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They scurried to the corner of the hall way.

A glimpse to the right. No one.

A glimpse to the left. No one too.


The hall way was completely deserted. They snickered. And the two five years old chestnut heads scurried away, happy that they succeed their mischievous. Suddenly, a roar was heard in the whole house.


"Yabe! Kaa-san already found out!" Hikaru said to his older twin.

"Let's get away!" Hikari said. And they ran faster. But someone walked calmly out of the other way of the hall, blocking their way. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" They stopped just in time so they won't bump into their eldest brother, Kyuu, ten years old.

"Hikari, Hikaru, where do you think you are going like this? Kaa-san is calling you," Kyuu, said.

"Kyuu-niisan…" they trailed off.

"Hikari! Hikaru! Come here NOW!!" their mother yelled as she appeared in the way.

"Kaa-san!!" Hikari and Hikaru panicked. Okay, their mother was angry, very very angry.

"I told you two not to get near you little sister until your father return back home!" she roared. "What have you done do to her?"

"Maa maa, kaa-san, calm down," Ryuu, the second boy of the family, nine, said as he walked in the living room. "Rin is alright, so don't worry. Nee Rin-chan?" he talked to the baby girl he was holding in his arms.

"Yiah!" Rin, the youngest and the only girl of the five children, chirped as she danced her chubby legs and arms in the air. Ryuu chuckled.

"Ryuu…" his mother twitched her eyebrow. Sometime, she wondered if it was a good thing that he was so alike of his father. He was - there is no other way to describe it - the exact copy of his father, the younger version of her husband. Not only his spitting image, but also in his behaviours.

"Ryoma, what is happening?" her husband asked as he entered.

"Ah! Otou-san, okaeri," Kyuu greeted his father.

"Okaeri, otou-san," Ryuu said.


"Yiah! Hi-i-i-i aa aaaah!" Rin greeted him with a huge smile, holding out her arms to him.

"Tadaima, Rin," their father said, smiling. He took Rin in his arms and hopped her in the air. The little girl squealed in delight, laughing.

"Yiaaah hahahahaha!"

Her father brought her down and kissed her pink and round cheek. She happily snuggled against his warm chest.

"Tou-san! Save us!" Hikari and Hikaru scurried to hide behind their father's legs, in hope they can escape from their mother's wrath.

"Syuusuke! Hand them over to me!" Ryoma ordered.

"Huh?" Syuusuke looked down to the twins, who were clutching their hands firmly on his pants. "What have you two done again?"

The twins looked up at him with puppy eyes.

"We did nothing wrong!" they said together. Syuusuke saw Kyuu sighed. Basically, it meant that the twins played some pranks again. Ryuu chuckled. Which meant Ryuu knew that the twins planned something mischievous and probably didn't try anything to stop them. So alike him. Syuusuke laughed inside. Ryoma saw her husband chuckled.

"Syuusuke…" Ryoma said in a threatening tone. Syuusuke coughed. He bent down to the level of the twins, Rin still in his arms.

"Hikari, Hikaru, what did you do?" he asked. The twins bite their lips.

"Ahmm… Ahmm… Rin ate an ice cream… A chocolate ice cream…" Hikari started.

"And she was dirty…" Hikaru continued.

"Her clothes were all stained…" Hikari talk again.

"And before going to jii-san…"

"We wanted to clean her…"

"And change her clothes…"

The twins finished explaining. Syuusuke looked at his little girl. Rin looked up at him with her huge eyes and grew a wider smile. She still have a chocolate stain on her right cheek, but her dress - one of they many gifts from her aunt Yumiko - wasn't stained. One button of the yellow and white dress wasn't correctly put because the twins clothed her too fast.

"Guguuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuh!" Rin squealed and she took her father's necktie to put it in her mouth, chewing it.

Ever since Rin made her first teeth, she discovered the joy of exploring the world of the taste. Everything in the reach of her shorts members, without exception, will unmistakenly end up in her mouth - edible or not. Syuusuke chuckled as he gently removed his necktie from her grip. He looked to the twins.

"Who gave her the chocolate ice cream?" Syuusuke asked. The twins lowered their head.

"We did…" they answered.

"Aha!" Ryoma exclaimed, her arms crossed over her chest, her foot stamping the floor.

"But she was biting my finger," Hikaru said.

"And she was holding my pants and wouldn't let me go," Hikari said.

"So we thought if we gave her something else, she would let us go."

"So I gave her my ice cream," Hikari finished.

It was true what they said. Rin may be a baby, but when she decided to grip something, it was pretty hard to remove it from her tiny hands. And once she bite into something, she bite hard. That was why they must always be careful of her surrounding, never leaving anything dangerous around her.

