Kira: Oh I know it is so short! I'm incredibly sorry about this, but these mainly come from half daydreams half visions, so they're usually over very quickly and don't have alot of detail in them. Please review at the end if you will.

Yazoo: -sits moodily on a chair- I can't believe you do this to me...

Fire… The scent of smoke was heavy in the air. How the three brothers got there, the middle oldest didn't know... An explosion was it? They were sent flying, well that's what the jumbled images floating through their heads of what had happened said. Blood began to seep from Yazoo's left hand as he held onto the jagged rocky handhold that was just barely supporting him. But then again, he was holding onto his youngest brother, which increased the strain put on him, as light as both of them were.

Yazoo glanced down, seeing his brother's face through his long silver hair. The youngest stared up at him, already feeling his hand becoming sweaty from the heat that rose from beneath them. Yazoo gritted his teeth, his catlike orbs traveling back up to his eldest brother, who was trying to figure out some way to help them. So far, everything seemed to be going downhill for the three siblings. Damnit, all they wanted was Mother, was that so hard to ask for? The only thing they wanted, yet were denied to have.

Yazoo's eyes then spotted a ledge stable enough to hold Kadaj, at least he hoped so. He started to pump his legs forwards and backwards, gaining momentum and speed as Kadaj tried his best to help while still barely hanging on. Legs forward, legs back... Back and forth. Concentration racked his mind.

"Kadaj, I need you to grab a hold of that ledge and pull yourself up." The middle remnant said. Kadaj could only nod, feeling sweat run down his flushed face. He blinked his eyes to clear them of smoke, trying to see clearly, yet it was all for naught. He couldn't see at all. There was too much smoke in the air.

Loz was holding his breath, his eyes locked onto their movements. He noticed the way that Yazoo's arm shook as it remained almost glued to the handhold. Blood had started to seep down from the gunman's hand, his palm torn and raw from the harsh and unforgiving rock. His glove had served no protection from the constant grinding and rocking movement Yazoo was making.

Yazoo let go of his younger brother, who arched his body and grabbed ahold of the ledge that the two brothers were looking at. He shakily pulled himself up onto it, his arms nearly giving out. He looked towards Yazoo, knowing he could make it too.

The longhaired brother gritted his teeth as he gripped the ledge with another hand, wincing as the rock met with his sensitive palm. A bit of gravel trickled down from a dozen meters above them. All three of their heads jerked up, immmidiatly sensing danger. Their weapons... They were gone, he had no way to defend himself, as did his brothers.

A gunshot rang out, right before they even saw the gun. The stranded remnant gave a small gasp, his hands falling from their perch. His moonlight hair rushed above his face as he fell. A gunshot… His chest hurt… He felt his lifeblood ebb away like a bloody red mist.

The lifestream wouldn't take him as he died… No, he was a remnant, what could the planet, who they were helping their Mother destroy, want with him? He felt something liquid like escape his eyes right before he entered the blaze. He hardly heard his name called by his two brothers.