Frankee walked around the place it was bigger then she thought it was going to be, she didn't find Bobby or Jack anywhere but she found the mini bar and ordered a Blue Hawaiian, she said it was for Evelyn but when she was far enough away she started to drink it. Nobody really noticed when someone asked she just said it was blue raspberry juice since it didn't smell like there was alcohol in it.

"Frankee." She turned around to see Jerry and smiled.

"Where's everyone else?" Camille asked giving Frankee a hug. Frankee waved at the girls and they smiled.

"Ma's at that table talking to Mr. Bradford over there." She said pointing at that table. "As for the other two I have no idea." She said taking a sip of her drink.

"Come on I think everyone's starting to sit don't." Camille said. Frankee guided them to the table. When they got to the table Evelyn was sitting next to Mr. Bradford. Jerry and Camille said their hello's then sat down next to Evelyn with the two girls across from them. Frankee sat at the end.

Finally Jack and Bobby turned up both with a beer in hand. Jack sat down next to Frankee who was leaning back on the back legs of the chair balancing it, he could tell that she was board. Frankee looked up and noticed the bar tender walking there. She quickly grabbed the glass and slid it to the other end of the table so it was in front of Evelyn even though it was empty. Everyone at the table saw what she did.

"Hello Evelyn, I just wanted to make sure you liked your drink." The man said putting his hand on her shoulder, she looked over at Frankee and shot her a look but Frankee looked away. She nodded and the man took the cup. "Would you like another one?"

"No thank you." She said nicely as the man walked away. "Frankee, are you drunk?" Frankee smiled.

"No, it takes a lot more then that one glass to get me drunk but it was good." She answered. Bobby cocked his head and looked at her.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He asked looking at Frankee funny she just turned her head away and didn't say anything.

"When we get home, you and I are having a talk, do you hear me?" Evelyn asked but she didn't respond. Jack nudged her arm she looked at him.

"What's going on?" Jack asked quietly so only she could hear.

"I forgot." She answered sighing heavily then, slammed her back down on the ground put her arms on the table and rested her head on her hands. Jack looked at her strange for a moment. The banquet went on for five hours and Evelyn was the last one to leave at eleven. They all said their goodbyes to Jerry, Camille and the girls. The ride home was quiet, more of an awkward silence. When they got to the house Frankee started to go up the stairs.

"Where do you think you're going?" Evelyn asked putting her hands on her hip. Frankee turned around on the stairs to face her.

"To change my clothes." She answered.

"No you're not, get your ass in the living room now." Bobby said angrily. She flinched at Bobby's harsh tone but did what he said. She sat down on the couch Evelyn sat in the recliner Jack leaned against the door frame and Bobby sat right on the coffee table so he was right in front of Frankee.

"What the fuck is your problem? Get in a fight with your little boyfriend. Now you have a hissy fit?" Bobby asked annoyed.

"Calm down Bobby." Jack said.

"Shut up Jack. Are you gunna answer my question or sit there and sulk? Ma had done so much for you, and you treat her like that. Did you know that if someone found out that you pulled that little stunt you could've got Ma in trouble?" Bobby said eyeing her.

"Bobby stop, please." She whispered loud enough for him to hear.

"Stop what? I haven't done anything only ask you a few questions that you have yet to answer!" She still remained silent and her head was down. "Look at me Frankee." She lifted her head a little bit. "What the fuck where you thinking? Well?"

"I was thinking how the hell could I just let him go like that and how could I forget." She finally said. Bobby rolled his eyes.

"You're doing this for a boy?" Bobby said throwing his hands up. "You've got to be fucking kidding me?"

"Donnie! That's who I let go!" She said covering her face with her hand. "I told him to leave Detroit and that I wouldn't say I saw him so he could get out of here."

"Why?" Evelyn asked.

"Because he didn't want to go to jail." She said sarcastically.

"Why did you really do it?" Evelyn asked.

"I envy him." She said slowly. "He started talking about him parents, I just…" She stopped and took a deep breath. "I started to think of mine." Then she looked at Evelyn. "What's tomorrow I forgot?"

"That's really not a big deal right now, so don't change the subject." Evelyn responded.

"Not a big deal?" Frankee said questionably. "It's a big deal to me, one of the biggest actually." She said standing up. "The day some drunk bastard took my fucking family from me! How can I forget, how could I not remember something like that?"

"You're human." Jack said.

"Yeah, I'm human." She whispered and walked out of the room and up the stairs. They were all quiet for a little bit until Evelyn stood up.

