grunt before looking down and sighed a little, "I guess I was a little too late, wasn't I buddy?" Sneasel crossed its arms and gave him a 'what-do-you-think?' look towards it's owner. The red-head shook his head before looking at the now new couple in front of him just about ten feet away then he shoved his hands in his pockets of his black jacket and slowly walked away with his Sneasel walking besides him.


"Yeah… thanks Nurse Joy…" Silver sighed as he gave his pokemon to the pink-haired nurse except his Sneasel which he needed with him now. He walked out of the pokecenter to find someone he hasn't seen in a while. His face wore a confused look as he watched the familiar blue-haired girl walk or more or likely storm around with an angry expression her face.

"I can't BELIEVE the likes of him!!" Crys exclaimed as she yelled up to the skies then she let out a sigh as she started to calm down and then rested her arm against a tree that was nearby, "Why is Gold like this? Uses so many excuses not to even at least…" She shook her head as she kept her tears intact so they wouldn't fall.

"Well… that's Gold for you." This made Crys jump up as she turned around and looked at the red-haired teen whom she hasn't seen since saving him from being a statue, "It's not hard not to listen in on you when you're shouting at the sky about it." Silver explained before he walked her over to a bench. Only five minutes of pure silence between the pair passed before Silver coughed a little, "So… what did Gold do this time?" He asked her.

Crystal looked at Silver with her purplish blue eyes, "Well…" She drew in a deep breath then let it out before looking down at her intertwining fingers before continuing, "Gold… I think you might've noticed already even in the past that…" She didn't want to say it as her cheeks turned red but Silver nodded in understanding and the look on his face pressed her to move on, "Yeah… we were both planning on us hanging out today, just the two of us…" She looked up with a spark in her eyes but they faded quickly as she continued on, "But then…

"Today, he had something to do last minute. It sucks you know? I was planning on telling him… telling him how I really do feel about him. It's just… it's just not fair, I mean, when you're planning on telling someone how you really feel about a person then… it doesn't turn out right…" Crystal started to cry which surprised Silver only a little because he never really did witness her crying.

Something then surprised Crys as she felt a warm hand on her hand. She looked over at the red-haired teen with a slightly confused look on her face but sadness had taken over, "Look… Crystal… I know how you feel…" It was his turn to tell his tale, "I was planning too… planning to tell someone that I really do care for her… I think you know who…" His silver eyes drifted to her to see if she did and she nodded before quickly continuing, "Yeah but…

"Someone beat me to her… someone who now I can't possibly compete against…" Silver shook his head as his hand returned to him and he clenched his fists, "If… if only if I had done so earlier!" He grunted as he pounded his fists into his thighs but his Sneasel stopped him with a worried look on it's face, "Sorry…" He muttered to both Sneasel and Crystal.

The blue-haired teenager looked at Silver with an understanding look as she moved closer to him, "Hey Silver…" Silver turned his head to Crystal, "I guess we're both too slow to make a move huh?" She smiled only small as she knew both of them were in pain, "If you don't answer, I'll understand but… who moved in on Blue before you?" Crys asked him in a curious tone as she wiped some of her tears away.

Silver looked down on the ground, not planning on answering to the girl but it just sorta came out, "Green… that bastard took Blue…" His voice came out a little raspy but enough for her to understand, "Look… you don't need to feel-" It was at this moment that caught Silver off guard.

His silver eyes grew large as he was drawn into a hug by Crystal. It felt so warm and caring like nothing he's ever felt before. Silver didn't know how to react by this because he was never the type to give out hugs like a normal person. Even to Blue. Still frozen in his spot, the red-head looked at Crys and he knew that Crystal might be laughing it up in her mind that he didn't know how to respond to such a caring gesture.

After about two minutes of the surprising hug passed by, Crystal immediately let go of him as she didn't know what overcame her to hug him. She barely did get to know Silver even though she worked alongside him with Gold to save the Johto region. Her cheeks were only a slight pink, remembering how warm he was. They avoided each other's gaze for only a minute before looking back at each other, "Sorry…" Crystal muttered.

