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           The entire auditorium of Obsidian Multi-Purpose Hall in Knockturn Alley was hustling and bustling with life and chatter of the elites as they all gather around talking about things elites always talk about. All of them had either a drink, a piece of finger food or a pipe in their hands, discussing about the event that was about to come. In here, everyone knew everyone, and Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape were no strangers to them either. Clad in their usual expensive robes and attire, they greeted each and every one present in their own way, entertaining those who wouldn't hesitate to curry their favour so that they could benefit from their wealth and connections. Both of them could see through their facades and dealt with them accordingly, but each at their own means.

           Having talked almost everyone alive in the auditorium, Lucius took a sip of champagne he got from one of the passing by waiters, turning to Severus and asked, "How do you like the scene of this place so far, Severus?"

           Severus raised a brow. "It is...alright, I guess."

           "I bet you're wondering what sort of auction party is this, are you not?" Lucius chuckled before randomly reaching over for a glass of brandy from another passing by waiter and handed it to Severus, in which he took nonchalantly and sipped it.

           "You read my mind."

           "Believe it or not, it's a rare auction trade party. This is where slaves, mostly sex slaves, get traded here for sometimes more than a king's ransom of a price. Everyone from all walks of elite life come here to attend this trade. It only happens once every 5 years now, unlike when it used to."

           "And only a few can afford that. Why are they rare? Slaves are not uncommon commodities these days."

           "Because, my dear Severus, this is an illegal trade. Honestly, Severus, you continue holing yourself in that little dark mansion of yours, I swear I would only know of your death in the obituary section. Ever since the Ministry of Magic decided to adopt one of the Muggles' acts about prevention of cruelty towards human labour rights and caused the entire race of house elves to go extinct because they have lost the will to live since they didn't know what to do with their new-found freedom, slavery is a luxury only we can afford and almost a forbidden—banned, even—commodity to the common folk.

           "And most of those being sold here are real people, not some odd bedraggled creature that spawned out of nowhere. There are very few people nowadays that still live in extreme poverty, I must admit, but those who do would do anything to have at least a scrap of food or two, even sell their own flesh and blood. Most of them are either Mudbloods, Halflings or pure Muggles who usually don't know much of the wizard world and how much is wizard money are really worth in Muggle world. You show those muggles a bag of Galleons and they'll even sell their mothers if they want to. Makes you wonder what else people can do, don't you think?"

           "Yes, it does. Remind me why I let you make me come?" Severus sneered. He didn't need another mouth to feed.

           "Because you're the godfather of my son, dear Severus. We're family. And because I have two invitation tickets given by the organizer of this party himself, but Narcissa couldn't come because of her own wives' club. Oh, you don't really have to buy anything. Most of us just enjoy seeing the rush of those who's buying trying to outbid each other. That's the beauty of auction parties."

           "Sure," Severus rolled his eyes. Nothing good ever comes out of his god-brother's 'brilliant' mind. Ever since he had known Lucius in his first year in Hogwarts and had formed sort of a brotherly relationship all the way until Severus graduated, they have planned—and failed—many attempts of Lucius' so-called 'bright ideas' and had landed them more times in detention than in classes and lost more house points than a cat grows its whiskers. He didn't know what possessed him to continue on this brotherly relationship. Probably because Lucius was the only one who ever gave a damn about me, I suppose, he thought to himself.

           "Good evening everyone, if you would just take your seats, the auction will begin," the MC soon came up stage and announced, alerting everyone that the crème de la crème of the event was about to start. Everyone present began shuffling around, taking their seats. Lucius followed suite.

           "Come along, Severus. Sit back and enjoy the party," Lucius said as he gestured Severus to come over and join him in his designated seat. Severus shrugged and sat down beside him. He didn't really have anything much to do anyway. It wouldn't hurt watching the event, even though he wasn't in for the game.

