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I woke up with the sun in what seemed like a regular day in Forks. I rolled to the side only to see that Edward wasn't there, but in his place was a note with "Bella" written in his beautiful cursive. I smiled and grabbed it.

My Dearest Bella;

I have gone hunting with Emmett and Carlisle, but I will be back soon, my love. My thoughts are only for you for these few hours that I must be away, be safe.

Your Edward.

I smiled sadly as I finished the note and put it back on the bed in the same position as it had been left for me. I got off my bed slowly and opened my drawer to get my toiletries bag. I then went off to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth, I tended to my hair and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. "As good as it's going to get," I thought to myself. I went back to my room only to find that I wasn't alone. Looking at the picture frames I had on top of my dressers was a man dressed in all black. He turned around and I instantly recognized him. He, the figure of the years past that I wanted to forget, stood in my room as I stared at him in disbelief.

"Hey Bella!" he said in a cheery tone, "How you-"

I cut him off, "Get out."

"Hm?" he looked at me with an eyebrow raised, confused.

"I said GET OUT!" I yelled, my hands curling into fists.

He looked at me and then pulled an orange manila envelope out of his backpack and threw it on my bed. "CONFIDENTIAL" was written on the front of it in big red letters. I glared at him as he looked back up at me then jumped out of my window. A few seconds passed before I moved. I walked to the window to see that he was already gone. I slammed my window down hard, the noise echoing off my room walls. I turned back to my bed and stared at the manila envelope, my eyes scanning over the word written on the front. I took a step toward my bed, then stopped short, hesitating. After taking a deep breath and a few seconds of mental preparation I walked to my bed, took the envelope in my hand and sat on my bed with the envelope. I turned it over and stared at the tab, then carefully pulled the tab open and pulled out the envelope's contents. My eyes grew wide and I took in a quiet gasp. "No, no! I told them I quit. I told them to leave me alone!" I yelled at myself in my head. I read quickly what was on the papers, my eyes growing wider and wider.

Only for the eyes of Isabella Marie Swan; Agent 406, Rank 2


Suspect: Ronald Veron

Age: 22

Estimated Height: 5"9' – 6"1'

Estimated Weight: 170-200 pounds

Suspected of:

3 major bank robberies in USA, Britain & France

Killing of over 47 people in USA, Britain & France

Leader of a small but powerful terrorist group (group name is still unknown)

Your Task: Find suspect and dispose of him; Gather more information on his whereabouts and terrorist group. Suspect last seen in Port Angelus.

Mission #4296 Mission passed by Agent 003, Rank 1

Agent 003 aka Vonn. He promised that the last mission I had was my last, I told him I was out for good and what do I get? A year later, after I've restarted my life, he finds his way back into my life, together with the CIA and comes through my bedroom window with my new MISSION?! He must be out of his mind if he's thinking I'm going to go through with it. I am no longer Agent 406, I am no longer a CIA spy and I am no longer an assassin.