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Monday : My boss, the idiot

"Detekivin! Wie geht's?"

I could feel ice creep over my whole body at the smooth sound of the German greeting. At least I assumed it was a greeting, I'm not bilingual and some people just aren't polite enough to translate.

"Speak English or shut up," I swirled around in my chair and crunched a Snackoo aggressively, refusing to look at the doorway. I was in a bad mood from waking up early yet again, goddamn alarm clock. Why, oh why, did have to I fail my forensics exam and get stuck with this unappreciative fop of a prosecutor?

"Ah, meine freundliche Fraulein. It's so good to see your cheerful face first thing in the morning!" Klavier Gavin ignored my death glare and swept past me to sit on my desk. And my papers.

"You're squishing my crime scene model," I informed him coldly, trying to shove him off with my foot. Unfortunately glimmerous fops are heavier than they appear. It's probably all that ego weighing him down.

He didn't seem particularly bothered by my treads digging into his thigh, instead choosing the opportunity to snatch my half-empty bag of Snackoos. It made a sad captive crinkling sound as my life force was tragically stolen away.

"Y…" I couldn't speak.

"Ja, meine Detekivin?" He sniffed the bag cautiously, eyebrows raised. "Hmm, smells a little strange."

"YOU JUST CROSSED A LINE, YOU FOOOOOOOOOP!!" I shouted, lunging across the desk for him. He just spun out of my grasp and began to recite the calorie count from the back of the bag.

"I'm doing you a favor, Liebe! These will wreck havoc with your schlank waistline, and then what will all your boyfriends do?"

"Shut up! Just because you have legions of girls who follow your everywhere you go, Mr. Popular, doesn't mean that we're all sluts!"

I beat mercilessly at him with a case file, sending papers whooshing around us like pigeons. Klavier was laughing at me as he held the glorious Snackoos just out of my reach. Laughing. Mocking the poor inept, unilingual, unglimmerous Detekivin! I lunged, and somehow caught him off balance-

For a second our faces were inches away from each other, and Klavier looked as stunned as I was. His eyes were very, very blue, I realized suddenly, like the color of the ocean reflecting the sky on an absolutely cloudless day. His hair fell perfectly down over his shoulder and shimmered blonde. His tanned skin practically glowed. For a second, I was very confused. This gorgeous foreigner- what is he doing here? What is he doing wasting his time with me? Ahh, just look at the way he smiles…there's something about that smile… it's so…it makes me feel soo…

The second passed.

"ANGRYYYYYY!" I clutched my bag of Snackoos, pulled myself off of him, and stomped back to my desk. I'm not going to look at him. I'm not going to listen to him. And I'm not going to speak to him ever, EVER again!

Klavier didn't get up off of the floor right away, which surprised me. When he did, he came and bowed his head in front of my desk. "My apologies, Fraul- detective. I did not mean to upset you, you just looked so sad and I wanted to see your face come alive again." I stared. German prosecutor fop rock star glimmerous foreigner APOLOGIZING? Mind. Cannot. Process.

Then he beamed up at me, apparently having forgiven himself. "So! How is the case coming?"

"Don't think I'm calling it even just like that, Mr. Gavin. You take a year off of my life every time you call me one of your stupid German names. I want compensation!"

He blinked. "Alright, Fraul-"


"A-alright, detective. I'll take you out for dinner, how's that?"

"You're asking for another Snackoo? Why, I'd be happy to, Mr. Prosecutor!"


"Hahaha. You've got quite an arm, meine Katzchen! Put it to work writing a case file and let me know when you're ready for that date! Oh, that one was closer, just focus a bit more and you'll hit me for sure next time. Auf wiedersehen, bis kann ich du in mein Armen wieder halten…"

I panted angrily for a long time after he was gone. Then I came to a startling realization: my body was much warmer than before he had come in, and the smooth sound of his German farewell had definitely gotten the blood flowing. At least I assumed it was a farewell, I'm not bilingual and some people say things I'm not sure I want translated.

A/N: Translations:

Detekivin! Wie geht's? Detective! How are you?

Ah, meine freundliche Fraulein. Ah, my friendly girl/lady.

Liebe Love (term of endearment)

schlank think/slim

meine Katzchen my kitten

Auf wiedersehen, und ich kann du in mein Armen wieder halten. Until we meet again, and I can hold you in my arms again.