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Aramis stood in front of the wall-to-wall window, looking down from the 40th floor of the skyscraper building of Foresight Conglomerate to the city below him. Taking a sip of red tea and sighing in content, he contemplated a little on the years that had led to where he was right now.

It was a long and arduous road for him and his family to get to this point. Aramis Albus Potter-Snape was conceived roughly about 6 months after Harry and Severus had officially tied the knot. Like Abigail Selene Slyterin-Lupin and Amarinth Serene Slytherin-Lupin, he was born premature, at roughly during Harry's 8th month of gestation due to the poor boy's stress from juggling pregnancy and studies despite Draco's helping him through coping it, being that he had that experience firsthand. He was in a breech position and needed C-section surgery to birth him, but luckily was born with no other complications. To the little happy couple, Aramis was the most beautiful thing they have ever created in the world next to their little unborn girl Star, and they were the happiest parents in the history of parenthood.

Aramis knew of Star's existence and would go with his parents to visit her grave every anniversary, along with Albus', his great-grandfather, grave as well. He was like a surrogate little brother to the twins Abigail and Amarinth and was peas in a pod, hanging out together everywhere they went, each twin on either side of him. He grew up a rather handsome young man, with his father's hair and his 'mother's eyes and nose, while Abigail and Amarinth really looked like a female blonde version of Remus. Because they were so identical that no one could tell them apart, and being that they were high-strung and prideful just like their 'mother' in wanting to have their own identity, Abigail and Amarinth made it their mission to dress the yin and yang of each other: Abigail would always dress in dark-coloured clothes and wore her hair long, tying them to two long ponytails that ran all the way past her calves; while Amarinth would always dress in light-coloured clothes and wore her hair short, leaving some of them long to tie them in cute ram horned-like buns while the rest was shoulder-length.

During the course of their growing up, Harry and Severus continued to "expand their dynasty", so to speak. Aramis was around 2 years old when he had his little sister Bethany Lily Potter-Snape and a little brother Christopher Godric Potter-Snape when he was about 5 years old. By the time Harry finally graduated from Kym, fraternal twins Ethaniel Serione Potter-Snape and Esmeralda Serenity Potter-Snape came into the picture. For Draco's case, since werewolves tend to have a litter at a time, his family gave a new meaning to "the more, the merrier", almost rivaling the Weasley family in terms of fertility. Remus had intended to keep his word and be the one to bear the childbirth responsibilities but Draco would not hear of it, telling him that even though he knew the consequences, he would not have the childbearing roles any other way. Abigail and Amarinth finally had some real siblings when triplets Marcus Zeke Slytherin-Lupin, Andrew Sirius Slytherin-Lupin and Francis Ember Slytherin-Lupin were born right after Draco graduated from Hogwarts. 2 years later, fraternal twins Amber Sapphire Slytherin-Lupin and Amun Zebediah Slytherin-Lupin came into the picture and another pair of identical twins Melissa Loki Slytherin-Lupin and Meredith Sheba Slytherin-Lupin about 3 years later.

Along the way, Harry's classmates from Kym had become family friends as time went by. Aaron, with Harry's help, managed to buy off Jude from Barty Crouch Jr. who had lost all his wealth and honour, and his status from the Light family, after the Ministry scandal that got his father killed. Being that he was no longer being able to afford to keep Jude as his wife-by-contract, he was forced to sign off his ownership to Aaron, and with a little more extra help from Severus and Draco using their well-earned aristocratic connections, they managed to convince—although force would be the correct word—the Light family to waive off her connections with the business and legally have her as the sole heir to the family fortune. They both got married eagerly as soon as they graduated and while Aaron became an Auror and started off by trying to take down the business that caused his beloved so much pain, Jude made her mark on Kym as becoming a medi-witch alongside with Ard-Rí Constantine. Within 3 years of their marriage, they had a son named Kiaran Tyler Turunen and fraternal twin daughters Illuscia Nester Turunen and Illumai Himawari Turunen.

