Haunting Moon

In fear I hurried this way and that. I had the taste of blood and chocolate in my mouth, the one as hateful as the other. - Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf

An epic tale of Bella's journey to self-discovery, keeping friends despite being sworn enemies and finding out how far she will go for love... but, there is always a twist!

Disclaimer: I figured I should type up my own disclaimer just in case, so yeah, I do not own any of the Twilight characters, although, I have imagined it from time to time...

Bella has never been ordinary. She thrives being an independent young woman, or at least that is how she appears. In truth, she is well over one hundred years old, but hey, who's really counting?

Bella's strength equals five times more powerful than a group of fully grown men. She relishes in running and a change that sends electric thrills through her body. Her family's heritage can be traced back for thousands of years, their tales became legendary. Unfortunately for Bella, the time of the loup-garoux is no longer innocent and pure. With a new leader of the pack, she is banished from her home in Romania.

Finding herself in the states she meets an unlikely ally, a nemesis she was bred to kill. Asking for her help in taking care of a human girl, she hesitantly agrees not knowing that this girl would become her blood sister, best friend and confidant. However, where there is one cold one, more will follow. Tragic events occur and Bella's sister is lost to the damned. She vows to avenge her friend's death and spends half of her life searching for the attacker.

Will Bella find what she's looking for, or will more problems arise?

Author's Note: Yes, I realize that Bella is not a human in this story. That is how I imagined her. I wanted a strong, powerful Bella and having her a loup-garou made it perfect. As you can probably tell, I am a fan of Twilight and Blood & Chocolate. Pardon the mixture, hopefully some of you will enjoy this as much as I have in writing it! The first chapter should be posted later today or tomorrow.

Also, this is my first fanfiction. I never imagined myself as a writer. I am more of a graphic artist, as in you tell me your story and I bring it to life. However, this would not get out of my head so I had to write it down and I figured, why not share it!

I created a trailer for Haunting Moon so if you'd like more of a visual summary you can view it on my YouTube channel. I will list the link in my profile.