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Rating: MA- adult themes. There are a few words.

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Summary: Several nightshift CSI's are taken from their scenes. While they suffer at the hands of their abductors, Grissom must pull together his reinforcements to find them.

Pairings: GSR, (of course), Yo Bling, Brass/Sophia

Recovery-there is some graphic descriptions of a physical attack on several characters. if this isn't for you, then don't read it.



Gil Grissom, nightshift supervisor of the Las Vegas Crime Lab, strode purposefully into the break room where his team sat patiently waiting for him. "Good evening, I hope that you are all rested because we have a busy night…" He sent them all out to their assignments and picked up his own field kit to join Nick Stokes for their case.

Sara Sidle, tall and thin brunette, was paired up with Warrick Brown for the evening. Warrick was a tall dark skinned man with piercing green eyes. He and Sara did not get along so well when she first arrived due to her investigating him at Grissom's request. Since then the hatchet had been buried and the two had a very sibling like relationship. He liked to tease her because he knew she had a serious 'thing' for Grissom. He also observed that though the boss man tried to hide it, the feelings were mutual. He was the only one that Sara had told about how they met and he swore to never tell a soul. Their scene was in a dark alley behind a seedy motel. Warrick stood to move the collected evidence into a pile when he was knocked out by a hard hit to the back of his head. Sara was far enough away that she didn't hear anything unusual. Before she knew what was happening, a cloth was being held in place over her nose and mouth. She tried to hold her breath and struggle, but the inevitable happened and she had to inhale. The blackness closed in around her.

"Sara? Sara? Come on girl, wake up for me." Warrick was whispering and she slowly came around. It was dark in the room, but he could tell when she finally focused on him.


"Yeah girl, it's me. How you feeling?"

"My head hurts, I'm thirsty and I'm cold."

"Well that could be because you're wearing nothing but your underclothes."

She tried to move frantically to cover up but found it to be of no use.

"I'm tied down. Where are we? Are you ok?"

"I don't know where we are. One of the motel rooms would be an obvious deduction, but I'm not entirely sure. My head is killing me and I am tied up as well. I think they took everything out of my pockets. Someone is coming pretend you're still asleep."