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In one day, the Principessa had become the most popular girl toward the school.

Yes, she is very beautiful and elegant indeed which no one could give any words to describe her. Every smile, every steps, and every voice she gave, made the air somehow brightly in an instance. Even the girls were amazed with her and attracted by her first impression.

Truly gorgeous, even for the S.P members.

"Fuji Misaki, nicknamed Misha, from the Metropolis magazine."

"No, Kazu. That's her nickname from us," cut Narumi suddenly, made Ochiai and Kiri looked at him, questioned. "When she was a little, she always say 'sa' as 'sha'. It was very hilarious at that time and especially if you saw her hairstyle— Puahahaha…"

Narumi was laughing out from nowhere, while the others were still looking at her, observing her every move. Like the people who gathered with her as she suddenly became popular, they have different kind of mixed feelings toward the girl.

It's not a like, but not also they hate her. So?

Kiri glanced at the blond hair boy beside her as his laugh was getting overboard and Ochi chose to get Kei who ate the chocolate bar nearby the window happily.

"Say, Kei," Ochi spoke up as he stood beside Kei. "Do you, by any chance, know her?"

The pineapple haired boy gave a question look. "Oh, yeah. A little bit. Why are you asking?"

"From where?"

"Ummm, she is very famous in all over the magazines that Narumi has. How could you not notice that?"

"Because I feel that you know her more than a model in magazines papers."

Kei break his chocolate into two and gave him an excuse for not answering. But, Ochi still patiently waited for him as he wrapped his chocolate and didn't finish it in a second. It was a peculiar behavior from gluttony like him to spare his own food for the next time. In the other place, Misha at last came to the S.P group after her 'fans meeting' was over. Another weird thing happened. Narumi suddenly took a can of juice from his bag and gave it to her without any words, as if he already knew she would need it. Kiri noticed the can and felt something stuck in her stomach as she saw that it was her favorite orange juice that he gave her. The silver haired girl smiled and uttered a "Thank you" word cutely which Narumi suddenly blushed.

That thing was enough to make Kiri stunned. A Narumi Shougo…is blushing…?

But, it didn't take any much time for another battle to occur, as the one called the "number one hairstylist 'to be' in Japan" is a person who loves to bark and shout. At that time, Kei was already finished chewing his chocolate and suddenly took off from his seat before Ochi could finish his words to ask him. He walked directly to the girl who giggled toward the Narumi who debated furiously with Iori and…


The small hand suddenly slipped the half bar of his chocolate to the little bag that the silver haired girl clutched. It seemed the girl herself didn't notice it. But, that sudden movement made Ochi and Kiri amazed. They knew what it was, but failed to determine why he did that.

But, it wouldn't be have a meaning if she didn't notice the give, right?

"She, Kei and me are childhood friends," Narumi explained easily while his eyes were frowning. "Why are you looked so work up to know about her? And—WHY IS THIS PUFFY HEAD DOING HERE?!"

"Now, now. Aside from that, I would like—"

"So, you don't like if I'm being here?"

A sudden cut from Kiri quieted them down. It was a rare occurrence that Kiri would response toward Narumi's irritating shout. And more than that, she was pissed off.

"Err…" The boys looked so astonished with her drastic change, especially Narumi. "I mean—"

"If you really that fed up to see me, then why don't see that so-called-princess of yours?"

"Wha…? Hey, wait a sec! Puff— Kiri!"

But, his words were too late to stop him. As the time went by, Narumi and Ochi only could see her disappearance from the cafeteria and then exchanged their looks. The hairstylist took his seats again and scratched his head.

"Gosh! What's with her?" said him as he was still recovering from the shock.

Ochi shook his head. "Anyway, let's get back to the topic. So, who is she again?"

"I already told you, Ochi. She is our childhood friends since the elementary school. She was one of the mousiest girls in the class and always got bullied because of her hairstyle. You remember the wig yesterday? Her hair was messier than that."

The black haired boy blinked, so Narumi had no choice, but to continue. "Well, to be brief, she was my first client when I started as a hairstylist and Kei as a nail artist. Since that, we just coincidently played together. That's all."

"Oh, I see. And why did you call Koshiba-san with her first name?"

"Ah, that puffy— What…?"

Now, the atmosphere was changed as the topic did the same too. From Narumi's view, the icy glare from Ochi was reflected very clearly. And it was a pity for him that he didn't understand any of that.

"I wonder who you will choose better if it was between the silver haired girl and the one you called 'Puffy Head'." Ochi gave Narumi a sharp glance which made the boy shivered. "But, no matter who it is, it will be better if you put your hands off from our kouhai as soon as possible."

Alright, I pissed off.

She wondered why she was so angered by a stupid remark from a stupid person too. It was so unlike her, to be driven by a usual barking that she always could slap it away easily with her indifference. But, today she was so different. She was so sensitive. And she didn't understand why.

The one thing she did understand was that her mood was very foul today. As if she was—

Kiri suddenly stopped her step. Oh, how come I felt this feeling? As she started to realize what made her angered, suddenly she spotted the silver haired girl as she walked to the garden. She was sat down under the tree, looked peacefully, like a fairy garden ascend from the sky. Although the anger to Narumi already evaporated, she was still annoying for her as far as she saw her. Kiri was continuing her way as Misha moaned and stopped her in her track to the school building.

"Ahhh… so hungry. All the interviews made me lose my time to grab some bite at the cafeteria. Now, there's no food left… Huaaa…"

Heard the soft voice of the little girl snapped Kiri. For few seconds, she looked at the girl who now looking at her surrounding, tried to find if there's some food fell from the heaven. Seeing a little of her real side, Kiri smiled.

"Oh?" Misha accidently groped her bear bag and got something unfamiliar inside of it. Her small hand took a bar coated with aluminum foil which she found as a half eaten chocolate. It wasn't a surprise for Kiri which she already knew from whom it was.

But, when she saw how passionate the girl looked at the chocolate, changed her mind at how the relationship between that girl and the boy had. She had a feeling that it was much deeper than she could ever think. Just who is… this girl and what are her relationships with these two boys?

More than anything else, the one who knew everything was sitting in the roof, looking down with the same passionate glance, satisfied with all he was doing.

*Rang! Rang!

The school's bell was ringing, determining that the break time is over. It was a good timing to cease the fire between the two boys in S.P which forced them to break down the topic and got back to the class. But, they were still refusing to talk with each other since they knew that they are rivals and gave a distance with each other. Well, it was just for a moment, till the silver haired girl reached Narumi once again.

"Narumi! Thanks a lot for the chocolate! I'm really so hungry."

And Kei came, not in the right time. His eyes were wide when he heard those words and sapped his heart. As he chose for not confronted it, he took his seat with a disappointment and opened his stationary box to take his candy to calm himself a bit.


But, what he saw inside it astonished him. A quarter of chocolate that he gave was there, accompanied with a small of paper.

It is too lonely to eat it by myself. So, let's have it together.

It didn't have any name or sign. And he noticed that half of his candies were gone along the chocolate appearance. But, it didn't matter for him. He knew it clearly for whom and what it wanted to state.

At the end, he was smiling.

But, he wasn't a type of person who let everything just got away like this.

As Misha was quarreled with the blond boy over silly things, he came to them without any notice. He opened the quarter of the chocolate and didn't spend too much time to do something toward it. When the girl was retorting Narumi back, Kei put the chocolate into with his hand to her mouth and wiped out some of the crumbs from her lips, aside of both of their astonishments, include Ochi.

"Come on," said Kei while smiled brightly. "The class already started."

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