Casey is now about 8 and half months pregnant. Mood swings, Irritability, and weird craving were taking over completely. Casey was extemely uncomfortable and extremely big. she was due in about two weeks and she couldn't wait to see her baby girl, Andrea. Derek felt the exact same way. He was so happy and anxious. Derek had been planning a suprise baby shower for about a month. Sam, Nora, Lizzie, Edwin, and some of Casey and Derek's other friends but of course not Emily were going to be there. George refused to come because he was so mad still. Nora never wanted Casey and Derek to move out but she could not do anything about it. So she was happy and excited to come. Derek had it all planned. Nora, Lizzie, and Marti would take Casey out to buy last minute necessities for the baby while Derek, Sam, and Edwin prepared everything and the guest came. Then when Nora, Lizzie, and Marti brought Casey back they would do the normal suprise drill. Jump out and say suprise.

"Oh Casey your mother and your two sisters are here." Derek called from the door. Casey was getting ready.

"Be there in just a minute guys." Casey replied.

"Ok so you know the drill right?" Derek asked and all three girls nodded. Casey finally got ready and the four girls left on a shopping spree. About ten minutes later Sam arrived with Derek. They began setting everything up and within an hour they were done. It looked just like Derek thought Casey would want it to. Guest started arriving and within 20 minutes of the time Casey was supposed to come home they were all there.

Casey, Lizzie, Nora, and Marti returned to the apartment loaded down with diapers, baby wipes, baby food, and a whole lot of other stuff. They walked in the door and everyone jumped out and yelled suprise.

"Oh my gosh Derek! I've always wanted a suprise something" Casey said excited and she kissed Derek. "Ouch" she yelped.

"What? What wrong? Anything?" Derek asked.

"No just kicking again. It's okay! I guess the baby was just excited too!" Casey exclaimed.

"Ok" Derek said and they began with a game. They played about 3 baby related games and then it was time for presents. Casey had presents galore she began opening them. About half way into opening she looked down to find water below her. No one was paying attention to her because they were talking among themselves.

"Umm guys?" Casey said. "Guys?" Casey said louder. "HELLO?" Casey screamed. Everyone looked at her then. "It's time." She said. Everyone began scrambling around.

"OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH." Derek said as he freaked out.

"OKAY LISTEN UP EVERYONE! I WANT EVERYONE WHO IS NOW IN THE FAMILY OR SAM TO LEAVE IMMEDIATLEY. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE." Nora screamed and everyone did as she said. Within seconds the only people who reamained were Casey, Derek, Sam, Nora, Lizzie, Edwin, and Marti.

"Alright you guys. Me, Derek, Casey and Lizzie will ride with Derek. Edwin and Marti will ride with Sam." Nora said.

"OOOOWWWW. HURRY THE FREAK UP. IM IN PAIN LIKE HELL!" Casey yelled and everyone did what Nora told them to and they were at the hospital within minutes.

"Hello. My daughter is in labor. She's about 2 weeks early. Her name is Casey McDonald." Nora said to the nurse. The nurse said something into the phoned and nurse came flying around the corner and put Casey in a wheelchair and wheeled her to a room. Derek and Nora went with Casey. Sam, Lizzie, Edwin, and Marti stayed outside.

"Owwww freak. Damn this hurts like hell!" Casey screamed as she lie in the bed.

"Oh I know sweetie I've done it twice." Nora said.

"And I'm sooooo sorry for that. OOOWWWWWW!! NEED. DRUGS. NOW!!" Casey screamed. The doctor came in.

"Okay let's check and see how far along we are." the doctor said and checked Casey. "Ok looks like we're 5 cents dialated. That means your half way there." the doctor said and Casey sighed.

"GIVE ME THE DAMN DRUGS NOW!!" Casey screamed.

"Ok Ok Miss McDonald. I will send a nurse in to do it right now." the doctor said and it happened within minutes Casey was in less pain but still hurting alot!

"Well that helped a bit. It still hurts like heck though!" Casey said. About and hour went by and it was finally time for Casey to push. Derek grabbed Casey's hand and she squeezed it tight as crap.

"Ok Casey. You need to push and breathe." the doctor said. Casey pushed.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!" she screamed and squeezed Derek's hand so much he was about to cry.

"Ok Casey. One more time! Push!" the doctor said. Casey pushed and immediatley heard crying. Derek cut the umbilical cord and the doctors cleaned her off. Casey passed out into a deep sleep.

Casey woke up to see Derek holding a tiny baby with a pink onsie on.

"Give me our baby and no one get's hurt." Casey said. Derek laughed and handed her the baby.

"Hello Andrea. You are so beautiful. You have your daddy's eyes and mommy's hair." Casey said running her fingers through Andreas soft hair.

"Thanks you so much Derek." Casey said as Derek kissed her.

"No thank you for bringing this miracle into the world." Derek said and kissed Casey again. The family who was waiting outside came in and saw Andrea and passed her around 'oooohhhhhing' and 'aaaawwwwing'. Casey looked at her beautiful daughter then at her beautiful husband. Those two people right in that room meant more to her than life. She was totally happy.

Alright well that's the end. There will most definetley be a sequel VERY soon! Thanks for reading my story and tell me how you liked it! DaSeY.x.GuRl