My Idea... by AndromedaMarine

"Hey!" Rodney protested, shoving John back. "It was my idea!"

John smiled. "So? Doesn't mean you have exclusive rights to it."

Rodney spluttered. "Does too!"

John shook his head and shoved Rodney again. "Doesn't." He grinned and stuck his tongue out at Rodney, who had fallen to the floor heavily.

The Canadian scrambled up and shoved John back, who almost fell but caught himself with composure. "As a friend I expect you to respect my brilliant ideas!"

John frowned, thinking for a moment. "I have to agree that it was a brilliant idea. Which is exactly why I'm going to use it. Besides, you don't have a stable one. I do."

At this Rodney's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. "That was uncalled for! Take it back!" He began to swing his fists wildly, in an attempt to club his friend in the face, or somewhere. John blocked Rodney's feebly attempted blows and laughed as the scientist fell over again onto the gym's matted floor.

"I thank you for suggesting it, and now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to use it." John pushed Rodney to the floor as he tried to get up and sprinted from the gym to an undisclosed location and then to Elizabeth Weir's office.

He entered slowly and cleared his throat to catch her attention and beautiful green eyes. "John? How may I help you?"

John closed the door behind him with a mental click. "Um, I was wondering if you'd like to join me for lunch."

Elizabeth smiled at her second in command. "I would love to."

They passed the cafeteria and Elizabeth became very bewildered.

"John, the commissary is there," she said, pointing behind them.

"I know, but we're not going to the commissary." He smiled at Elizabeth and kept walking.


"Well, John, I have to admit: this was a brilliant idea," Elizabeth remarked as she gazed out the window of the Puddle Jumper that was in low orbit around Atlantea. She took a bite out of the sandwich that John had packed before going to her office.

"Thanks," John replied, letting a small corner of his Atlantean-gene-infested brain lazily fly the ship. He smiled inside and at Elizabeth, making a mental reminder to thank Rodney for his brilliant idea of taking Elizabeth on a lunch date in a Jumper above the planet. Of course, John's gene was more stable than Rodney's.