Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Sweaters.

Ginny had somehow lost hers.

Ron's had a beastly stain on it, so he simply could not wear it.

Fred and George couldn't remember whose was whose, and they certainly couldn't wear each other's.

Harry's had gone up in smoke with Neville's Potions assignment.

Bill's had quickly been given to Neville when his sudden change of holiday plans (his gran had slipped on some ice and was at St. Mungos) had left him without any presents.

Neville's had also been ruined in the potions mishap.

Arthur's had been eaten by a goat belonging to some Muggle or other.

Fleur didn't have any clothes that would match hers.

Tonks had gotten hers caught on something and it now sported a gaping hole. Needless to say, she couldn't wear it anymore.

Molly sighed from her rocking chair.

She might as well admit it.

No one actually liked the sweaters, but they felt they had to wear them anyway.

Professor Lupin sat on the couch reading. He was wearing his. Probably only to be polite.

He didn't have to wear it.

Molly told him so.

He looked confused.

Nobody likes them.

Molly told him so.

He chuckled, looking at his too-loose sweater with sleeves that came down to cover half of his hands. It was grey, accentuating his grey hair rather than his eyes, making him look even older than he already did. Molly's face turned red, surely he hated that thing.

He declared he rather liked it.

Molly snorted.

It was comfortable.

He told her.

It was warm.

He said.

It was certainly better protection against the weather than his ragged and tattered cloak.

He told her.


He hesitated.

He was just saying these things to make her feel better.

Molly knew.

He had run out of things to say.

He sighed, picking absently at a loose thread in his pants.

It was a reminder.

He said at last.

Of what?
That there are people who care.

He answered.

He went back to reading, having said what he felt he should say.

He felt so alone at times.

Molly knew.

He thought no one cared.

His Christmas sweater had shown him otherwise.

His sweater had shown she considered him part of the family.

It was enough.

Molly smiled.