Hello there readers!! It's me reko1620 again with another story. So I had this idea for another story while I was reading some other SKIP BEAT fanfictions but I was planning to just make it a oneshot and I was wondering what you want me to do with it after you read this first chapter...

Ok so here is the story that I won't go into too much details about who is who and what is really happening!! As the story starts, you will notice the characters' names and will be wondering who they are and why/where are Ren and Kyoko...Don't worry! Details will be reveal later on when I decide to continue to write the story or not. Most importantly, this is still a Ren/Kyoko fanfiction. Alright, here we go, hope you guys enjoy the reading :-) IMPORTANT:By the way, please be warn of the content of the fanfiction (you have been warn)!

Romantic Business Trip

The setting was taking place in the bedroom where darkness lurked and the only light was coming from the view of the city through the gigantic glass window.

The city light casted a shadow - make that two silhouettes of the two people in the room. As the two figures got closer, the taller one could not help but pull his companion into his embrace. The smaller person hesitated for a second before finally deciding to wrap her arms around his waist, and just let the moment be embedded into their memories.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, the woman lifted her head up and looked up at the man; they both stared at each other comfortably.

"Hika-," The woman started to speak, but was cut off as he bent down to give her a full, passionate kiss. Without hesitation, the woman kissed him back with the same equal amount of passion.

Hikaru, without breaking the kiss, pushed Aya backward to the bed.

Hikaru lifted Aya's gown over her head and off it went to the floor, leaving her naked for all to see. When he laid her on the bed, he broke the kiss, but Hikaru continued to kiss his way down her throat, to the valley of her chest.

He inhaled the nostalgic smell of rose and it was almost tempting enough to lose his control. He began to kiss her right shoulder, covering every inch of it; after he finished Hikaru started on the left and gave it as much attention as he did to the right.

Aya had her hands in his hair once she felt his hot mouth on one of her breasts; she could not stop from moaning at the pleasure that Hikaru was giving her. When he lifted his head, he saw that Aya was flushed; that made him want her even more because he had never known such a woman who can make his heart ache so much.

"Aya," Hikaru whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her spine, "Do you know how much I want you?"

All Aya could do was look away, when he lifted his head to look at her, because she was embarrassed by the question; but Hikaru used his index finger, placed it under her chin, and turned her face back to him - forcing her to look at him.

When Hikaru turned her face, she was blushing and he could not help it but smiled a bit...the smile that had many women swooning over him.

"Hmmm...so you know the answer?!" he asked, lowering his head, which was now only an inch away from her face. When Aya saw the smile he had on, she could not help but become annoyed.

'Urghhh...how dare he uses that smile to seduce me?! If he think that is going to work, well, he better think again. Two can play this game. Yeah just keep smiling, buddy...you will wish you did not do that when I am through with you!'

Not showing any hint of annoyance on her expression, Aya circled her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, pressing her bare self against his heated, hard chest that was behind a chemise...moving her hands down his chest, she started to unbutton the shirt. Once the chemise was out of the way, Aya, not being the weak woman she seemed to be, flipped Hikaru on his back - leaving him speechless with wide eyes.

"Heh heh..." Hikaru chuckled at what he had just experienced from the woman on top of him. Aya looked down at the young man and pouted.

"What is so funny?!" She asked.

"It's just that I never had a woman pinned me down before. This is turning out to be interesting, my dear!" After that was said, his "killer" smile returned and Aya knew what he was thinking.

'Oh no, you're not going to win so easily...not if I can help it!' Aya thought. So she took the oppurtunity to grab both his hands and hold them on the side, while she bent her head to kiss him - starting on the mouth. Once she heard him groan, she went down lower - kissing lightly on his neck, then down his wide chest and lower...

"Damn it, Aya! I am at my limits." Hikaru was near to shouting.

'How can a woman be this strong?!' He wondered since he could not free his hands from hers, which were holding his wrists firmly.

Aya looked up and smiled seductively. That smile was going to be the death of him someday, Hikaru noticed.

