Okay, I know I've been giving you all mixed messages, but here it is.

Agent 406 is officially stopped.
I will not be making any more updates to this story.

I'm very sorry to everyone who's been waiting for updates and added this story to their story alerts. I'm not canceling this story for any other reason than it is not going anywhere.

I didn't lay out any plan to where this story was going to go and unfortunately I've repeatedly come up with blanks for endings.

Agent 406 will not be finished and will not be up for adoption for any other writers.

I'm very sorry for disappointing you guys, but I'm planning a new story that should be up pretty soon and don't worry, I've learned my lesson. The new story will be completely planned out before I put the first chapter up, so I hope you guys will check it out.

Thank you for the supporting reviews, comments and messages you've all sent me.

Please be on the look out for chapter one of my new story: