The Concept of Life...

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Sesshomaru Takashi walked down the hall to his office at Inu Corp. while trying his hardest to avoid conversation with the clerk, Kagura. Kagura had been his girlfriend at a time, and she became pregnant with his child. Before the child was born, he forced Kagura to have an abortion, and then told her she was worthless and disgusting, and left.

"Sesshy! Why so sad?" Asked an annoying Kagura.

"Do not call me Sesshy, it's Mr. Takashi for you."

Kagura looked down, while Sesshomaru smirked at her.

'Why does he hate me?'

As Sesshomaru neared his destination, Jaken, his Personal Assistant walked up to him and asked how he was, what was he doing, and what he needed. Sesshomaru became very irritated with this and tried to focus on what papers he should read first.

"Lord Sesshomaru!! Do you need anything?!" Jaken interrupted his thoughts. Sesshomaru just sighed. 'This isn't the first time...'

"Go down 137 blocks from here and get me the best Biscuit there is."

Jaken, who was green and looked like a toad, stood there gawking.

"Did you hear me? I do not wish to repeat myself." Sesshomaru snapped.

"Yes My Lord! Right away!" Jaken said before turning around to get the coffee.

'Finally, some peace.' Sesshomaru inwardly sighed. The peace was soon to be interrupted.

As he sat down in his office, to do the paperwork that was before him, something made him glance out the window. There, in the sky, was a big cloud of black smoke smothering the once blue heavens. Sesshomaru could hear fire engines, police cars, and an ambulance going to that area.

'What the hell?' Thought a distracted and disturbed Sesshomaru.

At the burning house...

"MOTHER!!, Screamed a frightened women, about 18. WHERE ARE YOU?! FATHER?!" The women was frantically searching the once beautiful house that she called home.

'The thieves are gone, but my family seems so too!! I have to find them before anything else happens!'

The women looked all over the burning place, looking for her family that seemed impossibly lost, even if they were in the same house. As she took a step towards the burned Guest Room, the door collapsed and fire sprout out of it like a flower sprouting from the ground in blinding speed.

"AAH!" Screamed the helpless women as the ducked out of the way from the falling door. She landed in a heap of debris and got up with much difficulty, making her way to the Guest Room to look for her no-where-to-be-seen family.

"Mom? Dad? WHERE ARE YOU?" Her voice was becoming hoarse and cracked.

"Honey..." There was a faint whisper, but the women heard it.

"Mom?! The women was sobbing now as she reached her half-dead mother. Where's dad?"

"I do not know...I to hear me...out before..anything else..happens." Stated the exhausted mother.

"Mom! I don't want you to leave!! I love you so much!"

"Be yourself always, and don't let the obstacles in life stop you from living it. I will always be with you, beside you, and I will never leave you. Whatever happens, no matter the situation, I will protect you. I love you..." That was the mothers' last words before she passed away in her daughter's hands.

As the Firefighters entered the collapsing house, they heard a scream: "MOM!!...PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!! Please..."


'Could those annoying screams stop? It is getting on my nerves!' Thought the aggravated Sesshomaru.

Burning House

After the house was hosed down, The lead firefighter, Goto, found two bodies huddled together. He ordered his crew to check the pulse.

"Sir! The younger one has a faint pulse but is still alive, we could still save her."

"What about the other one?" Asked the tense Firefighter.

"I'm really sorry, but she could not be saved. She has inhaled too much smoke and has a Third Degree Burn on her right leg. There is also a wound to her head..."

Goto sighed. This surely wasn't happening. The two women looked like they were mother and daughter, for they both looked like they were hugging each other, and they probably were related.

"Everyone! Check the entire place and look to see if there are others in the debris."

"Yes sir!" The crew responded as they began to search.


Sesshomaru finished his paperwork in time and made his way down towards the elevator. As he walked in, the blasted sirens and smoke died out.

'Finally, some peace. Hopefully this will not happen again.'

The elevator ride to the First Floor, also the Lobby, was quite painful. The Elevator Guide, Kohaku, was simply terrified of Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru was nasty towards him, often calling him lowly human, or worthless piece of crap. Kohaku tried his hardest to stay as far away from Sesshomaru when he entered the elevator, and tried not to make eye contact with the heartless Vice President.

"W-What level w-would you like to g-go to Sir?" Kohaku muttered nervously.

"Press the button to the Lobby, now."

"Y-yes Sir!" Kohaku inwardly sighed. 'Why am I stuck with him every time he comes here??" The question did't make sense to him.

As if Sesshomaru read his thoughts he stated,

"Why? Because you need money to support your lowly life and I don't care if you like it or not."

"I'm awe awfully sorry Mr. Takashi! I don't mean any trouble!" He look down at the Elevator floor.

Before Sesshomaru could say anything else, the Elevator doors slid open. He left without saying anything to the trembling teenager, and could hear Kohaku's sigh of relief. Sesshomaru was seriously thinking of rolling his eyes, but Totosei intervened.

"Sesshomaru! How was work?" The old man asked humbly.

"None of your business, thank you."

Totosei sighed. This wasn't the same boy he met all those years ago.

"Have a nice day boy, and be sure to check the news!" Totosei called after him.

