Title: Lookin' Out My Back Door
Author: Maimat the Rat
Rating: K
Length: 463 words
Warnings: none
Characters: Dean, Sam
Notes: Phantom Traveller tag
Summary: All those pictures on the wall... Tag to Phantom Traveller.

Sam liked to draw.

It wasn't a hobby or anything, and he wasn't serious about it, so calling it drawing was something of a stretch. It was... whatever. It wasn't drawing and it wasn't art or anything like that. Doodling sounded stupid, and he could imagine too well the field day Dean would have using that word. It was not doodling. Maybe sketching.

Sam liked to sketch.

He started sketching way back during their endless road trips as a way to pass the hours, or was it when Dad threw a pencil and paper at the back seat and told them that if he heard any more fighting both he and Dean were going to walk the next five miles?

He copied things he saw along the road. Weird things; an upside down car in the middle of a field, jeans hanging from a telephone wire. It wasn't well done, and it often only vaguely resembled what he wanted it to be, but it passed the time.

Then, somewhere along the road, Dean started stealing the pictures and adding to them. Once he'd finished, Dean would pass it back, and Sam would add something else, and so on. It was fun. A lot more fun than being yelled at to shut up by Dad.

While at Stanford Sam sketched while researching term papers as a way to clear his head, but it never felt the same as it did back in the days he swapped pictures with Dean.

And so it was the research that prompted him to sketch again now.

Demons. It was hard to wrap his head around the concept they were actually dealing with a demon. This was big, as Dean so succinctly put it. Wendigo, werewolves, and spirits; that kind of thing they knew about. Demons were... Demons.

Some of the books they pulled out of the library for research explained what the author thought the subject might look like, but offered no pictures for reference. From the detailed and lurid description in the book, Sam sketched a bug like creature with great big bat wings.

Dean glanced at it as he picked up another book, and when he tossed a new page of notes on the table beside Sam, on his paper there was a lion head with horns that seemed to be breaking through the page.

They didn't stop there. They tacked the notes to the wall beside the laptop, and along with the notes the pictures kept coming. A fat warty monk-like demon, a dancing half goat demon complete with flames, demon skulls, and a winged succubus, they sketched every kind of demon they could think of.

And somewhere along the way Sam remembered again why he and Dean weren't just brothers, but friends as well.

Julie, Thank-you for the beta, you are an awesome friend