When Mello Died

Uh, I don't own Death Note.

When Mello died Light had gotten a sense of sadistic glee, (and he made Miss Takada do suicide, but that isn't the point.) Things were better without him. People could actually buy some chocolate when it was on sale instead of some chocolate addict hoarding it.

When Mello died a certain hoodie - wearing person from the Hidden Village of the Sand cried his eyeballs out and killed himself (again).

When Mello died a certain half demon from Inuyasha was finally able to say that he can pee on something insane.

Finally, when Mello died, it was three weeks until his funeral actually took place. People came (not a lot, but people did come).

Well, actually...only Near did.

It was a rainy day. Near had stepped up to the gravesite, a box of chocolates in his hands. He looked at the gravestone, an unexpressional look in his eyes. His hair was covered by a black hat.

He remembered the times he had actually done things with Mello. They played dice. They went on a chocolate binge. They had even t.p.ed Zero's house in the dimension of Vampire Knight.

In ways, Mello was like a brother to Near. He was tall, smar- , hap- , well, you know, tall. Very solemn (except when he was hyper). Very clean (well, sometimes clean.) Very...Mello.

So Near knelt down on the ground. Would he miss Mello ? Maybe ? Would it boost ratings in the anime ? Probably. Would it torture other anime shows, like Naruto ? Eh, who cares.

Near touched the stone ,grabbed it, and threw it into the river. Then he took the chocolate, and crushed it upon the ground. Pointing at the pit called Mello's grave, the boy started laughing maniacally. " Hahaha ! This is what you get for stealing my Yu-Gi-Oh cards ! " he chirped.

He fell to the floor laughing, clutching his stomach. Suddenly a hand touched him, and Near stood face-to-face with the ghost of Mello. " Hey, " he muttered. " Are you gonna eat that Butterfinger ? "


The white haired boy screamed in fear as he implanted his fist in front of the ghost. Mello rubbed his nose. " Ow. Ghost or not, that hurt. "

" Stay away from me ! You died, remember ?! "

" I know. But Near, you need to give up on the Kira case, or you're going to become like me - a chocoholic. You're like, a teenager. I never had a childhood. And look at you, this case has driven you mad to the point of playing with blocks and other kiddie trinkets. "

" No...that's because I have a slight case O.C.D. "

" Oh...then who the hell killed me ?! "

" Uh, Kiyomi Takada. She wrote you in the Death Note. "

" Really ? How did you figure that out ? " Mello asked.

" Uh, I watched the episode 11 : 30 on Saturday. "

" Whoa ! We're on television ? Seriously ?! "

Near rolled his eyes. " Look, Mello. I don't have time for this. I have to search and kill Ligh-...uh, I mean, Kira. So, if you don't mind, I'm gonna have to shoot you now. "

" Yeah, right. Ghosts don't feel pain. "

" Oh, I didn't say anything about pain. "

He got out a gun filled with pure vanilla ice cream. Mello sweatdropped. " No. My one weakness ! "

" Back to the grave. NOW ! " Near commanded, pointing the vanilla filled gun at Mello. "

" Okay, okay. You win...Nate. "

- VANILLA ' D! -

Mello's ghost disappeared into thin air. Near sighed. " And when Mello died, I can finally say that nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger. "