This was written in utter disappointment (in like 10 minutes) as I discovered that the Minesweeper on Windows Vista is all new and fancy BUT... well... you will soon see what it is lacking. Enjoy!

I do not own Minesweeper or Windows Vista. I do own a laptop with an unfortunate version of Minesweeper. Woe is me.

I'm sixteen now and all grown up

But something about my new laptop

Startles me, I don't know why

But then I look at the screen and find,

The smiling face that was once there

Has left me here, without a care.

The new formatting's pretty neat

But the sound effects are oh-so bleak

They shock me from my reverie

Oh where are you, sweet smiley?

I can't believe they cut you out

Oh Windows Vista makes me shout!

Not even a vague and sun-glassed glance

To wish me luck as I take the chance

Between the dangerous squares of blue

Oh how I wish you were here too,

I miss you smiley - without you

Minesweeper seems so pointless too.

I think I'm going to cry. I am now on Minesweeper strike until Mr. Windows puts it back the way it should be! (Btw, I have nothing against Vista, just its interpretation of Minesweeper :P ) R&R, if you can be bothered. Lepi xo