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Trial By Fire: The Martian Princess Chronicles

Chapter One: Resurrection Perfection

Mars looked around at the carnage and realized one thing. They were not invincible. They were weak. They had lost. She turned to her left and saw the ravaged body of her dear friend and partner Mercury. Poor thing. She had been the first to die, her powers were only defensive. Mars stumbled and looked behind her to see what she had tripped on. The once beautiful auburn hair of Jupiter had been scorched beyond recognition and what was left was blood ridden. Mars gritted her teeth and turned away. Damn Animates! They had taken everything from her. Her partners, her friends, her sisters. Only Sailor Moon, no, Cosmos had managed to live. She herself was dying. Galaxia thought it would be funny to break down her immune system and see how long it would take before her body rotted and fell apart. She had ten minutes, max. The pain that ripped through her system was incredible. Never in her life had she felt anything that close to hell. Her ear twitched when she heard an electrical sound. Venus' body was still smoldering with the electric shock that had ripped her body into pieces. 'I mustn't vomit. I mustn't vomit' she repeated over and over again. The blonde girls' organs spilled over onto the floor and were a sickly ash color. Mars fell to her knees and wretched. When she wiped her mouth, she noticed her skin was already deteriorating, as if she had been dead for a few weeks. "Oh gods, why have you forsaken us?" she whimpered pitifully, head hanging. She lifted her eyes to see the battered bodies of Neptune and Uranus, whose hands were still entertained. Even in death, they hold close. The screams of the dying are something you never forget, no matter how much time passes. Time herself lay not that far way. Pluto had tried to protect Saturn to the very end, even when her body was slowly being frozen, sealing her forever in ice. According to Mercury, it takes a person about ten minutes to die once frozen solid. It seemed like so much longer when it actually happened to Pluto. And of course behind her, Saturn lay in a pool of her own blood. Mars staggered to the small child and cradled her head in her lap. Her legs were nearly bones now, her skin already rotting off. If her tear ducts were still operational, she would have weeped herself dry. Her eye sockets were loosening themselves and she knew she only had a few minutes, most likely less. A bright light flashed behind her and she winced. Heels clicking approached her, but she was too tired to fight. A pure white glove rested on her shoulder, making her turn. Princess Serenity and Queen Selene were there, unshed tears in their eyes. "My Queen and Princess." she murmured, kneeling, but her knee broke off, all rotten and corroded. Serenity gasped and flew to Mars' side to hug the warrior. "Please make it stop." she finally begged, giving in to the pain and suffering. Selene kneeled and gently kissed her forehead. It was all gone in a flash as her life flashed before her, like a movie with a gruesome end. She was falling, falling further and further away from life and death, but to another world, another life, and eventually, another death.

"Push Mrs. Son! One more big push!" the doctor shouted, hands bloodied. "If you tell me to push one more time I swear I'll push you right out of that window!!!!" Chichi screamed, clamping down on her husbands' hand. "Ouch!! Chichi please push!!! Please!" cried Goku, watching his hand turn a weird purple shade. He wished he could turn super. He really, really wished he could. "Shut up Goku!!!!! When this baby is delivered, I'm going to kill you nice and slowly!!! Thirteen hours Goku! I've been in labor thirteen hours! If you think Cell was bad, wait till I get through with you!!!!!" Gohan heard his mother screaming at his newly resurrected father. He felt a tug on his shirt. "Gohan, why is Mom screaming at Daddy so much? What'd he do?" Goten asked, being seven years old and unaware of the joys of childbirth or the birds and the bees. Gohan blushed. "Um, Krillen, Goten wants to ask you something!" he said, pushing his little brother to his father's best friend. Suddenly, the doors flew open, and crashed into the other wall for that matter. Goku stood proudly with a pink bundle in his arms, a small fuzzy tail wrapped around his wrist. "It's a girl! I have a daughter!" he yelled joyously. Immediately, he was flanked by his friends on all sides. "Aww, she's so cute!" "Goku, you lucky dog." "Kakkorot, she looks like a wrinkled prune. She took after you all right." *Slap* "Shut up Vegeta! Don't listen to him Goku, she's absolutely precious." "Yeah, she's gonna break hearts when she's older.'' "Having a daughter is the best thing that ever happened to 18 and I. I'm sure you'll feel the same." Goku nodded his head and smiled at all the compliments, well, most of them anyways. "Thanks guys! I better get back in there before Chichi wakes up. You can see her in the nursery." he said, backing away and going into the room. When he had gone, everyone turned at glared at Vegeta. He crossed his arms and tossed his nose up. "What's your problem Vegeta? Can't you at least pretend to be happy?" Bulma asked crossly, remembering her own birthing experience and her husbands mysterious disappearance. "Humph. Woman, why should I be happy that Kakorrot has another brat?" he asked rhetorically, moving to the door. Once he had gone, Krillen sighed. "Why was he even here? Did you make him Bulma?" he asked the taller woman. Bulma tried to hide a sly grin but they all saw it anyways. "Yeah, but he was kinda interested to know weather or not Goku had another son for Trunks kick around. Guess he was almost kinda disappointed when it turned out to be a girl. I've always taught Trunks to never hit a girl. Besides...he should know where the hospital is because he'll be back in a few months." she finished slyly. All mouths, except for 18's, dropped to the floor. "You''re..are you.." started off Yamcha. Bulma beamed happily. "Yup. It's due in November. Today's April 17 right?" They all nodded. "Yeah, in November. But you can't tell Vegeta. I want to tell him myself." she said, looking down the hall to see Gohan and Goten ogling their little sister. "What are we all standing around for? Let's go see Chichi!" she suggested, already heading to the room.

Selene and her daughter watched with smiles as the fire warrior, Mars, was reborn into a new dimension and life. "Mother, do you think we did the right thing by separating her from the other senshi?" Serenity asked, looking up to her mother. "Serenity, I think it's probably the best thing we could have done for her. She has always had a different aura then the others. Always so solitary. She will be happiest here. I've searched hard for a dimension to suit her and I think this is the best. Don't worry Darling. She'll be well protected here from evil." the wise queen said, placing a pale hand on her daughter's shoulder in comfort. "I hope so Mother. For her sake. We all have suffered great losses, personal and general. Nobody deserves to live the way they all did. Nobody." the Moon Princess trailed off, still looking at her best friend, the legendary warrior Sailor Mars, and the Mars Princess Discordia III.

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