"Casey?" Derek asked as he knocked on her door. "What?" she answered. "I'm sorry. I know I was a jerk. I know I keep apologizing and then doing the exact same thing again. I'm sorry Casey. We chose to….well…..you know. There are consequences for everything you do. Sometimes good sometimes bad. But we both made the mistake so we both are going to fix it." He said and she opened the door. He came and sat down beside her and held her tight as she cried.

After a half an hour of Casey crying and Derek comforting her in complete silence Casey finally said something. "Derek, what are we going to do?" she asked. "Well it's really not my choice what we do about it. Considering I'm not the one with the baby inside of me." He said. "That's true but if we decide to keep it then we both will have to take care of it." Casey said. "Ok there's one thing. I am soooo not killing an innocent baby. Don't you think it would be hard on both of us if we gave it up?" He asked. "Yeah. It would be hard. I could never live it down. So we are going to do this?" she asked as she wiped away the last bit of tears that fell from her eyes. "I guess we are." He said and walked out of her room and into his.

Derek lie on his bed thinking about the situation. How could this be happening? I'm only sixteen. I'm still a kid and now I'm going to have one of my own. He thought to himself. He needed to talk to someone about it. So he sent an IM to Sam.

D.x.HockeyMan: Sam, you there? I need to talk to you.

SamaJama: Hey D. What's up?

D.x.HockeyMan: Man Sam. I….or we….. screwed up bad.

SamaJama: D what happened?

D.x.HockeyMan: It's Casey

SamaJama: What wrong! Is she okay? What happened?!

D.x.HockeyMan: Yeah. You really are over her. :\

SamaJama: Man whatever. Just tell me what happened.

D.x.HockeyMan: Dude she's……

SamaJama: WTF? Just tell me!!

D.x.HockeyMan: She's pregnant……

SamaJama: WHAT!? OH MY GOD!? WHO'S THE FATHER? Wait before you told me you said WE screwed up….D are you the father?

D.x.HockeyMan: Yeah man I am

SamaJama: What? How could you….I mean…..I thought you hated her?

D.x.HockeyMan: No Sam I love her.

SamaJama: Man. I'm sorry I just don't know what to tell you.

D.x.HockeyMan: Well man I got to go. Nora's calling for dinner. I'll talk to you later.

SamaJama: See ya D!

Samajama Has Now Signed Off

Derek stood up from his computer and took a deep breath. I can do this….I mean I'm Derek….I can so do this…..Can't I? he thought to himself. He sighed and walked downstairs to the table and sat down at his normal seat and began to eat.

A/N: Yeah I know kind of a short first chapter. But I promise they will get longer. Let me know if you like it or if you hate it! DaSey.x.GuRl