"Don't be." Silver blurted out too fast which Crystal responded with her face in a disbelieving look, 'Dammit…' The red-head cursed in his mind before quickly blurting out another reason, "I mean… uh… you probably felt some sympathy for me so… it's alright…" He nervously spoke, hopefully she would buy the lame excuse. Crys wasn't the stupid type and her eyes studied him before her mouth turned to a cocky smile.

She got up and quickly grabbed Silver's wrist to motion him to get up, "Hey look… why don't we go for a small walk? We can probably try and get our mind off of… you know what." Crystal's eyes held a small amount of hurt but the rest was a sparked with a new kind of happiness.

Silver stared at Crys in disbelief before shrugging and getting up, "Sure." He nodded before receiving a sly stare and cocky grin from Sneasel, "Go to the pokecenter." He ordered it before Sneasel just shrugged it off and kept its attitude still to its owner, "What about a walk along the Viridian Forest? It might help." He suggested as Crys nodded. The pair then walked into the forest.


The two Johto dex-holders walked in silence for a good amount of time. Both didn't know what to talk about. This was awkward indeed as the two came down to another dead end in the forest and then turned around to walk more in the forest. It was then that Crys came up with something to say, "So… what have you been up to?" She asked him, obviously not keeping in close contact with him ever since he had been turned to stone along with the other four dex holders and being saved by Gold and herself and the three Hoenn dex-holders.

Silver was spacing out a bit before coming back to Earth and noting Crystal's question, "Oh… not much… just thinking about if I should go more with Blue than just being friends." He muttered, a bit of hurt flickered in his silver eyes.

Crys wore a sympathetic look to Silver before putting her hand on his shoulder, "I'm sorry… I didn't mean-" She was suddenly cut off when Silver quickly pushed her in front of him on the ground, "Silver, what the-?!" Her eyes became wide in shock when she saw Silver's arms spread out in a wide and protective stance, "Silver!! What, what happened?!" She exclaimed before noticing a sting on his back.

"Y-You were… c-careless…" Silver muttered through pain but managed a small smirk on his face as he turned his head behind him to see an angered Beedrill, "Argh!" Silver grunted as he fell to the ground, trying to fight off the pain but it seemed to grow stronger and stronger.

The blue-haired girl was soon covered in small tears then her gaze went from Silver to the Beedrill. She examined it a little before noticing that there was a collar on it, "What the-?!" Crystal exclaimed in shock before quickly grabbing a handful of rocks and throwing it at the Beedrill's collar. It seemed unaffected as it came quickly to her. Crys watched in fear as she waited for something to happen but she soon found herself being guarded by Silver again.

"Don't just… argh…" Silver knelt to the ground in pain, "S-Stand there…" He weakly muttered as Crys ran over to him with her trying to support him, "There's… obviously s-something wrong… w-wi-with that B-Beedrill…" Then the red-head quickly fell down unconscious. Crystal stared in horror as she looked up at the Beedrill, panicking what her next move would be but she clenched her fists, thinking in her mind that she's been up way worse against this.

Crystal took out her pokedex and started to study its moves and everything about it, 'Hm… so it's a low level pokemon…' She thought before putting her dex away. She looked around and threw some rocks and mud at the Beedrill. The Beedrill used an agility move to evade the attacks which got Crys confused, 'Wait… something's not right…' This got her thoughts right when the supposed low-leveled Beedrill quickly tried a poison jab on her which is a way higher level move for it to learn.

She grunted a little as she barely missed the attack when she noticed her ankle bleeding, "Shit…" Crys muttered before she noticed something rolling out of her pack, 'At least luck is on my side this time… hopefully enough to get me and Silver out of here!' She thought as she quickly took the poke doll out and quickly threw it to the Beedrill.

Crystal grunted against the pain as she struggled on getting Silver out of there. The poke doll was enough time but then there were more pokemon that had collars on them which were bug pokemon. Her purple bluish eyes grew wide as she struggled to get out with the fact that she had a bleeding ankle. She quickly made a run for it with Silver in her arms. As she did, some Caterpies shot out a string shot to them to try and catch them but they missed. Crystal found herself in a dead end against a mossy rock wall as she and a knocked-out Silver were surrounded by bug pokemon, 'No! W-What's going to-?!' At that instant when all the bug pokemon tried to shoot an all out powerful attack to the pair, Crys and Silver fell in the mossy rock wall.

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