Becka, after graduating from Kym, had went forth to pursue a career as a Magical Creatures Hunter, which was a self-made profession she had in order to keep track with her beloved Cyril Quigley as he traveled around with his team the Kenmare Krestels in their Quidditch matches. Their wedding was held in the middle of the Quidditch field in France for everyone to see and it was a very grand and memorable wedding for them. While Cyril went on his seasons to play Quidditch, she will follow him wherever the game took him while at the same time went off in search of rare magical creatures the wizarding world has yet to set eyes upon, jotting details about them and compiling them in hopes to publish them and rival Gilderoy Lockhart, bloke of all blokes. She then gave birth to Cyril Sidhe Quigley the II in Germany and Henrietta Faerie Quigley in Japan.

Rach, on the other hand, didn't go very far. Being trusted of independence by her parents, she went to a number of potion houses and magical shops to practice and enhance her potion-making skills. She even did a self-study on the ancient runes of the world and knew almost all the ancient languages from the four corners of the earth by heart, and Becka sometimes asked her to translate anything that she found during her search. Finally she opened an apothecary shop of her own at Sidhe Street, selling anything money can buy to her best of abilities. Her beau Matthew would come to visit her at least once a week either at her shop or at her home, and after several years of proper dating without having to sneak around in the school grounds all the time, they were wed and had Talos Serpentine Lee, Chris Magus Lee and Tyrone Nathaniel Lee during the course of their marriage.

Harry, after graduating from Kym, returned to his place in those he knew and decided that since he was not really cut out for any really important jobs in the Ministry (and also probably due to the fact that he had more or less developed a phobia for that place), he would help out Severus in his side job in any way he could, while at the same time being able to keep an eye on his children. He opened an apothecary like Rach's within Diagon Alley just beside the Weasley twins' joke shop to sell Severus' products and helped him to receive any special orders that may come while Severus resumed his duties as Potions Master back in Hogwarts under the new Headmistress Minerva McGonagall, letting their children to help run the apothecary as well during their free time. Draco finally got his dream career as a Herbologist and would provide the raw materials Severus needed for his potions and Remus became his assistant, at the same time hoping to find the cure for his lycanthropy curse.

Even before their parents had planned to reveal their destiny, Aramis and the twins had always felt deep in their hearts that there was something big they were meant to do. They often go in and out of trouble trying to prove their worth, earning their reputation as The Tiresome Trio, with Aramis as the one doing the deed while Abigail and Amarinth served as his "shoulder angel and demon", giving him two sides of their advice on any plot they plan to execute. They received reprimands in more ways than one, but their parents knew that it was their own way of grooming themselves to face what was to come in the future. So finally, on their 18th birthday, they were finally revealed of their birthright as the Merlin's Council and also their role towards the future of the wizarding world. After letting the news sink in, Aramis and the twins gathered round their siblings and met with Harry's family friends' children one night at their childhood haunt, which was the Shrieking Shack, and decided to band together as a team to fulfill this prophecy.

Convincing the Prime Minister was not a hard task, since it had been a tradition for many generations for the Ministry to let every new Prime Minister of the office to know the existence of the wizarding world. Convincing the public was another question. Aramis and the twins, along with his team, had to first round up all the magicians, illusionist and street magic performers that existed to reveal them of their true identities: Squibs and Muggle-borns who had the unfortunate luck of being denied magic education and their bloodline hidden by their parents either due to shame and fear of the unknown or due to their financial problems, especially the insane exchange rates between Muggle money and wizard money. After gathering them together to join their team, Aramis and the twins proceeded to convince the Prime Minister and subsequently the government and the Royal Family of Britain to make a live press release to reveal the existence of the wizarding world, telling the whole nation and subsequently, the whole world.