Sesshomaru walked out into the fresh, crisp air, and kept walking over to the Reserved Spot, where his car was. As he stepped into his Black Cadillac CTS, the scent of clean leather invaded his nose. He put his car in gear and backed out of the Parking Space. As soon as he got on the highway, Sesshomaru sighed a breath of relief. And irritation. It would be another hour before he got back to the Taisho Mansion, where the three of his family members were waiting. His father, InuTaisho, was the real president and owner of Inu. Corp. He barely ever went there, because he is almost always with Izayoi, his Step-Mom. Izayoi's son, Inuyasha, was the manager of Inu. Corp. This confuses a lot of people in Tokyo. They never really got this! Sesshomaru had a real mother before, but his father, InuTaisho, left her and took Sesshomaru with him. InuTaisho then met up with Izayoi, and fell in love. Inuyasha then came along, and Sesshomaru despised the half-breed and his worthless mother from then on. After Omei, Sesshomaru's mother heard about the birth, she killed herself. Sesshomaru blamed his father for her death and became mad at him for leaving her.

Sesshomaru neared his fathers mansion and drove up through the long and expensive driveway. He parked his car in the garage and stepped out. Even in the garage, the air still felt chilly. Sesshomaru looked around. There was something weird in the atmosphere. Although he did not exactly know what, he was going to find out some time.

"There you are, you take forever on getting inside the house." Sneered an angered Inuyasha.

"Maybe you should try getting home on your own, instead of taking the bus." Sesshomaru told him.

Inuyasha couldn't stand his half brother. "You know my damn car is in the repair shop!!" Inuyasha yelled.

"ENOUGH! How could you two behave like this? I am getting annoyed with you two acting like this all the time!!" InuTaisho stepped into the scene and lectured the fighting brothers with fatherly love.

"Sorry Dad. He started it." Inuyasha exclaimed.

"Shut up you filthy half-breed. I do not need to hear your stubborn self." With that, Sesshomaru went away from there and passed Izayoi like she was a stick, and went to his room upstairs.

Izayoi sighed, and it hurt her that Sesshomaru still wouldn't except her as a step-mother.

'He probably never will..."

Sesshomaru went upstairs and entered his room, which was black, red and white altogether. He liked it this way, simplistic and relaxing. Sesshomaru went over to his couch, sat down, and turned the channel to the News Station. Sesshomaru sat back and made himself comfortable. Thankfully, the program just started.

"Welcome, to News Station in Japan, I will be announcing some news later, but for now our top story is on what happened today, and the tragedy it has caused. The once humble home 573 Yimagishi Drive is now in pieces and there is debris all around it. Police Investigators have now concluded that thieves have broken into the house and destroyed it. Both husband and wife, Akishino and Nozami Kutaragi were both killed in this attack, but their 18 year old daughter, Rin Kutaragi was spared from the hell-like flames and now is in the hospital, recovering from the loss of some oxygen. The bank of Tokyo refuses to provide the money for Rin, and her future is fogged. There will be more information tomorrow, so stay tuned until then. Now, onto our next report, the rising of gas prices. How could this effect our future?..."

Sesshomaru sat there staring at the screen. Thieves? Fire? Death? Surely this was a hoax. That place was well guarded, despite the poorness, and the whole incident should not have happened.

'Why do I even care? This should not be an effect to me.'

Sesshomaru walked downstairs and saw the the whole family was staring at the screen.

"Oh my, this is horrible!" Izayoi whispered in a state of shock.

"What the hell??" Inuyasha and InuTaisho exclaimed at the same time.

"Would you get over it? It has none of our concern."

Everyone looked over to Sesshomaru, and they looked at him strangely.

"Aren't you heartless enough? Can't you take this seriously? I mean, there are other people that have a life and feelings. You're not the only one!!" Inuyasha fired at Sesshomaru.

This hit Sesshomaru hard. He did not show it, but inside he was drowning in a pool of himself.

"I'm sorry, Inuyasha. You are a half-breed and the side effects to that are to feel emotions. Emotions are nothing and silly ways of expressing feelings, which make a person weak. Like you. Do not waste my time by trying to give me all these senseless lectures about nothing."

InuTaisho looked up at his elder son and saw the faint sadness in his eyes. 'He will never get it...'

"Sesshomaru, would you mind helping me out with putting away the groceries? They are quite heavy..." Izayoi too had seen the sadness in Sesshomaru's eyes and was desperate to get her step-son out of this situation. He may be a stone on the outside, but deep down, there is a loving teddy bear who cares for everyone.

Sesshomaru agreed and followed Izayoi to the kitchen. There were a few bags, so it would take a while. In the middle of the process, Izayoi asked Sesshomaru,

"Did you really mean that? The whole thing about that house and the family. It is awful that such a thing would happen to them. What if it happened to us?"

Sesshomaru stopped his work and looked at her.

"It is a mere concept of life, and those people who suffered, suffered."

"Sesshomaru, I know you hate me, but I love you by all means and I want you to understand that the world is not meant to be a place for hate, everyone should love each other no matter if they know them or not." She looked at him with the motherly love she uses on Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru inwardly flinched. She loves him? Even if he's the cold heartless person everyone is afraid of? 'I do not hate her, no matter what I may say. Nor do I love her as a mother either.'

Sesshomaru continued with the groceries and when he was finished he left.

Izayoi looked out the window and sighed.

'A mere concept of life, eh?'