"Are you saying that this murder was warm up?", Kim screeched.

"uh, KP?", Ron asked.

"That's it. We're through listening to you.", the girl continued oblivious.

"Kay-Peeeee...", Ron attempted again.

Kim started handing out orders. "Yori, knock her out."

"Wanna wait a minute on that?", Ron tried.

Yori, still holding Shego's face against the ground. "As you wish, Master Stoppable."

Kim turned. "What?"

Ron simply pointed at what he failed to describe. The headless corpse of the Azerath Alien had started to ooze its contents onto the street. But the only thing it seemed to contain was darkness. And not that everyday, turn on the lights and see we're alright, darkness either. It was as if the alien had been holding this darkness back when the nightmare tentacles uncoiled earlier. The viscous blackness limped into an abandoned midnight made bright by contrast. And after a pool of the supernatural ink had gathered on the street, a bedevilled warbird started to pull itself into shape.

"So we're gonna run, right?", Ron asked the others.

Once a beak had formed, it was followed up by two glowing red eyes on either side of the raven's head. It cawed in a chilling shreak like nails on a chalk board or a car's brakes when the driver can see the toddler he's about to kill.

Kim leaned in closer to Ron as she stared back at the eyes blinking out of the shadows around her. Yori let go of Shego entirely as a demonic shadow rat darted across an alley way between the houses. Shego immediately flipped onto her back and started pedalling away from the ever growing monster.

"About that running?", Ron asked again.

And they bolted. The four ran as fast as they could, wrestling with their minds not to deny what was. Trying not to succumb to paranoia by telling themselves that not every single shadow had those same red slits staring back at them. Denying that any reflection they came across showed them walking dead. Concentrating/

"Stop!", Shego yelled.

They skidded to dead stop, mostly out of being startled.

"The distance limit.", Shego continued. "We can't run forever without your heads blowing up. We have to stay within a mile by mile square."

The villainess openned her ever present boot-strapped pocket in front of Kim Possible for the first time. She pulled out what looked like the front of a car stereo. The tiny device displayed a map of where they and the shadow demon were. Anywhere there might be shadows were blinking in and out with the same icon as the night raven.

"Where to go...where to go...", Shego muttered.

Yori spoke up. "There are no shadows on the rooftops on a full moon."


Two minutes later, the four were on top of a low roofed store. They were lying side by side to avoid the line of sight of the monster..if such an alien thing needed sight. Shego continued to fiddle with her device. "Alright people. We have forty-seven minutes left."

Kim continued her accusations against Shego. "I thought you said things like that couldn't communicate because the radio waves they use are just light and we're invisible."

Shego cast her sarcastic glare at the back of Yori's head, as she wasn't going to get up from her prone hiding position to look directly at Kim. "I got this device from Gantz. On top of guns, Gantz, in all of his benevolence, has some other devices. One guy had something that turned him invisible."

"So what are we going to do?", Yori asked. "Master Stoppable?"

"Can you stop calling my boyfriend that?", Kim asked.

"It's alright, Kim.", Ron assured his girlfriend that he wasn't offended. "Now as I see it, that out there is a classic demon. I think Yori knows the most about these things, unless someone else spent there life studying in preparation for the manifestation of supernatural power. So, I'm gonna ask her."