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Title: Family Complex

Rating: Teen

Genre(s): Humor/Drama/Family/Friendship/Romance

Pairing(s): Mikan/multiple, Koko/Sumire, Yuka/Narumi

Summary: Mikan's life wasn't perfect, but she was contented… until her love-struck mother comes bursting into the apartment and claims she getting remarried! Now living with her future step father and future step brothers in her small apartment causes her life to make distract changes. Can Mikan survive all this change and pompous assholes for brothers or will she surrender and let them all become a family while changing them as well?

Disclaimer: Don't own Gakuen Alice now, probably never will.


Family Complex

Chapter One

Of Tragedies and Trespassers






"…Are you sure you're a guy?" asked the only female present on the lumpy couch that her and her companion were seated on. They were currently watching Titanic on TNT in the female's apartment on Friday night.

"Of course I'm a guy! You seen me in swim trunks before for Pete's sake!" her companion exclaimed as he now had a bandage on his head where the female had whacked him as she usually did. Such a violent person, the male thought as he cried anime tears.

"And yet, I still think otherwise" the female teen replied with a teasing smirk. The anime tears flew faster now at her statement. He knew she was kidding with him, but it was fun to play along with her in another one of their games. "Anyway, why are we watching this chick flick again?" she asked her friend as she looked at the screen with half lidded eyes in boredom.

"Two reasons: One, there's nothing on the other few channels you even get, and Two, we have nothing better to do than to make fun of this movie while waiting for the pizza guy" the male explained as he also turned his attention to the screen.

"Y'know, they shouldn't make a movie out of the tragic event such as titanic" the female spoke out as she observed the scene, "or at least not mush it up with romance! This is about the titanic! Not some crappy love story between Miss spoiled and Mr. I-draw-naked-women!" the female said hotly as she glared at the screen. She then lifted her arms to redo her low ponytail that she felt was coming loose since her hair was short.

"Rose and Jack," her friend corrected. "And they're trying to appeal to the audience. Sadly, the real version of titanic wouldn't appeal to viewers so they took the story of people losing their lives because of human stupidity and said 'Hey, let's make this a tragic love story that will appeal to lonely women on Valentines Day and make people forget about how human stupidity caused the tragedy of titanic in the first place'!" he explained to her.

"Mmm, so true" the teenager of fifthteen agreed as she was done with her honey brown ponytail and placed her navy blue baseball cap backwards once more. She took another swig of her Pepsi while looking at the clock hanging in the living room of the small apartment. It read 8:32; her mother was currently out on a date with her boyfriend and wouldn't be back until late evening leaving her and her friend alone. However, both were used to this for the male practically lived here instead of next door across the hallway. She trusted both of them to take care of themselves and not set the apartment on fire—despite the fact that she was annoyed from time to time that the male had his own apartment instead of mooching off them!

"Ah, thinking about the older occupant in the household, aren't we?" the male asked slyly knowing full well he was right. It was as if he could read minds, well, read her mind to be exact. After all, they were childhood friends since they could walk, along with their other friend who they met in kindergarten. Sadly, she was studying overseas until after college leaving the two troublemakers by themselves, or "idiots" as she quoted.

"Just wondering the exact moment she'll come in spinning around and exclaiming she had the best night of her life as usual," the female replied. "Maybe we should go to bed at ten just in case to avoid the racket, ne?" this caused the male to sweat drop.

"Still haven't met the guy, huh?" her companion asked. This caused his friend to twitch. It really did piss her off that her mother didn't introduce the guys she dated to her own daughter. But then again, she does tend to scare them away causing her mother to be single once more. The male should know because he's often apart of the scheme.

"Nn Mikan, have some trust in you mom," the male told the female, Mikan.

Sakura Mikan lived in Tokyo with her best friend, Kokoroyomi—known as Koko—and her single mother for as long as she could remember. Her dad died when she was only three in a car accident on a rainy day. The apartment complex they lived in wasn't the best known in Tokyo being that it was a little on the rundown side, but neither mother nor daughter cared for it was the home they lived since Mikan was born. It was very precious and Koko often joked that if the landlord tried to evict them, it would be the start of World War III.

"That's my soda, you Coco Puff!" Mikan exclaimed when she caught Koko drinking out of her Pepsi. She bonked him on the head and retrieved the drinking item. Without hesitation or thinking of the possibility of germs, Mikan took another gulp of her drink. "Besides, she's been dating this guy for maybe two years now, and I have not seen his face once! It's ridiculous!" she told Koko.