"That's why I told you two not to get near her when your father and I are not around!" Ryoma said.

After that the twins fed Rin the ice cream, she was a mess. They hastily cleaned her and change her before their mother return in the room. Hikari took a wet clothe and washed her while Hikaru searched for cleaned clothes. But Hikari spilled water all the way from the bathroom to the baby room. As for Hikaru, he put a mess in Rin's drawer. Her socks, her hats, her bibs, her pants, her bodysuits, her dresses were all over the place. He tried to find a dress similar to the one Rin was wearing so their mother wouldn't see the difference - or so they hoped. They tried to clean the room after, but it seemed that their mother knew what they did anyway.

But Ryoma was mad for another reason and Syuusuke knew what. He patienly explained to the twins.

"Hikari, Hikaru, what you did could have harm your little sister. Rin is still too young to be fed with ice cream. She cannot yet drink nor eat anything made from cow milk now. She can becomes seriously sick, you know." Hikari and Hikaru immediately regret what they did. They only meant to share with her their favorite dessert, not to make her be sick. "The same goes for you, Kyuu, Ryuu," Syuusuke continued. "You knew what the twins planned to do, yet you didn't stop them. Being the elders, you should give a better example to your younger brothers," Syuusuke said.

"Hai, otou-san," Kyuu and Ryuu obediently said.

"Rin, we are sorry," Ryuu said as he kissed her cheek. Kyuu nodded to her.

"Yiaaah!" Rin squealed. She don't understand that happen, but she liked to be kissed.

"Rin, we are sorry!!" they twins wailed to her. "Don't be sick!" Hikaru added. And they cried and squeezed her in their arms.

"Yiah hahaha!" Rin giggled again, agitating happily her arms to her big brothers.

"You forgive us!" Hikari happily said. Their tears magically disappeared and they hugged her.

"We love you Rin!"

"A-a-a ha ha! Yiiiiiiaaaaaaaaah ha ha!" Rin giggled because their hugs tickled her.

Syuusuke chuckled. He left the baby in her big brothers' care and came to his wife.

"Tadaima, Ryoma," he said as he took her in his arms, kissing her.

"Okaeri, anata," Ryom softly said. She leaned on his chest. "Thank you, for explaining to them."

"They didn't know they were doing wrong," Syuusuke said as he caressed her hair, long to her waist now.

"I know… It's just that I was verry worried for Rin…"

"It's alright now…"

The twins ran to them.

"Kaa-san, we are sorry!" they chorused, sincere repenting expression on their face. Smiling, Ryoma bend down and kissed their forehead.

"It's alright. I forgive you," she said.

Their expression brightened.

"Arigatou, kaa-san!"

"Now, get ready. We must leave for ojii-san now!" Fuji said.

"Hai!" And they ran up to their bedroom.

"We will be going to, otou-san, okaa-san," Kyuu said as Ryuu gave Rin to his mother. Syuusuke nodded and they left.

There was a little party at Atobe's mansion for friends and family. For the Fuji family, it was to introduce Ryoma's last child to her godparents.

"Ohayou, ojii-san, ohayou obaa-san!" the Fuji boys bowed to their grand-father and grand-mother.

"Hmn!" Nanjiro nodded approvingly to them.

"Ohayou, anata-tachi," Rinko greeted, smiling warmly to them. "No go and greet Yoshi-jiisan and Ryoko-baasan."

"Hai!" And they left to search for the said people.

"Okaa-san, otou-san, ohayou," Syuusuke and Ryoma greeted.

"Syuusuke, Ryoma, oyahou," Rinko greeted them back while Nanjiro nodded to them. "And oyahou to you too, Rin-chan!" Rinko said to the baby as Ryoma put Rin in her grandmother's arms.

"Yiah a-aaaa-euh!" Rin squealed. Rinko giggled at her antics.

"Ah Ryo-chan, Syuusuke, here you are!" Ryoko said.

"Ojii-san, obaa-san, ohayou," Ryoma said. Syuusuke nodded to them.

"Ohayou, Ryoma, Syuusuke," Yoshi said.

"Ojii-san, obaa-san, this is Rin," Ryoma presented her daugther to her godparents. Ryoko took Rin in her arms.

"Ah Ryo-chan, she looks so much like you when you were a baby!" Ryoko told Ryoma. "Don't you think too, anata?" she asked her husband. Yoshi nodded. Ryoko tickled Rin's chin.

"Yiiii-hihihihi! Aaaaa-euuuuuuuuuh!" Rin giggled.

"Obaa-san, you shouldn't do that," Ryoma warned her godmother.