           Soon, as the event carried on, naked children no older than 12 to 13, along with a dozen older teenagers and pre-adults or so, mostly males were sent up stage one by one, lead by slavers with leashes and chains, and people started bidding and buying as they came. Just as Lucius mentioned, they were mostly Muggle-borns, half-wizards and witches, and pure Muggles. For Muggle-borns and half-wizards and witches, they didn't seem to think it strange being in front of a bunch of wizards and witches bidding for them using their wands and the Lumos spell to show the MC who they were and where they were seated, but for pure Muggles who never knew such people actually exist in the real world, they looked as if they have been taken from one nightmare to be dumped into another. Fortunately, those that had such expressions were the ones that have already been in the slaving business for a while and had their share of past masters. The rest were relatively new and looked stoned, obviously drugged so that they can be subdued and not cause any trouble during the event.

           "Next up, we have a child who was born by a union of a pure wizard and a Muggle-born, raised in a Muggle family after their death, who in turn sold him back to us for 14,000 Sickles. Introducing Harry James Potter."

           As if in cue, the said Harry James Potter was dragged up on stage by the slaver in chains and leashes. He was totally naked and totally stoned as he could barely even walk properly, so he was literally dragged across the stage floor into the middle of the stage for all eyes to see. Severus, who at the beginning was watching the show in disinterest, soon blinked and sat up straighter. He didn't know why but he couldn't keep his eyes off him. As Severus watched the boy let the slaver lift his chin and spread his legs for everyone to see as the MC continues to describe him, he noticed that he was barely even 12 yet had physical features of a 10-year-old, almost like a child with malnutrition. He was very fair, almost going pale and had black, unruly hair and was thinner than any average child should, although not to the point of being skin and bones. But despite all the bodily imperfections, he had the most beautiful sparkling jade-green eyes anyone has ever seen, and it was those eyes that caught Severus' heart in an instant.

           "I want him," he whispered to himself, unable to comprehend nor contain this overwhelming feeling that was threatening to burst out of his chest.

           "The bidding will start at base price 14,000 Sickles," the MC announced, and soon random people began to bid, each going higher and higher. Severus' mind began to conflict with his heart. He wanted to join in the bid but he had his pride to keep. After all, he came here only because Lucius asked him to and not because he wanted to. Why would he want to indulge himself into something he had no particular interest with whatsoever?

           In the end, his aching heart to own the little boy on the stage betrayed his rationale as his hand that held the wand raised on its own.

           "30,000," Severus bid, lighting his wand with the Lumos charm. Lucius raised his eyebrows at the sight and watches with interest.

           "50!" a random guy from one corner shouted. Severus recognized the man as one of the members of the Auror team in the Ministry, and most well-known for being rather aggressive and violent in his line of work. Severus growled inwardly. There was no way he was letting the child go to him. A bidding rally ensued.




           Everyone gasped at the amount Severus desperately gave to outbid the Auror. The Auror seemed to be struggling inwardly as to whether to bid a higher price. Severus didn't care. He wanted the child no matter what. It was now or never.

           "100,000 Sickles!" the MC exclaimed. "Do I hear any higher? Going once, going twice, SOLD to the gentleman over there for 100,000 Sickles!"

           Everyone clapped as Severus sat back down. One of the ushers in the party came up to him to pass him a redeem ticket to get his purchase backstage. He didn't know whether he did the right thing or not as he accepted the redeem ticket, but he knew that he had finally got what he wanted, and technically that was all that mattered to him.

           "I thought you weren't interested in this sort of thing," Lucius said, grinning mischievously.

           "I once knew a man with jade green eyes," Severus replied nonchalantly. "I like green eyes."

           "Right…" Lucius looked at his god-brother skeptically.

           "Don't you have a slave that needs to be fucked at home, Lucius?" Severus sneered and stood up as soon as the auction party was over, walking in line with all the other bidders to collect his slave. Lucius shrugged casually and got off his seat to wait for him outside the auditorium, muttering to himself.

           "I've heard worse from him."