"No, what's ridiculous is the fact that you yell at me, hit me for taking your soda, then drink out of it anyway. I mean, I know you never cared about backwash when it came to me, but do you have to hit me for it?" he whined to her. His reply was a hand ruffling his sandy brown hair.

"Of course I do! One: if it wasn't me, that person would probably throw that soda can at you for drinking out of it. Two: don't steal my soda, ask for it Coco Puff" Mikan replied as she handed the beverage to the male who once again took a gulp from it.

"I have not, nor have I ever been, in relation to the bird of Coco Puffs" Koko replied while handing her soda back to her. Commercials were showing now so they had all the time to talk before going back to making-fun-of-cheesy-movies-mode. "Besides, nothing says bonding like backwash!"

"Oh really? Then maybe I should give you that goop in the back of the fridge to drink. My mom and I still don't know what it is so maybe you can find out if it's poison or not so we can drink it" Mikan suggested with a smirk. Her chocolate brown eyes sparked in amusement the whole time.

"You are truly the devil's spawn," Koko told her. Mikan just laughed as she shook her head causing her honey brown hair to sway with her. The two of them could be considered siblings with how they look and behave, or as Mikan's mother quoted, "Maybe I had a set of twins instead, but gave Koko away because he was… well, Koko"

"No my dear friend, Hotaru is the devil's spawn" Mikan corrected as she thought about their friend overseas. Imai Hotaru was truly an evil cold-hearted person. She was devious and blackmailed anyone no matter who it was to make a profit. She often charged Mikan and Koko with an "idiot fee" because of their constant stupidity and tendency to get in trouble. Still, deep down—way, way down—she cared about the both of them and made sure they didn't get hurt. She also took pleasure in harming anyone who dared hurt her friends.

"Really? I thought she was the devil" Koko replied. Both of them burst out into laughter after that remark. Suddenly the phone rang startling the two so much they fell off the couch. Koko yelped and hid in the closet screaming, "The she-devil knows we're talking about her! Quick! Hide before she suddenly emerges out of the phone and kills us with her infamous Baka Gun!"

Mikan rolled her eyes as she picked up the phone. Koko could be a real dummy at times.

"Hello?" she asked to the person on the other line.

"Hello, I'm here to deliver a pizza to the Sakura residence" a voice answered on the other line.

"Sure, hang on a second" Mikan replied. She went over to the doorframe and pressed a black button. She heard the door from the outside opening and footsteps going up the small flight of stairs to her apartment door. It paid off to be on the first floor of the tiny apartment complex at times. You get your orders faster.

"Thanks a lot" Mikan told the pizza guy as he handed her the large box. She paid the fee and a seven dollar tip. With a friendly wave, she shut the door and called Koko out of the closet.

However, said male would not come out of the closet so said female had to go into the closet and drag said male out.

"It was just the pizza guy, Koko" she told him as he prepared to beg mercy from Hotaru. "Hotaru is overseas. She's not going to pop out of nowhere and shoot you with her Baka Gun," Mikan said to him as she grabbed a slice of pizza.

"Okay" Koko said. He took a piece of pizza as well, but froze when it was just about to touch his mouth. "I don't believe this!"

"What?" Mikan asked not really caring, but felt it was necessary to inquire.

"They put on fried anchovies instead of raw anchovies!" Koko exclaimed as if the pizza place had done a taboo act. "You don't fry anchovies! Especially with peanut butter and chocolate fudge!" Koko whined out.

Mikan nodded in agreement, but ate her slice without a fuss. She couldn't really blame the pizza place for messing up on their eccentric order.

Their pizza consisted of extra cheese, apple slices covered in caramel, bits of Doritos here and there, peanut butter, mini marshmallows, chocolate fudge, and fried—which was supposed to be raw—anchovies.

If that wasn't odd, Mikan didn't know what is.

"Still, I think the fried anchovies give it a certain charm" Mikan told Koko as she picked up another piece. She wasn't very conscious about her weight like most girls, and didn't care with how much food she ate or how she ate it in front of others. Besides, she makes up for it by eating lots of vegetables, having a high metabolism, and paying extreme catch with Koko at the local park.

"Bwou Whink Bwo?" asked Koko with his mouth full.

"Chew, swallow, then talk, Koko" Mikan reminded him and took a swig out of her soda. He complied with her wishes and made a loud gulp signaling that he swallowed his mouthful of pizza.

