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Ren was heading to Studio C, where his drama "Business and Romance" was shooting; he was looking gloomy due to the incident from what he had read in the script last night. As he was on his way, he glanced in the other direction and saw that Kyoko was also coming toward his way.

Usually his heart would stutter at the mere sight of Kyoko Mogami, the girl he fell in love with; even though he vowed he would never fall in love with anyone in the acting business or anywhere else, but today was different. Ren was too wrapped up in worrying about the drama to focus on anything else.

The two collided and neither said a greeting to one another. Ren glared down at Kyoko; she to him, only she had to look up to glared back at him...

"Oh, good morning, Mister Tsuruga..." Kyoko greeted dully.

Ren walked away without replying back, which inflamed Kyoko even more.

'What is wrong with him?! Who the heck does he think he? Does he think he is the only one with problems?! I have to do a freaking romantic drama and I don't even know who the hell is the leading actor...AHHHHHH!!' Kyoko was screaming inside her head and angering demons were flying free everywhere, tormenting their lovely selves onto others around them. One poor bystander fainted to the invisible force that gave him chills.

When Ren and Kyoko entered the building, everyone could feel a dead tension in the air; they all looked around to find that it was coming from none other than Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami. Everyone near them cleared out of the way for they do not want to feel the wrath of Ren and Kyoko, especially the latter since every time she got mad, one would feel some cold unseen breeze pulling on them.

Ren and Kyoko got to the studio, where their drama was taking place.

' she in this drama, too?! No, can't be! Please tell me she is not playing a role in this because I will die if she is...I don't want her to see me cozy with anyone other than her, although the girl doesn't realize it herself. She just knows that I have a crush on a high school girl!' Ren thought when he saw that Kyoko was following him into the same studio.

Disappointingly Ren couldn't stop fate and unfortunately Kyoko was in this drama. Only to find out later who her role was from none other than his manager!

Mister Yashiro was grinning evilly when he had to admit who his co-star for the drama would be.

"So, Ren, how does it feel to have the girl you love to play your opposite main character?" Mister Yashiro knew what he asked was really mean but he could not help himself, since it was Ren they were talking about; the guy who had no "love" experiences whatsoever.

"Mister Yashiro, just shut up, please!!" Ren warned the older man about his teasing using his words and evil glare.

'I have got to get away from him and this place!'

Our heroine, Kyoko, who was at the time was with Mister Sawara, was not taking this any differently than Ren had when he first heard it.

"Mister Sawara, you have got to be kidding me, right?!" Kyoko was happy to be playing a leading role, but it was not what she expected, especially the part about who her leading co-star was - REN TSURUGA, the most wanted man by women in Japan, hell even in the whole world. She was totally going to get mobbed by his fans.

"No, I am not joking, Kyoko. Your co-star is Ren Tsuruga! And a fair warning, you can't back out from this since you already signed on the contract that you would be doing this." Mister Sawara stated professionally.

Kyoko walked out of the office with a dark cloud looming over her head. She sighed. 'Oh well, looks like I am going to have to get it over with quickly and never deal with this ever again.'

The young seventeen-year old went to her next destination, which was the studio where her role as Bo the Rooster starred on, Yappa Kimagure Rock (translated as It's Gotta be Whimsical Rock). Kyoko changed into her costume and was on her way to the show.

When the show was over, as she was rounding the corner to the locker area, something, or to be precise, someone was sitting on one of the boxes that were near the locker room. Kyoko stopped dead in her tracks and started to count slowly in her head, all the meanwhile closing her eyes and shaking her head from side to side.

'Ok, this must be all a bad dream! A bad DREAM!!'

But it was not a dream; Kyoko peeked around the corner and there he was, Ren Tsuruga, sitting alone with an expression that indicated that he had a problem like all the times before when Bo chatted with the actor.

Couldn't help but care and wonder what the trouble was, Kyoko, still in the Bo costume, went up to the man sitting alone and in deep thoughts. Kyoko waved one of her arms, but Ren was still lost in his own mind, not noticing the greeting. Usually he would sense when there was a presence beside himself, but the problem was tougher than it looked.

Kyoko sighed and thought there was no other way; so it looks like she was going to have to speak up. "Hello there!" Kyoko greeted in what she had always thought was a rooster's voice.

Finally hearing a strange voice, Ren looked up to find the same chicken he had talked to before. His eyes widened in surprise, wondering why it was always the chicken that appeared in his desperate needs for help. "Oh hello there." He greeted back.

