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A month has passed since the threat that loomed over the Viridian Forest. Of course, things seemed to be back to normal but that was only what the dex holders showed from the outside. On the inside perspective, everything seemed to crash down.

Taking a look at Silver and Crystal's current relationship, nothing was the same anymore between them. Silver would often try and talk with the Catcher but whenever he found the chance, she would find the chance to avoid him at all costs. Crystal wouldn't even stay in the same room with him unless there was a third person. Everything that would happen between them, only a thick air of awkwardness would just fill up a room in less than five seconds. All in all, Silver really needed to talk to her and explain why he said what he said.

With Gold and Silver, they talk still but sometimes whenever the subject of Crystal came up, they would stay silent and avoid each other. They are still close like brothers but even still, brothers do get in fights. In response to Gold's anger and frustration towards Silver's answer, he understood where he was coming from but didn't like how he just left Crystal like that, broken, in the room of the PokeCenter.

In relation towards Gold and Crystal's relationship, Gold came to mend Crystal's broken heart and became even closer to her. Silver saw this coming and he didn't mind though he would feel jealousy and regret every time he saw them together. Gold really did like Crystal as in more-than-friends but Crystal… she wanted no part in any relationship for the time being.

Now to look at the overview of Green and Blue's relationship… it seems to a shaky start as they both deny ever kissing each other from the beginning of the story. They don't ever plan on bringing up that even again. However, it's not as bad as Silver and Crystal where they are to the point that they are avoiding each other.

As for Red, he became extremely worried after his all-day training with the water gym leader, Misty. He liked training with her but even more with Yellow. He didn't know where the Healer went. He hasn't seen her since he last visited her when she broke her leg. The Battler tried his hardest to find her at any opportunity he could, tried to find leads, even tried to ask her Uncle, Fisher Wilton, but no luck at all.

"Red… you need to take a break…" Blue walked up to Red's side with a worried look.

Red grunted before calming down and taking a glance at his Pallet dex companion, "I can't… not when I know I've caused Yellow's leg injury for not coming in too soon…" He stared at the ground with much regret, "It's weird… I don't have any leads, nothing at all! It was like she disappeared without a trace!" He exclaimed.

"I know you're mad but…" Green walked up to the two trainers, "Blue's right… even though she may be a pesky girl…" Blue pouted at that comment, "She is right. You need a break. You've been searching for Yellow for a month non-stop after your training with Misty." He pointed out.

Blue pulled at his wrist and Red went along with it for now, 'Wherever you are Yellow… I'll find you…' Red promised to himself.

"So… Crystal said no?" Silver asked with a little twinge of hope in his stomach although he felt guilt hitting him against a brick wall.

The two Johto dex trainers sat on a fence while watching the sunset of Olivine's beaches. Gold had his hands shoved in his pockets as he turned his head to his brother-figure with a small but hurt grin, "Yeah… it looks like you still have a chance to reclaim her though." The Hatcher suggested.

"I told you already." Silver let out a heavy sigh, "I don't want to risk any harm to her because of all the possible threats she could receive…" An image of Bridgette's face entered his mind, "Wait… whatever happened to Bridgette?"

Gold started to regain his happy-go-lucky chuckle, "Well…" He started off, "We sent her to a rehab facility where she could be taught right again. Too bad she was crazy… she was pretty hot…" He started to drool over her nice features.

"Focus Gold…" Silver teased, "So… are you going to give up on chasing after her?"

"I don't think so…" The raven-haired boy sighed, "I really like her, even though she does drive me up a wall…" He scratched the back of his head, "That means we're still rivals, eh Silv?" Gold grinned.

"I guess so…" The Trader chuckled at the Hatcher. As the two kept silent for a while, they immersed themselves in the beautiful sunset that consisted of many different types of colors that varied from a violet to twelve shades of orange. At once, Silver caught a speck of a thunder attack somewhere far in Olivine's seas, "Did you see that…?" The red-head asked his raven-haired friend.

He squinted his amber-colored eyes towards the seas to look for it but no signs, "Nope! Are you sure you saw something dude?" Gold questioned.

'It looked familiar…' Silver shook his head before something hit him, "Gold! Let's go to the Whirl Islands really quick!" He demanded as he sent out his Feraligatr and quickly surfed across the sea.

"Hey wait!" Gold grunted as he sent out his Mantine (with the many Remoraid) and flew, catching up with the Trader, 'Why does he want to check there…?' He thought.

'If I'm right… maybe Red can stop with his insane search…' As he approached the fourth Whirl Island, he sent out Kingdra and Gyarados out, "Gyarados, use whirlpool to calm the waves and Kingdra break the waterfall!" He exclaimed while he surfed across the now calmed waves of the fourth Whirl Island.

Gold looked down through his goggles with confusion before he got his Mantine to surf across the calm waves, "Silver… why are we here?" He noticed Silver's frustrated look then saw why, "C'mon dude, there's no way to get in from here…"

'When was there a stone barricade here?' Silver clenched his fists and then calmed down just a bit, "Let's go…" With that, the two boys left the fourth Whirl Island.

Unknown to them, under the raging whirlpool that his Gyarados calmed down, the sea looked just a little bit deeper than it had been the last time Silver came.


"You must know this now…" Yellow stood at the side of her teacher and master with the same old innocent and naïve look, "You need four water Pokemon in order to enter the secret chamber that connects to all of the four Whirl Islands…" Lance summoned the many Gyarados that he controls, "Whirlpool to calm the seas…" He demonstrated this by calming the raging whirlpool, "Waterfall to break the raging waterfall and to keep from making another whirlpool for the next five minutes…" Another Gyarados did so, "Dive to reach the secret chamber…

"Then surf across the lake underneath to reach the secret chamber that connects to the four Whirl Islands." With that said, Yellow nodded and the two blessed trainers of Viridian entered the dark and moist cave of the secret chamber, "Now for the first part of training… I want you to do this on your own and learn how to survive out there for the first month…"

Yellow complied with it no matter how much she complained and how much Lance scolded her for it.

'I learned all this in one month… to get the trust of these Pokemon and learn how to survive on my own on the outside by myself with no one's help…' Yellow thought as she called back Chuchu in her Pokeball and entered the secret base by using the help of the water Pokemon of the sea. The blonde trainer used her Omanyte to surf across, "I did it Lance… I did what you told me." The Healer walked up to her teacher and master.

"Pre-training completed." Lance emerged from the darkness with his amber eyes piercing into her yellow-colored eyes, "The actual training begins now…"

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