A Place of it's own.

In his mind Sweets had a special spot just for patients he had in the past who were unique and memorable. Until he met Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan the people in this little spot were a tad eccentric. These two took everyone else and threw them around. They commanded a place of there own just because they were interesting people. They were the emblem of the phrase opposites attracted. The only thing they seemed to have in common was their love of justice.

They were partners. They called themselves work partners. The rest of the world called them a couple. An old married couple really. They argued all the time even over arguing. One of the first sessions he had with them they told him they didn't argue. Booth said they bickered, maybe a tiny bit. Then Brennan said that they didn't bicker they simply discussed. The two were smart in their respective fields but their views on other things were odd, such as the fact they thought his field was idiodic.

Agent Booth had a superiority complex and a hero complex. He thought he was better than others such as Sweets or the majority of people he had to interview. He was overprotective of his friends, Dr. Brennan in particular. The fact he called her Bones said that they were emotionally attached and it ran deep. He noticed that when they left he put his hand at the small of her back seeming to guide her. Dr. Brennan seemed to be in the habit of discussing Booth's genitals with him, telling him to eat organic foods or else his penis would shrink. When Dr. Brennan said this Agent Booth seemed to be defensive as if he wanted her to think his genitals were larger than she thought.

The two are a little eccentric and for some unknown reason get along. They complete each other. I should try putting them in situations where it is as if their dating.