"Why is tha-…!"




"Obaa-san! Are you alright?" Ryoma panicked while Syuusuke tried to distract Rin so she let go of Ryoko's finger.

"I'm sorry, obaa-san. Rin tend to bite into anything within her reach," Ryoma fussily explained.

"We all bear her mark on our fingers," Rinko said, laughing behind her hand.

"Even Karupin got biten, on his tail!" Syuusuke added.

"When she first bites Nanjiro, it took over a week to heal!" Rinko said. Nanjiro grunted.

"It's not funny, Rinko!"

"Ah! So ka!" Ryoko giggled. "You're such a cute little one, Rin-chan!" Ryoko said as she took Rin in her arms, hopping her in the air.

"Hi-iiiiii-yiaaaaah!" Rin squealed.

"How old is she?" Ryoko asked.

"Six months," Ryoma answered.

"She looks to be an easy and joyful child," Yoshi said.

"Actually, when she was born, she wasn't crying. It was like she came into the world laughing. She rarely cry, only when it was necessary. She's a very joyful baby," Syuusuke said.

"Here, hold her too, anata," Ryoko said while giving Rin to Yoshi. Yoshi compleased to her. As he look into Rin's hypnotizingly charming face, he smiled. And, without realizing what he was doing, he tickled her chin.


Bite time two.

"Aie!" Yoshi yelped.

"Rin!" Ryoma exclaimed as she hastily try to remove Yoshi's finger from Rin's mouth.

"Huhuhuhu! You fell in her trap too, anata!" Ryoko laughed.

"Aah." He laughed too.

"Did the boys greet you yet?" Ryoma asked.

"They just did. And Kyuu left to greet Keigo and Himiko," Yoshi explained.

Keigo and his wife Himiko were Kyuu's godparents. It was Syuusuke's idea to choose them. Ryoma didn't understand why, she thought that he would choose Tezuka, his best friend, but she agreed to his choice anyway. But that was because she don't know what happen between Syuusuke and Keigo.


When Ryoma wasn't around…

"Fuji, thank you… for choosing me as the godfather of your first child," Keigo told him. "It's a great honor for me and I will accept it. Thank you very much."

Fuji nodded to him.

Keigo and him went through the same path for loving Ryoma. However, it was Syuusuke who win Ryoma. Syuusuke understood Keigo's feelings. It was painful to love someone you cannot have. Thus, he choose Keigo as the godfather of his first child with Ryoma. It was the least he could do for Keigo.

End flashback

On the other hand, Atobe Himiko, her maiden name was Suzuki Himiko (A/N: See chapter 38, the first victim of Kiyama Mayuri) knew about her future husband's first love. He truthly told her himself everything. When they were engaged, he told her everything. He said that he don't want to hide anything from her, that he cannot forgot Ryoma. But, he will not let his feeling ruining their marriage and will be a good husband for her. After he finished, Himiko smiled and kissed his cheek and said: "Thank you for telling me everything. That's why I agree to marry you." And based on the trust they have for each other, they succeed to built up a happy family. They had a boy, Ryoshi, now eight, and a set of twins girls, Kaori and Aori, five.

"Syuusuke, Ryoma," Keigo came with his wife Himiko. Kabaji, Atobe's personal body guard, behind them.

"Kei, Himiko, Kabaji, ohayou," Ryoma and Syuusuke greeted.


"Oyahou," Kei greeted them.

"How do you do?" Himiko politely asked, smiling at Ryoma.

"Very fine, thank you," Ryoma answered.

Himiko actually really likes Ryoma. The first time they met, Himiko was curious about the person who succeed to catch her husband's heart. And when they met, Himiko understood why and instantly liked Ryoma. They exchanged formalities for a while. Not seing Kyuu with them, Ryoma asked.

"Have you seen Kyuu?"

"We did. We leaf him with our children," Himiko said. "But let's talk a little bit before going to them," she proposed.

After what, Syuusuke and Ryoma left the Atobe to meet with their friends. It had been nearly ten years they haven't met all together because of their job and family. Now it was a great chance. While leaving their children to play together, they talked about their life the ten past years. Kawamura was still working for this father's sushi restaurant. Kikumaru worked in a normal restaurant, Marui in a cake and candy store. Jackal returned to Brazil. Ooishi became a doctor while Yukimura was a pediatrician. Yukimura has a special touch with the children. They loved him! Momoshiro and Kaido were salarymen. Tezuka and Sanada became lawyers. Yagyuu was a businessman in his father's company. Inui and Yanagi worked for a company which developed medicines. Niou was a engineer. Some were still single, some already have a wife and a bunch of kids. They had a good idea of everyone's story, but they haven't met the last Fuji girl.

