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"No, no."

That word had been irritating Kiri since the morning she started working. Almost for 5 hours she dealt with this bothersome guest she ever got in her entire life. This customer was very constituent and yammered every time she started to cut her hair. No wonder Kiri lost her patience, but somehow she could manage it.

The silver haired girl looking at the result and no smiled of satisfied crafted on her small lips. "You should have cut it more neatly," said the girl complaining. "It's still longer 1 mm on my right side."

Kiri startled. Although this girl was so noisy and fussy, her sight and taste of haircut acquired a respect. For such a normal costumer, she never had served someone like this before. She's full of complaining, yet her words ring true that she lacked of seriousness for taking her beautician work. She watched the flustered girl who checked all her hair valuable points and looked more depressed than before.

"Kiri," she sighed at last in defeat tone. "This won't do either."

The beautician slapped her forehead tiredly. It's like a year for her just to transform her appearance like she wanted. Now after she got through all the hellish effort to make it true, she complained that it just not fit at all. Arrghh!! What is this girl want anyway?

"Hoo…Kiri. You've cut her hair today?"

Their attentions were driven to the bandana man called Seiji Koshiba, the owner of that small saloon. He could see that Kiri already got pissed off by his customer attitude. But, opposite from Kiri, the other girl seemed delight to see the man.

"Ah, Seiji-san. How have you been?" asked the girl politely.

She knew my old man? Kiri questioned that to herself. Before she got the answer, Seiji already reached them and took some of her new haircut.

"Hmm…," He considered it sometime and looked at it seriously. "This has been cut very well, but yeah, it lost its loveliness." He checked the other side as well. "Longer than the other side. In here too a bit sloppy. But, glean from it, everything seemed fit. Nah, you still don't like it, do you?"

"Yes I am," said the girl honestly. She examined it one more time then sighed to force herself face the reality. "But, this is enough. I really appreciate it, Kiri-chan."

At last, Kiri shouted in joy on her mind. It was a hell if she forced to modify that looking again. That girl was so difficult to confront…

Not because she was ugly, but she just too flawlessly beautiful to be added a little magic for it.

"No, it's not enough," said Seiji took his own scissors and twirled it on his hands. "It would be a shame if the damage hadn't been repaired. Let me fix some of it, alright?"

Again, Kiri astounded. For the very first time, Seiji used his special technique into a mere customer. It was a wizard cut… No, just slightly a bit different from that. Those silver hairs fell beautifully before her very eyes in a rapid speed. Kiri watched him without commented anything. She was just too agape from those magnificent moves which his father never teach her before.

Then, everything finished. For ordinary people, there's no change at all with the cut that Kiri has done before. It stills a great artwork without any adding with her new layer shaggy hair. The girl checked her hair again and surprisingly, she gave her widest smile.

"Olala, I love this," said her pleased and waved her hair after it has been reformed. "You've cut it nicely. This is perfect. Thanks, Mister Koshiba-san!"

While she was contented with her new hairdo, Kiri tried to find her error and the differences between his hairstyling and hers. And what she found was beyond her approximation. Although her silver natural hair was ample, it has a very troublesome problem with its flimsiness. She realized now and knew that Seiji just took the last part to furnish her hair into a good shape. Now, her hair looked more elegant and appeared to be prettier than before.

"Alright, everything is set. You're the best, Koshiba-san! Now I could get to see him right away!" said the girl stood up full of enthusiasm and gave the payment for that '5 hours for nothing' to Seiji's hands then ran out from the shop. Before she's gone, she turned her head to Kiri. "Next time, I want my hair cut by you. So, try to learn more. Okay?"


Kiri sighed as if her ten thousands burden has been lifted up, and then looked annoyingly to his old man who grinned to see her dismissal.

"That Misha is really something," said Seiji seemed interested as though he got his new prey. He turned his head to Kiri, and asked. "You seemed quite this entire day. Don't you have something to say?"

"…No," That girl seemed hesitating. "Nothing at all."

That man smiled. Although she didn't tell him the truth, he always could scan her mind. Then, he poked Kiri's hat and walked to the kitchen. "Hear her. You need more practice. That girl isn't ordinary at all. If you meet her again, I don't think that your capability this time is appropriate to give someone like her 'another magic'."

Very funny, old man. Kiri frowned with those admonish advice from someone like Seiji. It seemed Misha start to become troublesome for her. But, she started too anxious about her. Why her skill couldn't manage to form her hair as always she done with other people? Or maybe because of something else? Suddenly she thought about Narumi. If he even couldn't do the same too like Seiji do, then, she really worth out to be her one 'favorite' customer. Today, she couldn't say anything to comment this today occasion.

Next, Narumi got his turn to meet Misha's hair. What is her problem anyway by taking everybody into a her chaos? Read next.