The public was, of course, giving mixed reactions towards the news, mostly negative. Their typical human nature of fearing the unknown and always thinking of the bad things that wizards and witches might do to them clouded their judgment, accompanied by the religious radicals of the "suffer the witch" ideology who think magic were the works of the devil, fueled the public to go against the wizarding world. Only a minority few, mostly the younger generation, seemed to be rather intrigued and accepting towards it, especially those who befriended Muggle-borns back then, but the rest reacted to them like they would at the plague. It felt like the Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan era all over again as they started to view the wizards and witches as the scum of the earth that must be destroyed and viewed everyone in suspicion, wondering if their next-door neighbor or their old-time friend was really a wizard/witch in disguise. Scientists had a field day of trying to kidnap and experiment on wizards/witches or Muggle-borns to see what makes them tick and finding out the source of their powers. Muggle-borns and wizards/witches, when found by the public, were treated like freaks of nature and it got as bad as people raiding into other people's home, going around accusing them of being freaks or the devil's spawn and dragging them out to be tortured or beaten, some almost leading to murder. Anyone who was found to support wizards/witches and Muggle-borns were ridiculed and their lives made miserable, exactly like the old days. Huge meetings after huge meetings were held between the Ministry, led by Kingsley and Aramis and the twins, and the high-ups of every nation to debate on the issue of whether or not to continue allowing the wizarding world to exist within the Muggle community or banish them into seclusion, making them return to the way it was where no one knew the wizarding world existed in the first place, or worse, have the wizarding world exterminated.

Needless to say, Aramis and the twins were getting both brunt of the blame, from the Muggle world and the wizarding world. Aramis had been ambushed and assaulted several times both going out or in their own home while lodging in the Muggle world. The twins almost ended up getting raped and killed by those prejudice mongers if it weren't for Aramis and his friends rescuing them in time, and Remus almost turned wolf with rage from hearing it if it weren't for Draco to calm him down. There have been other numerous times as well where the wizards and witches themselves go on an all-out riot and protested outside their home while they were back home in the wizarding world, yelling at them to stop whatever they were doing. The group had started to balk a little and wanted Aramis and the twins to abandon ship, but Aramis, being stubborn like his father, insisted that he could do this, that he could serve his purpose in his destiny and he knew the price to pay for all this, although in the middle of the night, he was 10 years old again as he came into his parents' room and cuddled in their arms, balking in his tears and cried out his stress on his 'mother's chest while being stroked on the back by his father, as did the twins with their own parents.

Just when Aramis and the twins thought they were overwhelmed by all this prejudice and suffering they had caused to both worlds, fate stepped in to give them a little helping hand. On a cold and harsh winter, a sudden epidemic outbreak occurred that affected the Muggle world. It was a virus that affects the part of the brain that controls the emotion of aggression and suppression, making people lose their patience easily and become paranoid over everything until it escalated to the point of committing murderous crimes beyond their control. At first, everyone put the blame on the wizarding world for creating this virus in order to get back at those who had wronged them, but after a thorough investigation, including forensics examination and a number of cases where the wizards were affected as well, they were more or less convinced that it was created scientifically as a bio-weapon and was done by Muggle parties.

The twins gathered all intel from St. Mungo and other existing medi-wizards and medi-witches around to come up with a cure, while Aramis rounded up the Aurors to assist the Muggle agents to catch the ones responsible for the virus spread. They finally managed to catch the culprit after almost days of exhausting their resources, but at least they worked faster than it would've been if it were done by normal Muggle people. Certain chemicals and ingredients that were needed for the vaccine and cure were only available via wizard concoctions added into the mix of conventional Muggle chemistry, and thus they were able to work together as one to save mankind and apprehend the perpetrator. Despite reluctance from those who were prejudice against the wizards, they had to admit that this time, the wizards/witches have saved the day.

From there, things slowly began to pick up bit by bit. It wasn't an immediate success, but Aramis and the twins managed to make progress with the Muggle world. They first started off by removing all hidden barriers that separated between the Muggle world and the wizarding world, revealing them and reintroducing them slowly into the community. After that, they started letting the wizarding world live in colonies that are slightly separated from the Muggle society and slowly opening their doors to allow the Muggles to come and go and get to know them better, although there have been a few incidents of attempted vandalisms and threats, but nothing the wizards/witches couldn't handle. Honeydukes, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and the like were slowly brought into the community for the wizarding world's convenience and Muggles were allowed to purchase or browse from there as well. The Weasley twins' joke shop was definitely the most popular of all the stores for both wizards/witches and Muggles alike.

