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After their parents died, Jake Grissom and his younger sister Katie rifled through boxes and boxes of memories in the house where they grew up. Jake learned about how he was conceived via a diary written by Sara. It had some detail about what had happened and great detail about the aftereffects. It had snippets of conversations she had had with Warrick and Catherine and most of all, their father. Their father's journal didn't refer to the kidnapping at all other than Sara was gone for three days and he had never been so glad to see her in his life. They figured he wrote just enough to jog his memory, which didn't help them at all. Katie was horrified to discover what had happened to her mother, 'Aunt Catherine', and 'Aunt Sophia'. She and Jake wished they had never read their mother's diary. No one in her 'family' had ever mentioned it before and now they were all but deceased.

Only Greg was still in the area, but Alzheimer's had set in. Jake tried to visit with him knowing that Alzheimer's patients could remember the past quite clearly, but Greg had blocked that memory and could not or would not tell them anything.

Nick moved back to Texas years previous and died a few months ago from a heart attack. His wife still lived there and his children and their families stayed nearby. She tried to help Jake on his quest, but admitted that Nick had never disclosed anything more than the fact that they were kidnapped. She searched his journals for Jake and found that he referred to it and said he admired the five of them for their strength and courage to move on in their lives and not let a traumatic event like that stop any of them from finding and embracing love in their lives.

Warrick and Catherine had tragically died in a drunk driving accident when Maxwell was twenty. The worst part was that the other driver lived. Max also searched through journals with limited success. Lindsey still had control of her mothers things. His father wrote that although it was horrifying to witness and be a part of, more good has come out of it than bad. He hoped that he never has to be any part of something like that ever again and appreciates the true depth, beauty, grace, and stamina of the women in his life.

Lindsey refused to talk about it for fear of a relapse and needing therapy again. She said that she was happy now and loved being a mom. She couldn't relapse for the sake of her young children. Her husband fully supported Lindsey saying that it's sad that it happened, but if it didn't, most of the kids wouldn't be living. They weren't sure of how much he knew by the words he chose. Jake and Katie wisely chose not pursue the topic any further with Lindsey.

Sophia was in a retirement home living out her days getting daily visits from Alyssa and her family. She said she remembered some of it, but never wanted to talk about it. She shared a few things, but they had already learned that from reading their mother's diary.

Jim had fallen victim to cancer ten years ago. It was aggressive and by the time it was discovered, there was nothing that could be done.

Gil also developed cancer. It started in his prostate and advanced quickly. Chemotherapy helped a little, but the pain became too much for him and he decided to stop the treatments. He lived long enough to meet his grandchildren and to tell his wife he loved her one last time.

Sara suffered from a broken heart and tried to overdose several times. Katie moved Sara into her home to keep a better eye on her mother. The only thing Sara wanted to do was visit the graveyard. Sara had also stopped talking to anyone except to Gil's headstone. Even then, she spoke so quietly that her words could not be heard. Katie made her mother eat something before anyone would drive her there. Sara finally gave up on the visits and waited until her body gave out because she had stopped eating. Try as they might, they could only get her to eat some broth and drink water. Out of all of them, hers was the most painful to watch and longest lasting. Katie and Jake shed a few tears for their family until their children came in the room demanding dinner. The two siblings packed up the last few items for the day before joining each of their families for dinner at the house they grew up in.

The End