Now to finish off her seduction, she took his shirt, which was still on the bed; she binded his hands together, and tied the sleeves to the bars that were carved into the board of the bed.

"Well, Mr. Yoshinori, it looks like we will have to continue this on another day, won't we?! If you thought I was like all those other women you have bedded, then you have better think again." Aya stated with a hint of anger as she got off the bed and put back on her gown. She smiled beautifully and stalked out of the room to the other bedroom next to it.

'Well, that better teach him to never mess with me! Or else I wouldn't be Aya Kitomitsu.' Aya thought as she headed into her own bedroom.

Hikaru, on the other hand, was speechless at what has just happened. After coming back to his senses, he chuckled at the woman, who had just left the room, and who was going to have to deal with him and his punishment once he is free.

'My, my, looks like my little kitty has a firece temper!' He chuckled again; using his strength, he broke free of the binding and massaged his wrists since Aya did a good job of tying it. Hikaru laid back comfortably on his bed and stared at the ceiling absent-mindedly, while the image of Aya formed in his head.

He smiled at the images of the woman in the next room forming in his mind and thought he is going to have to try harder to win her - heart and body. With that said, he fell asleep...

At L.M.E. in the President's office, Lory Takarada and Yukihito Yashiro were having a drink together to celebrate the little plot that worked out so well without letting anyone suspecting.

"Here is to the romantic plan, Yashiro!" Lory Takarada cheered and drank his cup of sake.

"Here to the romantic plan!" Yashiro repeated. "Sir, I was wondering, what do you think they are thinking right now, if they have even read over the script?!" Ren's manager asked after downing his sake.

Meanwhile at the location of Darumaya and Ren's apartment... (NOTE: everything is happening at two different places but are taking place at the same time...continue reading and I hope you understand what I mean)

After re-reading the scene over for five times, Kyoko could not believe what she had just read. Ren, on the other hand, had just finished reading the scene, too and could not believe what was written in the script.

"WHAT?!" Both shouted at the top of their lungs. Ren was lucky that no one could hear him since the walls were sound-proof, but Kyoko was unfortunate...neighbors, including the Darumaya couple, woke up and yelled for whoever it was to be quiet.

"Darn it, could that girl ever be quiet?!" The Darumaya owner complained.

"Heh heh...don't worry, dear, it's just Kyoko being Kyoko...see it's quiet again. She probably just needed to release that yell out of frustration." His wife reassured her husband. Hearing his wife's reasons, he just went back to sleep and so does she.

'No, no, this can't be happening...NOOOOOOOO!! Why? Why?!' Kyoko shook her head as she tried to calm down and clear her head. 'Oh my god, why did this happened?! Arghhh...'

"Oh my god, this is unbelievable...how did I get trepped into this?" Ren asked out loud to himself. "Right, how could I forget...it was them!" Ren answered his own question and got a bit angry at President Takarada and Mr. Yashiro, and even himself for being pulled into doing this drama.

Back at L.M.E

"Hmmm...is it just imagination, Mr. Yashiro, or did I hear a loud and shocked shouting sound?!" Lory Takarada asked the man seated across from his chair.

"I believed, sir, I heard it, too. I wondered what it was about...anyway, back to the question at hand, sir. What do you thinking their thoughts are on this drama after reading the script?"

"Well, Ren is probably going to come in here tomorrow morning and demand answers unless he gets to you first and at that time, I can't help you from his angry wrath. Kyoko is, if my prediction is correct, probably calming herself down by not believing it, but she is going to give in and scream her head off." Takarada laughed softly as he pictured the expressions of his two young talented children.

"They don't know the other one is starring in the drama as the leading hero/heroine, do they?" Mr. Yashiro asked curiously.

"My dear friend, Yashiro, where would the fun be if they knew?!" Takarada countered Yashiro's question, with a smirk, and after a few moments of silence of looking at each other, Mr. Yashiro also joined the President with his own "evil planning" smirk. Both men roared into laughter as they thought about their plan and the outcome of it.

All this time, the two main characters were still in denial and in shock of how they got twisted into the plan without knowing the masterminds behind it.