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Section Two.

1) Leader:

As much as she tries to deny it, Shane knows Mitchie is a born leader as soon as her face lights up at a crowd of adoring fans.

2) Ride:

She may have yelled at him for his stupidity, but even Mitchie couldn't help crying out at the adrenaline rush she got as she wound her arms tightly around Shane's torso and he sped down the road on his shiny new bike.

3) Carving:

Not even Brown had the heart to put up a fuss when he found Shane and Mitchie's initials carved inside a heart at their special place on the docks.

4) Games:

And even though Mitchie always lost, she still loved spending a Friday night at home playing Guitar Hero with Shane.

5) Frustration:

It was probably the most trying experience of her life, but Mitchie succeeded in teaching Shane how to play the piano like an angel.

6) End:

And no matter how hard she tried to keep her eyes on the movie, Shane never did actually let her see the end.

7) Reality:

Yes, Shane Gray knew he was a famous pop star, and Mitchie was the only person in the world he let forget it.

8) Handle:

When Mitchie fell on the stage in front of a thousand people, Shane was there in an instant picking her up in his strong arms, replacing the heat in her cheeks with a different kind.

9) Memory:

The most treasured memories Shane has of his entire life are the ones where Mitchie is wrapped tightly in his arms.

10) Problem:

He knows she's got the answer to their predicament as soon as her eyes light up and she lets out a Mitchie-like squeal of excitement.

11) Jealousy:

"She likes you," Mitchie glares at the blonde actress across the room as Shane shakes his head and Mitchie crosses her arms over her chest. "Hello, you're Shane Gray."

12) Delicate:

Shane could never get over just how breakable Mitchie looked while she slept.

13) Promise:

Sometimes she stares thoughtfully at the small gold ring around her finger and wonders how she got so damn lucky.

14) Reckless:

And even though she's afraid he won't make it, Shane's there in time to hold her hand while they pierce the tender skin above her belly button and slide the hoop into place.

15) Close:

"I love you Shane," She murmured, tucking her sleepy head into his shoulder; "Forever."

16) Panic:

She'll never forget the panic that set her stomach twisting and turning when she got the call that said Shane had been injured in an accident at rehearsal.

17) Sweatshirt:

On the nights Mitchie really misses him, she wraps his sweater around her shoulders and loses herself in his smell.

18) Moon:

As the moonlight streams through her open window and onto his sleepy face, Mitchie is pretty sure she's never seen anything so beautiful.

19) Fear:

On the night she gets her first threatening e-mail, he holds her in his arms and kisses her and whispers you're safe again and again until she can breathe.

20) Fight:

Shane doesn't think its fair that all Mitchie has to do is blink those big, beautiful, tear-filled eyes before he crumbles.

21) Constant:

She is the one thing Shane can count on to catch him when the rest of his world falls before his eyes.

22) Heartbeat:

Mitchie loves the way she can put her hand over his heart and know it's true when he tells her he loves her.

23) Blood:

For months after the crash Shane wakes up seeing red and screaming her name as she winds her arms around his neck and assures him she's okay.

24) Sink:

Shane will never forget the mischievous grin on her moonlit face as she sunk lower into the lake water and held her bikini top over her head.

25) Sorry:

"Hi, you've reached Mitchie Torres' phone, and if this is Shane, go to hell-" He swallows his apologies as her voice turns sickly sweet. "If not, feel free to leave a message."

26) Smitten:

"He's really fallen for her," Jason trills to Nate as they watch their friend laugh and tackle Mitchie to the ground.

27) Break:

When she screams it's over and he tells her to leave, they both know it's only a matter of time before one of them caves.

28) Better:

As they say their good-byes in the airport they won't say it out loud, but it's on both of their minds; Shane and Mitchie together is better than Shane and Mitchie apart.

30) Sting:

Tess's words sting because Mitchie knows how true they really are; "You can't actually think you'd be anything without him."

31) Astound:

The sound of Shane's voice never ceases to astound her because, oh wow, the boy can really sing.

32) Shield:

As they run across the parking lot away from the paparazzi, all Shane can think is to guard her from the wild camera flashes and the pain their purpose eventually inflicts.

33) Friendship:

Mitchie knew what she had with Shane was special because they were also the best of friends.

34) Tipsy:

Shane was the one who was there, coaxing water through her uncooperative lips as she fixed her unfocused eyes on the concern in his own.

35) Prize:

When Mitchie finally lands a record deal, Shane rewards her with a kiss so mind-blowing she forgets where she is.

36) Tears:

As Mitchie watches the tears well up in his sad, sad eyes, something inside her breaks.

37) Sunshine:

The memory is burned into her brain, as hot as the summer sun; the first time they fall down on the grass together and he tells her he loves her.

38) Envy:

"You're just jealous," Mitchie spits at Tess, and then she sees the wounds in her eyes and realizes she was right.

39) Observe:

Sometimes Shane puts on his shades and sneaks into the crowds to watch as she performs, still as fascinated by her talent as the first day he heard her play.

40) Curfew:

Nate sighs as Shane tip-toes back into the hotel room at two in the morning; "Ignoring her curfew is not going to get you on her parents' good side, dude."

41) Aid:

Mitchie couldn't be more relieved the day Shane cut his hand open on concert equipment and she remembered the right way to tie her sweater and stop the bleeding.

42) Graduate:

Shane can't help the goofy smile on his face as he watches her dance across the stage to get her diploma.

43) Gift:

"Happy birthday, I love you," he whispers into her hair as she moans blissfully …then love me.

44) Inquiry:

"Well, spill it then… what did the great Shane get you for your birthday?" Caitlyn asks, and then scrunches her nose as Mitchie beams; "Okay, ew, I take that back."

45) Thank-you:

When they ask him who he'd like to thank, the first name that comes to mind is sitting right there beside him; "Mitchie."

46) Confusion:

Shane doesn't understand why it's such a big deal to the rest of the world – after all, they're just two kids in love.

47) Fall:

Shane laughs as Mitchie charges across her lawn and jumps into a pile of freshly raked leaves, "Oops."

48) Backfire:

Mitchie didn't understand why it hurt so much so see him with another girl; she had started it after all.

49) Edible:

"Breakfast is ready!" Shane calls and Mitchie can barely swallow the lump of fear in her throat.

50) "Promise me we'll be together," she pleads into the leather of his jacket as he holds her close; "Forever."