Author: Sparta666

Title: Sometimes we can't see what's right in front of us

Pairings: Mac & Danny some Mac & Danny & Don

Rating: R

Crossovers: Mentions of Vegas, Miami and NCIS

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning, Blood letting, Blood Drinking and Vampirism

Series: Blood Rage Series

Chapters: 2/?

Completed: No

Timeline: Season 1

Summery: Danny's day goes from bad to worse when wakes up covered in blood and no memory of the night before, but it get worse when a case threats to unearth the secret he's been hiding.

Chapter Summery: Danny's world starts to fall apart

Authors Note:

Out of control

The morning sun brought pain and discomfort for Detective Danny Messer, his head pounded as he headed to his bathroom in search of some painkiller or alcohol. Finding a bottle of aspirin Danny swallowed the pills like there was no tomorrow before complaining to himself.

Come on Messer why do you do this to yourself? Mac's never going to look at you that way not with all that you're hiding. Give up and do what's right for the world before you get in to deep.

Groaning once again Danny slammed the cabinet door and tried to cool his face in the sink, drying up he put on his glasses and went to leave when he caught site of himself in the cabinet mirror.

"FUCK, SHIT, HOLY CRAP, you really done in this time Messer" Danny growled at himself.

Danny stood staring at himself in the mirror, still dressed in his clothing from the night before his white vest was stained red as was his teeth, mouth and goatee. Frantically washing himself Danny almost had a heart attack when his door when.

Fuck that's going to be Don, what the fuck am I going to do? Ok Messer calm down you've lived through worse

Getting dressed he through his clothing into the hamper and calmly opened the door.

"Hey Danny whatya doin' in here? I knew you were a sound sleeper but this?" asked Don as Danny followed him down the hall

"Sorry Don, late night forgot to set the alarm" Danny answered he though he felt his heart pounding in his chest as looked at Flack but that was impossible.

"No problems Dano but remember what Mac's like when ya late? Come on Aden's in the car waiting for us" laughed Flack.

Most of the day past without incident for Danny as it was one of those rare slow days in New York, Danny was just about to relax when Mac came into the brake room.

"Danny we've got a John Doe in the hospital, dropped off last night and in a bad way he looks like he might have been connected to the serial we've been chasing" said Mac as Danny grabbed his kit and followed him.

It wasn't long later Danny's world started to fall apart, as they entered the room their John Doe was in Danny came face to face with the stranger from the night before. Leaving the room in a hurry Danny threw up in the nearest thing to him, the nurses watched as Mac came out and watched Danny.

"sorry Mac bad night, couldn't handle this but I'm fine now" said Danny as Mac just nodded and went back into the room.

"I'm fucked" sighed Danny as he headed back into the room.