"Oh how could I forget?" She said sounding mad. Then she looked down at her watch, it was almost eleven thirty. The heard a couple crashes come from up stairs they could tell Frankee went to her room but everything settled down. It was an hour later and when Bobby decided to check on her. He knocked on the door but got no answer, so he opened the door.

"Hey Frankee?" He said walking in when he looked around the room it didn't look like anyone was there, he thought maybe she was sleeping but when he pulled the cover off the bed there was only a couple pillows under it. He noticed the covering was off the window. He looked out the window and saw her car gone.

"She's gone." Bobby said walking down the stairs.

"What do you mean she's gone?" Jack asked.

"Exactly what I said, she's fucking gone."

"Maybe she just went into someone else's room." Evelyn said going to check for herself.

"If that's true then someone stole her car." Bobby said grabbing his keys and Evelyn's keys and threw them at Jack. "We're going to look for her, I'll call Jerry and Angel to help too, Ma stay here incase she comes home."

"Wait…" Evelyn said but they were both gone. She sat down on the couch and sighed. She had a good idea where Frankee was heading but she just waited for the boys to return home.

Frankee had stopped at the store and picked up some flowers, since it was past twelve it was the next day. She arrived at a gate of a cemetery, it was locked but that wasn't going to stop her. She pushed the flowers through the gate and a box she had hidden under her bad then climbed over the gate picked up her things and started walking through the snow.

Bobby grew agitated. He didn't know where else to look so he headed back home, where everyone else had turned up. Everyone said the some thing, they didn't find her and really didn't know where else to look. Evelyn took her keys back from Jack.

"Get in the van all of you." The all looked at Evelyn funny. "I think I know where she is."

"Why didn't you just say that?" Bobby asked.

"You left before I could say anything." She said grabbing her coat. "Now get in the van." They did as she said.

Frankee finally made it to here she wanted to be. She slit the dozen of roses and put six in front of each stone then placed the box between them.

"Why did you guys leave me?" She asked quietly as she sat in the snow. "I mean I can't do anything right, I've even fucked up with the best people, the only ones I've been happy to call family. I'm loosing it" Then she laughed to herself. "Now I'm talking to stone, you can't even hear me." She said sighing loudly. She opened the box and took out a couple cards and looked at them.

Evelyn pulled into a drive way, the boys looked around seeing the tall gate. When Evelyn came to a stop they got out of the car. They saw her car and started to look around. Jack could hear Bobby start to yell but he ignored it. He looked at the Gate and how high it was and started to climb when he got to the other side then jumped down.

"You coming?" Jack asked.

"You boys go I'll wait here." Evelyn said leaning against the car.

"Come on you delinquents." Bobby said as he made his way over. The four of them walked together through the graveyard and fallowed the footprints. They finally arrived and they saw her sitting on the snow, reading a card with her lighter for light.

"What are you doing?" Jack asked sitting next to her. She looked at him and smiled then lit the card on fire and threw it in front of her. Bobby, Angel and Jerry sat down too.

"I've been getting my parents birthday cards, Anniversary card, even mothers and fathers days cards since they died and I kept them in this box. But I realized, it's stupid because they can never read them so why get them." She said lighting another.

"You know time is suppose to make the pain stop." Angel said giving her a concern look but she nodded.

"It makes it worse." She answered. "Why did you guys come here anyway?"

"To take you home." Jerry answered. She smiled. "Are these your parents?"

"No, those are stone slabs, but it's their names." She said picking put another card but this time throwing it in the box so they all catch on fire then watching it. "I'm stupid…"

"No you're not Frankee." Angel said.

"Yeah I am. I don't know what to act about things but when I do I overreact and blow everything out of line."

"I will give you that." Bobby said and she punched him in the arm. "Frankee you can't live in the past, you have to get over this. I don't mean to forget them but hold your self back because of it all its gunna do is make you mad and angry, or in your terms stupid."

"Okay mad and angry are the same thing." She said with a laugh. "But I get your point, I just don't know how."

"That's why you have us." Jack said putting an arm around her shoulder. "We can be there for you if you let us." He said with a smile, it was the same thing she had said to him.

"That sounds familiar." She answered.

"So are you ready to go home?" Bobby asked. She nodded and got up giving each of her brothers a hug.

"What would I do without you bastards." She said as they started to walk to the gate. "How did you guys get here anyway?"

"Ma drove us, we would've been here sooner if Bobby just asked he if she knew where you went." Jack said and Bobby flipped him off.

"Hey, not my fault." Bobby said as they got to the gate and climbed back over. Evelyn gave her a hug.

"Sorry it took so long to get here…"

"Yeah, I know. Bobby was being a hot head." She said as they all laughed and Bobby rolled his eyes.