Summary- Konoha is given one chance to fix things, but their solution may be the problem

Summary- Stepping on a bug around an Aburame wasn't a good idea.

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Academy Lessons: An Aburame's Pet Peeve


Iruka sighed as Naruto ran around, looking for hiding place in the 'game' as Iruka had put it. Really and truly, it was stealth training that never went all to well because of kids laughing about how their 'old' sensei would never find them.

Of course, it made Iruka wonder why he wanted to work with the little brats.

But then he remembered! He was supposed to love kids!


Naruto giggled silently as he hid in the confinements of the bush. He really hated hiding in bushes because of all the nasty bugs, but he hid there anyways. Then he felt it. The creepy crawly feeling of a bug creeping along his arm and, out of shock and petty fear, he killed it.

He killed it.


Right there.

In front of the wrong person.

In front of a bug-lover.

In front of one Aburame Shino.

Of course, Naruto was pretty disturbed when he heard a monotone voice.

"You….. Killed a bug."

Naruto blinked, "Be quiet! You're gonna get us caught, stupid!" Of course, Naruto all but whispered this and Iruka whipped around and pulled the two boys from the bushes.

"There you two are!" Iruka exclaimed happily as Shino wrenched from his grasp and stalked off.

Iruka blinked.

"What'd you do to Shino?"

"I just killed a bug!"

Iruka rolled his eyes, "Lesson one. An Aburame's Pet Peeve is….. what?"

"Uuuuhhhh….. Dirty belly buttons?"

Iruka nearly choked on his spit before he yelled, nearly blowing Naruto away, "No, numskull!"

"Then what?"

"An Aburame's Pet Peeve is killing a bug."

"Oooooooh." Naruto nodded in understanding, "Hey Iruka-sensei." The Chuunin glanced at Naruto, "What's a 'Pet Peeve'?"


A/N: Sorry. I'm really bored. This turned out bad, sorry.