"Hey… So this is Rin-chan huh? Kawaii!" Marui said as he bounced Rin in his arms.

"Yi yaaa hahaha!" Rin squealed.

"Hey! I want to hold her too!" Kirihara said.

"After. Let me play with her a little bit. Kuchi kuchi kuchi!" Marui tickled her chin.

"Hihihihi!" Rin giggled.

"Marui, you shouldn't do that!" Ryoma warned him.

"Ah? Why?"


"Itai!" Marui yelped.

"Oh!" Kirihara tried to help Marui.

Ngap! Kirihara got bite too.

"Ite-tetetete!" Kirihara yelped, blowing on his red finger.

"So you fell into Chibichibi-chan's trap too, huh?" Kikumaru said.

"You got biten too?" Kirihara asked. Kikumaru, Ooishi, Momoshiro, Inui, Kaido, Kawamura showed their index finger. There was clearly baby teeth mark on them. Inui had two marks.

"Tezuka didn't got biten?" Niou asked because Tezuka wasn't showing his index.

"Hihihihihi!" Momoshiro snickered.

"Actually, Tezuka got biten twice," Kikumaru whispered. Tezuka's ear pricked and he grunted, a vein on his forehead. He heard Kikumaru.

"Ooooooh!" Niou and Marui exclaimed.

"Yagyuu got biten twice too," Yukimura said, chuckling.

"Yagyuu too? How come?" Momoshiro asked. Yukimura took Rin and made her bounced on his knees (and gave her a fast check up examination by the same time).

"Yiii hi-hiiiiiii yaaaah!" All the children adored doctor Yukimura, and Rin was no exception as she looked up at him with adoring huge eyes.

"Hmm? Probably she has something for people wearing glasses," Yukimura said to his goddaughter. "Nee Rin-chan?"

"Yiiiii hihihihi yiaaa! Aaaah euhhhhhhhhh!" Rin answered.

"Does she do that to everyone?" Marui asked.

"Up to now, no one escapes from her teeth," Syuusuke said.

"Is that true?" Kirihara thought a moment. "Have Sanada got biten yet?"

"Sanada? He haven't meet her yet," Yukimura said. Marui and Niou grinned.

"Yukimura, let me borrow Rin for a moment," Niou said.

"Euh? Okay, but what do you want to do with her?" Yukimaru asked as he put Rin in Niou's arms.

"Ha aaa euuuh aah?"

"Just to try something. I want to know if the mighty Sanada will be spared by Rin-chan's marking. We will be back lat-! (Bite) Aie!"

"Hahahaha!" Marui laughed and took Rin in his arms from Niou.

"Well, I bear her mark now," Niou said, frowning as he examined his finger.

"Hi-yiiii yaah!"

Syuusuke and Yukimura chuckled while Ryoma sighed.

"Well, see you later!" Marui said. Niou and him left to search for Sanada.

"But tell me, having five children must be hard. Why did you decide to have so much?" Kikumaru asked. Ryoma sighed and Fuji chuckled.

"At first, we decided to have maximum of two children, a boy and a girl," Syuusuke said.

"Syuusuke absolutely wanted a girl," Ryoma added.

"But after Kyuu, it was Ryuu," Syuusuke continued.

"I agreed to have another try to have a girl, but I can't believe that the third child turned out to be a pair of twins, and boy twins on the top of everything."

"So we decide to try again. And that's how we have Rin," Syuusuke happily finished.

"We? How come we? It was you who practically assaulted me every single day!" Ryoma accused him.

"Ooooooooooooh!" Momoshiro, Kikumaru and Kirihaa exclaimed.

"But Ryo-chan, it took a certain times before we have Rin. I don't understand why it took so long, considering the number of times we-…!" Ryoma covered his mouth, blushing.

"Shut up!"


Syuusuke removed her hand and chuckled.

"Say, Ryoma," Kirihara asked in a mischievous grinned. "Did you two went to Mount Fuji?" (A/N: See chapter 28). Ryoma became red again. She knew what Kirihara was implying.

"In fact, we did, many times. It was where we had the tw-…!" Syuusuke got interrupted by his wife's hand again.

"Shut up, I told you!" Ryoma said, red. Yukimura and Syuusuke chuckled while Kirihara, Kikumaru and Momoshiro snickered.

"Say, where are Niou and Marui? Have they found Sanada?" Kirihara asked.

"Speaking of the devil," Yagyuu pointed to a group of people who were coming to their way. Marui and Niou were laughing madly while Sanada, who was holding Rin, had a serious expression. Rin was squealing and giggling, tossing her arms and legs in the air.