"You think so?" he repeated himself—this time pizza mouth free. Mikan nodded to show she was confirming to what she said.

"Yeah, I mean, it's not as good as raw anchovies but it's not bad either" Mikan told him as she took another huge bite. She was almost done her second piece.

"Hmm, still, I prefer raw ones" Koko told her.

"True" Mikan agreed. They then turned their attention back to the cruddy picture of Mikan's old television. "Hey look, we missed the ending" she said, but she didn't sound sorrowful at all.

"The antennas need adjusting again" Koko noted as he saw the picture getting fuzzy. Mikan sighed and rose from her spot on the old couch to fix the antennas. She stood behind the television and began moving the two crooked metal antennas slowly.

"Anything?" she asked out. Koko shook his head indicating that it wasn't getting better. She moved them one more time before he gave her the thumbs up showing her the picture was fine again. With that, Mikan returned to her seat and took up her third slice. "Hey, it's 'A Tale of Two Cities'" Mikan announced out.

"Oh joy," Koko muttered in sarcasm. Mikan slumped alongside him.

"I agree. I think it's a good movie for being in black and white, but the content is very hard to understand unless you watch it millions of times" Mikan told Koko.

"At least you understand this. I have no idea what's going on every time I see the movie!" Koko exclaimed.

"There's a book too" Mikan pointed out.

"Only you would know" Koko muttered causing Mikan to whack him on the head with her fist. "Itai! You don't have to be so mean! It's not my fault you're a book fanatic!"

Ah yes, books. The love of Mikan's life. Ever since she was little, she's been reading—most of her books had been for kids twice her age. The world of words had the ability to capture her in its depths and keep her there until the very last word in its pages. Fantasy was her favorite genre of all. The creative minds of others captivated her and memorized her. She loved to read about myths and legends. About mythical creatures and parallel worlds. As Koko stated many times, books was her alcohol, or she's a "Book-a-holic"

Books were truly Mikan's sanctuary. They comforted her in her saddest times when Koko couldn't be there. Having her mind sucked into the world of words put herself at ease when she was lonely. The pages have become a safe haven for her mind where she can retreat to when she felt distraught. Only Koko known the depth of Mikan's feelings when it came to books for she felt that these thoughts would disturb her mother. That was the last thing Mikan wanted: having her mother think that she wasn't a good mom because Mikan preferred the world of fantasy than reality.

"Don't worry Koko," Mikan told him, "You're still on top of my favorite things list" she said grinning. Koko grinned also and gave off a gloating laugh.

"Ha! Take that books, I'm still her favorite!" he ended it with sticking his tongue out a nothing causing Mikan to laugh.

"That's a relief for me, you know" Koko said after he was done mocking the written word. "I mean, if I lose your top favorite spot, who am I going to mooch off of and pal around with?" he asked in mock horror. Mikan responded by pushing him off the couch and taking his pizza slice for herself.

Suddenly, before Koko could pounce on Mikan for stealing his pizza, the door to the apartment burst open. Mikan and Koko turned to see a woman in her thirties looking positively giddy and bursting with excitement that was barely contained.

"Hey mom, you're home early" Mikan greeted with a raised eyebrow. Sakura Yuka grinned bigger if that was possible and raced over to her daughter—which wasn't much since the living room was small. Mikan was confused as to why her mother was happier than usual; so, she voiced out her confusion, "Mom—"

"MIKAN!!" Yuka cried out in happiness and engulfed Mikan in a bear hug. With the strength of ten men, Yuka swung Mikan around twice before setting her down again. "I had the most romantic night with the best man I've ever met!"

Like that's anything new, Mikan thought sarcastically completely ignoring what her mother was blabbering about, As usual, he showers her with compliments and impresses her with his show-offy actions.

"—marry him and I said YES!!"


Mikan began coughing as she felt some of her soda go down the wrong pipe. She beat her chest a couple of times before facing a concerned Yuka and a shellshock Koko—meaning he was listening the whole time obviously—with wide eyes.

"I'm sorry Mom; could you repeat that last sentence because I thought you said 'marry'?" Mikan asked praying to Kami-sama what she thought she heard was just a figment of her imagination and too much anchovy pizza.

"Oh sweetie," Yuka's smile was back on again. She gave Mikan a tight hug and said with joy, "I'm getting married again! He's the perfect man! And he's got children too! We're all going to be one big happy family!" Yuka cheered and hugged Mikan to her bosom glowing in joy.

However, Mikan's mood was a whole lot different than Yuka's.

Oh Hell…


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