Demon Amulet
written by: ejo

Demons will seek ways to destroy long-time friendships and even love. Never let them reach to you, even if it's your own. – ejo

Summary: The demon amulet has been corrupting men's hearts. When the Hyuuga's sole heir stole it from the Nogi family, he tried to summon a demon. He expected a devilish demon to appear but what was summoned is a total opposite of what he thought.

Author's Note: This is my first story and it's revised.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Alice, only this plot.

Only the powerful can manage to survive. It has been imprinted in the minds of many people. To fool your enemy is a smart move; to fool your friend is smarter. Those words were engraved in the Hyuuga's clan; everyone of them applied that kind of order in their lives. Their clan has been the most prominent one in all of Japan's states, not until the Nogi's managed to attain a powerful weapon.

No one survived to tell the tale on how powerful and terrible that weapon is. All of them knew that weapon took form of an amulet. Nobody knew how Reo Nogi managed to get that amulet, all they know is that once you control that weapon, you'll be able to summon and wield something beyond unimaginable.

The Demon Amulet has been corrupting men's hearts and minds ever since it was possessed by mankind. Once struck by evil, it will slowly engulf you into its arms. Now, it shall victimize two boys' friendship.

Screams, nothing but female screams. It echoed throughout the campus and nothing could stop it.

As soon as Natsume Hyuuga stepped inside the school's border, girls flocked to him like a reflex action. Beside him was Ruka Nogi who was busy petting his pet rabbit. It was known to all that both of their families hold grudges against one another but that didn't stop the two to develop their friendship.

When Natsume and Ruka managed to get away from the crowd, their air of dominance decreased. "Damn those girls," Natsume cursed as he shot a glare to the screaming girls from afar. "Won't they stop pestering us for a minute?"

Ruka chuckled at his friend's remark. "Just leave them be," he suggested as he stroke his rabbit, Usagi. "They have nothing to do but drool on a couple of boys."

With that, Natsume retorted, thinking it was a foolish thought.

They would probably have never expected that tonight, something big is going to change.

"Natsume," Persona called as he leaned to his chair. His pale skin glowed more considering it's a moonless night. "I have something to tell you."

"What is it, Dad?" Natsume inquired. He always had a trouble calling him 'Dad', no matter how much time passed by, the uneasiness continued to linger between their relationship. It probably started when his father cheated his mom for her best friend.

Persona faced his son with a bored expression etched on his face. His slanted, black eyes met Natsume's red ones. Apparently, his heir got it from his mother, Kaoru. For a guy, he got his fingers longer and painted in luminous black nail colour.

He scowled at him and repeated. "I have something to tell you." his pupils unmoved at the sight of his son. It was evident in his eyes that he has something serious to tell.

"What?" Natsume snapped.

"It concerns your friend, Ruka." he begun.

Natsume narrowed his eyes. "What about him?" A long pause filled the dimly-lighted room. "Tell me."

"You shouldn't easily believe people," his father warned. "Especially if it's from the Nogi's."

"What do you mean?" the raven-haired boy questioned as his nose scrunched up. Persona's eyes grew darker, he had a way with words and he's been using it to his men and he's not afraid to use it against his own son.

"I'll tell you."

Here he was, listening to his senile old man. And the fact that he was able to listen to it until the end is an achievement, especially when it involves breaking friendships just for family gain.

"Impossible," Natsume snorted, his fists curled up into a ball. "Ruka would never betray me for... for something like an amulet. It's unheard of."

"Can't you see it, my son?" Persona stood up from his chair, anger spelled out of his face. "He's using you! He's keeping you around him—to use you!"

"Lies!" Natsume hissed.

"Facts!" Persona answered back. "Facts that you wouldn't accept!"

"They're nothing but a bunch of lies hustled up." he insisted.

"You're a fool, Natsume, a big fool," Persona snapped. "Trusting will be your weakness."

"I'm not a fool to fall for your words."

Persona's lips turned to a grin. "Tonight," he started. "Is the night where our clan will rise. The night where our reign will begin. I've sent my finest soldiers to retrieve something which is supposed to be ours."

Natsume's face turned pale. "Ruka!" he screamed inside his head. He rushed out of the room and scurried away from his house and went to Ruka's home.

The Nogi's residence takes off with a traditional Japanese housing. You would usually see guards wearing yukata, guarding the entire estate, including its garden.

"Why tonight?" Natsume thought. "Why did they decide just now?"

He glanced at the moonless night and then everything seemed to hit him. Moonless night. Red Moon Quell! After every moon wading, for a flash of few minutes, a red beam would appear coming from the moon.

Every fifty years, it was said that the amulet should be taken out on a moonless night to let the life force of nature enter it. Often, its surrounding environment would wither. Apparently, his family did take advantage of this event. They would often leave it in an open area, surrounded by guards to protect it.

He could see the amulet from a distance. The only thing was that no one's guarding it. It was silent. He could hear the endless chirping of the insects.

He tiptoed silently as he could. The amulet was surrounded by lushes of withering lilac trees and jasmine flowers. The red amulet glittered before him. Without any hesitation, he grabbed the amulet and shoved it into his pockets.

If ever I get captured, at least I have something to use against them, he thought silently.

As soon as he noticed that he managed to run a long distance, he stopped to catch a breath and, possibly, study the amulet out.

He held the amulet out in the open and gave it a shake. Nothing happened. He didn't know how to use it effectively. "What's so good about this crap?" he asked, his eyes eyeing the amulet's intricate carvings.

Natsume noticed a reddish beam of light heading its way to him. The red moon, he thought. When the beam of light hit the amulet, red puffs of smoke started to materialize coming out of the amulet's red jewel.

Inside the heavy, dark smoke, a vague figure started to move. He felt his heart squeezing at the disturbing sight in front of him. What the devil has he unleashed? What the devil were the Nogi's trying to do with this demonic weapon? Countless questions rambled inside his mind.

"What are you?" he hissed.

He swore that he saw the dark figure smiling.

To Be Continued