"Yiaaaaa hahahahahahaa!"

"Oh! It seems like Sanada got biten too," Yukimura said.

"That's right! Hahahahaha! It was so funny to watch!" Niou said.

"You should have seen his face! It was priceless! Hahahahahaha!" Marui said.

"Ryoma, it's not good for a baby to put anything in its mouth. You should educate her more properly," Sanada commented as he gave Rin back her mother. Ryoma sighed as she took Rin. Syuusuke chuckled.

"Okaa-san, otou-san! Look who we found!" The twins came running to her, pulling their uncle with them. Hikari was pulling Ryoga's right hand, Hikaru, his left. Kyuu and Ryuu followed behind camly them. "Uncle Ryoga is back!"

Ryoga now worked as a delegate member of the Japan Sport Federation around the world, specifically in tennis sport. He often traveled from a place to another, but came back to visit his family in Japan when ever he got a chance.

"Yo! Chibisuke, Syuu!"

"Ryoga," Syuusuke greeted him.

"Aniki, I thought you wouldn't be back before next week," Ryoma said.

"Hehe! I finished my job earlier so I jumped in the first airplane. And beside, I want to see my only niece too!" He hopped Rin in the air - careful not to put his hand near her mouth, considering the number of times he got biten. "Hello Rin! Ryoga-jiisan is back just to see you! Isn't he a marvelous and wonderful uncle?"

"Hii yaaaaaaah! Ya hahahaha!"

Ryoga was still single, but he was thinking about settle himself down. He liked playing with his sister's children, so he thought about having a family himself.

"Ryoga-jiichan, did you bring us gifts?" Hikaru asked excitedly.

"Hikaru!" Kyuu scowled him.

"But…" Hikari tried to explained, but a glare Kyuu shut him. Ryuu chuckled.

"Hahahahaha!" Ryoga laughed, patting the twins' head. "Yes, I brought you all something. You'll get them once we will be back home!" Ryoga winked to them.


"Ryoga-jiisan! You're our favorite uncle!" the twins chorused.

"Hihihihihi! I got it! I got it! Now go and play with the others kids so I can talk with your parents!"

"Hai!" And the four boys left.

"So, how you guys are doing?" Ryoga asked as he took a chair and settled Rin on his laps.

They chatted a moment while having drinks and snacks.

After a certain times, Rin was starting to feel uneasy. She grimaced as she looked expectantly to her mother, waving her arms to Ryoma.

"Uuuuh! Uuuu uuuuuuuurgh!"

"Oh! I think Rin is hungry," Ryoga said as he handed Rin back to Ryoma. As expected, Rin immediately searched for her mother's breast.

"Excuse-us please. We will leave to feed Rin," Syuusuke said as he helped Ryoma up.

"Okay! See you later!"

In a guest room where they were left alone, Syuusuke helped Ryoma sitting down. When Ryoma was comfortable, he helped her removing her clothes so she could present to Rin a bosom full of milk.

"Here Rin," Ryoma softly whispered.

Rin immediately closed her mouth on the pink nipple and sucked on it. Syuusuke put an arm around Ryoma's shoulder, pulling her to him as he leaned to watch Rin having her meal. This was one of Syuusuke's most favorite moments, watching his wife feeding their child. No matter how many times he had watched it, with all the boys, he still find the spectacle wonderful. Syuusuke smiled as he watched Rin's happy face - she was having a very good meal. Without any reason, he kissed Ryoma's forehead.

"What is it?" Ryoma asked him, supscious. He smiled.

"Nothing, I'm just happy," he said.

"Hum?" she raised an eyebrow. He chuckled.

"Say, Ryoma, how about we give Rin a sister too?"

Ryoma frowned.

"Syuusuke, must I remind you that you're not the one bearing child?"

"But Ryoma, Rin would be lonely, being the only girl among four big brothers," Syuusuke said as his hand trailed up under her skirt while he nibbed her neck.

"Syuusuke, stop it! I'm feeding Rin!"

He chuckled but don't stop.

"Arrrrghh!! Stop it, you sexual harasser molester or I'll-… Hmmnnnn!"

He cut her in a deep kiss.

Even after so many years of marriage, he still outrageously flirt with her anywhere, everywhere and at any moments. And he always choose the worst timing to do it, when she cannot defend herself. Llike right now, her two arms were full with Rin. In the past he was, today he was still, and probably he will still continue to be a sadist for the years ahead.

But she loved him just the way he was.

After a certain time, Ryoma surrendered to his kisses as Rin felt asleep in her parents' embrace.

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