The Harp

A harp is a wonderful thing,

It accompanies you when you sing,

So you don't sing alone,

Before the King's throne,

Oh, a harp is a marvellous thing!


Historian's notes: This limerick was found scribbled in the margins of the Lay of the Nargothrond Sewers. No author is credited with the work, but judging by the scribbled out words and corrections, Gildor may have invented it on the spot.

The Harp is one of several short poems appearing in the margins of Gildor's book. Most of them are not very serious, as is the case with the following snatch of verse.

Finduilas' hair

Is like a snare:

it catches bachelors.


There are a few more serious poems, one of which has been reproduced below.

White Birds

Across the sea the white birds fly,

I stand yearning on the shore and sigh,

for we cannot follow unless we die,

and all our dreams have proved a lie.

I stand and watch the white birds fly.