           Severus, along with the other bidders, soon moved to the backstage to collect his purchased slave. They all produced their redeem tickets to the slavers standing in wait and they all led the purchasers to designated section of the backstage to be given their products. Severus gave his ticket to a burly-looking bald slaver and he led him to the far end of the backstage where a huge big cage stood, anchored to the ground with dozens of chains. Inside, the little boy named Harry James Potter was leaning against one side of the cage with a gag across his mouth and a leash around his neck that was connected to one of the cage railings. His hands were tied behind his back and the chains that wrapped him up, making him look like a mummy on lead, were grounded by one big hook that is attached to the floor. Severus ached at the sight of the boy slumping over there in a blur because of the drugs, not even knowing that he had already been bought.

           The slaver opened the cage and unlocked and unwrapped all the chains off Harry's body before dragging him out through the leash and pushed him to Severus, "He's all yours now, sir."

           Severus took the boy and took the gag off his mouth, throwing it at the slaver and sneered, "Keep it."

           As he walked out with the boy behind him, he could feel all eyes staring at him, or to be more exact, they were staring at the boy he was leading. Still stoned from the drugs, he hobbled and staggered a little to keep up with his speed, and because he was fully nude, some of the men he passed by, disregarding their already bought slaves, ran their fingers on the boy and snuck a few gropes here and there as they passed by, making the boy squirm and moan in contact. Severus threw them all a death glare and decided to carry the boy in his arms instead to keep away anymore busybodies from touching his merchandize. By the time he came out of the auditorium and into Lucius' awaiting carriage, he almost breathed a sigh of relief.

           "So this is the slave that got you so infatuated, eh?" Lucius said as he viewed Harry from his spot. Severus had him lying down beside him with his head on his lap, letting him ride out the drowsiness of the drugs. "He's rather beautiful for a slave, don't you think?"

           "Yes, he is," Severus admitted quietly as he couldn't help threading his fingers through the child's hair all the way home


           "What is your name?"

           The boy looked up at Severus, a little disoriented after his long sleep. As soon as they reached home, Severus wasted no time to take him to his room and let him sleep on the bed. The poor boy Harry must've been very drugged and very tired for he had slept through almost 48 hours without even waking up to eat, drink or piss. When he finally woke up, Severus gave him something cold to drink to wake his senses and was now face to face with him as he tried to get some information out of him.

           "Your name, slave," Severus asked again.

           Harry tried to say it, but he didn't seem to know how to form words out of his mouth.

           "Well at least the MC from the auction said it. Now I know you are a sexual slave, but I don't need that. You can be my personal slave. Do you know how to do that?"

           Harry thought for a while, trying to understand what he said, then nodded hesitantly.

           "Good, now I think a bath is in order. I didn't have one this morning and I have a class to teach later. Come, I will show you what you need to do."

           So saying, he got up and waited for Harry to get up as well. The boy followed him obediently behind as Severus led him to the bathroom. He ogled at the sight of the marble floor tiles and the expensive-looking toiletries that Severus had, and he absolutely gleamed at the way his midnight blue tub shone under the light. Severus had to tap his head to get him back to focus.

           "From now on, you will bath me and help me get ready in the morning," Severus instructed as he started undressing himself, "and that means getting my clothes ready, my breakfast done and all my necessary work items prepared at the front door table on time. I will show you where they are once we're done. Understand?"

           Harry nodded, then got started on filling the bath tub with warm water for his master to bath.

           "You will need to shower as well," Severus said as he helped Harry remove the leash around his neck, picked him up and put him inside the bath tub. "But mark my words, this will be the only time I will ever bathe you, boy."

           Harry blushed as he allowed himself to be manhandled by his master as they both bathe each other, washing each other from head to toe. By the time they were done and Harry helped Severus to get ready his clothes and work items for school and watched him leave the front door, both the boy and the man finally and actually felt refreshed for the first time in years.

           This was the beginning of a rather peculiar relationship for the both of them.

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