What is in a person that makes him destined for greatness? Why do some people walk a path others cannot follow? Is there some higher power playing with our lives with invisible strings that we can not break? Are all our struggles pointless? Should we just give in and follow the steam of life uncomprehending of the many possibilities that lay far behind our miniscule world? My sense of duty, was it meaningless? Through all my fighting and struggling I saved no one. All those I loved are dead. I died by the hand of my best friend, the one I saw as a brother. The woman I loved slowly died bleeding in my arms. My child died never having the opportunity to experience the joys the world has to offer.

That is why I am doing what I have to. I will break through the very fabric of time in order to correct mistakes. My friends, my family, will experience every single joy I can offer them. I will protect my special people. Neither Heaven nor Hell will be able to stop me. This is where my story truly begins. All else leading to this event is nothing, today or should I say twenty twos ago from today is truly the beginning of the beginning.

This is just a quick little entry to get everyone reading my next fic. My other update is soon to follow so enjoy! Check my profile for any further information.