"What's wrong? You have another problem?" The chicken asked.

Judging from the gloomy glare that Ren gave her, Kyoko was definitely sure he had a problem.

"Want to talk about it?" Kyoko asked Ren, hoping he will open up and tell her what's wrong, instead of shunning her away.

Ren sighed deeply and his face softened, which Kyoko took as cue that he was willing to talk.

"You're right. I do have a problem and it's worse than the other problems I have told you about," Ren said.

"Well, what is about this porblem that makes it the worse of all the others?" Kyoko asked in her deep chicken voice.

Again, he sighed deeply and long. Ren put his head in his hands and started to think of how he is going to deal with his trouble. "What makes it more worse than the other problems?" Ren repeated the chicken's question.

"Everything." Ren finally answered the question after a moment.

Kyoko gave her chicken head a confused look, indicating her confusion and desire to try to understand what is the state of the problem is. "Do you not trust me enough to talk about whatever that is bothering you?"

"Well, I am thinking how could a guy like me, who had never experienced that kind of feelings until now, figure out what to do, much less a chicken who never experienced it but only observe it."

Kyoko gave it a thought and said in a kind of defeat voice, "Good point. How could I when I am not a gu- I mean when I haven't experienced it yet either."

Kyoko blew out a breath, relieved that Ren did not take notice of her almost slip up of saying that Bo the Chicken (or Rooster or whatever it was, but definitely not a duck) was performed by a girl.

Ren sighed deeply and got up to leave, but Kyoko gestured him to stay. "Hey, let's me help this time, too! Let's see if we can both figure out a way to solve this problem that you have."

Seeing that the chicken was not going to let him go anywhere any time soon, Ren sat back down on the box he occupied before. "All right. Let's talk. Now my situation is that I am starring in a new drama."

"Haha haha haha..." The chicken laughed out loud, but stopped when it saw the death glare Ren was shooting at it. "Sorry, it's just funny when all you are worried about is shooting a new drama."

"I have not finished," Ren grounded out. Seeing that the chicken understands now Ren continued. "The problem isn't the drama, well actually it sort of is since it's a hands-on action romantic drama, if you understand what I mean." The chicken nodded; boy, do Kyoko fully understands what Ren is talking about; she has been distracted for the last few days about that part of the drama. "Anyway, the bigger problem is the other main co-star."

Kyoko looked at him, in surprise. 'What? Is he talking about me? What did I do wrong?'

Kyoko recovered from her surprise and asked, "Is your main co-star a girl or a boy?"

Ren looked at the chicken and thought how more dense this chicken can be since it's obviously a girl who's the co-star since the drama is a romance so isn't it clear that a romance series is about a man and woman.

As if reading his mind, Kyoko answered her own question, "Okay, so it's a girl then, but you know not all romance series are about a man and a woman in love. There are, you know, the other type of romances."

Ren shot her an annoyed look that said "He could we continue on already?"

"Right, anyway, what is your problem with your co-star?"

Ren was not sure if he should tell the chicken or not, but the chicken had help a lot in the past, even though, Ren never did take on that suggestion to go after his love for Kyoko.

"The problem is...well..." Ren started, feeling really warm and nervous at the same time. "Remember the previous problem I had about love?" Bo the Chicken nodded its head. "Well, let's just say that the girl who I am co-starring with is also the one I have feelings for."

Suddenly a light bulb flashed above Kyoko's head and it was not a good sign, either. Kyoko felt the urge to stand up and walk away and never think about the situation at hand. She hoped it was just a dream; a nightmare to be more exact. Nightmares are always good; they are never real, are they?!

Kyoko stand up unconsciously and began walking away. 'He can't be talking about me again, is he? Why? How? WHAT?' Kyoko began to speed walk and tried to block out the voice that was shouting for her to stop and wait up.

Ren practically ran to catch up with the chicken, but did not take much effort because of the big difference between the lengths of their legs. Ren grabbed on to the head of the chicken, and was expecting to just yank off the hat like the incident before, but change of plans. Instead of the hat coming off, the whole head came off!

Kyoko stopped dead in her tracks so unexpectedly that Ren bumped right into her and THUD! Both fell down with Ren on the bottom and Kyoko on top. Kyoko was staring at Ren's chest when she finally recovered from the fall and opened her eyes. She looked up to see the man before her, with shock written all over his handsome face. And what was that?! Did she detect a bit of an amusement in his luminous eyes?

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