Then they slowly brought in the schools, removing the Unplottables, and integrated the Ministry with the government bit by bit, along with the branch Ministries to their respective countries as well. Wizards and witches of their profession were integrated to Muggle profession that are similar to theirs and Squibs, instead of being useless and cast to one side, unable to use magic, were given decent jobs, may it be office work, secretarial or menial work, among the Muggles. Some wizards and witches were even appointed to certain high offices and stuff, and most of them, especially from the Ministry, had slowly but surely integrated into the government departments, possibly as high as the Prime Minister's offices, aligning the wizarding departments accordingly. They even set up amateur magic schools for Muggles for those who were interested to learn certain magical skills and various others to help the younger generation gain more knowledge and understanding of the wizarding world. While they cannot influence the religious sector, since wizards/witches were not really the religious type, they have more or less gain respect for each other and maintained a civil relationship with each other.

The Merlin's Council made their presence known after making sure everything was in order, shocking both the Muggles and the wizarding world alike, since they never knew they existed in the first place. They were soon hired to be at home within the Royal Family of Britain, just as Merlin did with King Arthur during the Arthurian days, serving as an advisor of the wizarding side and working alongside Muggle advisors, and gained power that was just below the Queen herself. Together, they and the rest of the wizarding world helped to solve worldwide problems one step at a time, gaining more and more of people's trust day by day. The Potter-Snape and Slytherin-Lupin couples, along with the rest of the family within Merlin's Council, established their foothold and soon became owner of many diversified businesses of both worlds, and Aramis and the twins were some of them as they built Foresight Conglomerate, one of the most famous and successful business tycoons next to Donald Trump.

"Thinking about the good old days, darling?"

Aramis turned around and smiled at upon hearing the simultaneous speech of the twins, in which he was greeted with a double hug by Abigail and Amarinth's identical arms. He leaned down to kiss both their foreheads before letting them croon against his neck, continuing to stare down at the world below. During the turmoil of trying to bring Muggles and wizards/witches under one nation, he had somehow developed feelings for both girls, and the feeling was mutual, since the twins had always been sharing things at a very young age despite their different getup. They were troubled at first since wizard laws were ultimately similar to Muggle laws regarding bigamy, but since they were descended from the Merlin's Council, they were bound within their own Arthurian Law of the Old, in which in the olden days, having more than one wife was very common. So about a week after the Muggles and wizards/witches signed the treaty to combine their worlds under one nation, they were officially wed within the grounds of the Royal Family of Britain, and were still going strong after almost more than 3 decades of marriage.

"Isn't it beautiful, my dears?" Aramis said. "After 15 years of struggle, we have done it. Now there is no one in this world who does not know about magic, and who would've thought that magic and science can truly co-exist with each other. Everyone is truly at peace with each other right now."

"We've come a long way to get here, darling," Abigail cooed as she nuzzled Aramis.

"And we've been through a lot to achieve our destiny," Amarinth agreed with a smile.

"It was all worth it," the twins concluded simultaneously.

"I will never get tired of the way you two talk there, my loves," Aramis chuckled as he squeezed their shoulders.

"You better not be."

"Where are the kids?"

"We were just about to come remind you," Abigail said. "We're going to celebrate your mother's birthday, and the kids are getting ready with presents at the mall right now as we speak."

"You need to get started on booking a place for your mother's birthday dinner," Amarinth grinned. "You know how your mother is when people forget his birthday."

"Yeah, I know," Aramis chuckled again as he reached for the phone. "Birthdays are always special for him. I just hope our sibs remember it too."

"Oh, they remember, alright," the twins giggled in unison. "And if you be good, you'll get a special treat from us tonight."

"Mmm, now that is a very tempting thought. I look forward to it."

Yes, he definitely looked forward to it, along with whatever may come their way in the future.

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