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Everything start on that day

Summary: Echizen Ryoma was unhappy with the outcome of his match with Fuji Syuusuke on that rainy day. He wanted to request a rematch with the tensai. Since Fuji Syuusuke was Fuji Syuusuke, Echizen cannot expected to get his rematch for free. But the price he must pay for it was… Read it and find out! Pairing FujiXEchizen.

Echizen Ryoma was not happy, not at all. In fact, he was frustrated. Ever since that rainy day, he was utterly disturbed by this uneasy feeling. If Ryuuzaki-sensei (1) didn't stop them, maybe he wouldn't be like that. But because of a damn stupid rain, his match with Fuji-senpai (2) was left like a fish tail story, the conclusion non-existence.

Many time, he was going to ask Fuji-senpai for a rematch, but he didn't. Why? Because Fuji Syuusuke was known to be a sadist and would only do what would bring profit to him. Otherwise, he wouldn't do anything for free. If Ryoma wanted a rematch, that would mean he will have to pay for it by somehow. But owing something to Fuji Syuusuke was something no one wanted to be stuck with. But then, what to do to get ride of this uneasiness again? He hated it! Oh! He soooooo hated it!

'That's it! I'm going to request a rematch from Fuji-senpai, no matter what's the price for it!' Echizen left in hurry – before he changed his mind again.

(1) sensei : teacher;

(2) senpai : upperclassman – Fuji is a senior, Echizen, a freshman.