Hi everyone im back and with my second fanfic to hehe, although Aerrow and Piper are my favourite pairing I wanted to try I DarkAce/Piper fic after reading a few fics about them they oddly suit each other

Hi everyone im back and with my second fanfic to hehe, although Aerrow and Piper are my favourite pairing I wanted to try I DarkAce/Piper Fic after reading a few fics about them they oddly suit each other.. In a weird twisted kind of way hehe. But don't worry theirs going to be a little Aerrow and Piper loving going on hehe. I must warn you theirs going be a lot of drama going on in this Fic.

The ages of the characters in my story are:

Aerrow – 18 … The confused one

Piper – 18 … The gullible one

DarkAce – 25 … The obsessed one

Finn – 19 … The vain one

Junko – 20 … The Clueless one

Stork – 25 … The paranoid one

Radarr – unknown … The fury one

Cyclonis -19…The psycho one

Don't know why but I just felt like doing the status thing hehe now on with the story…

Beloved Knights

Chapter 1

On Terra Cyclonia….

"Master Cyclonis" A tall slim Talon stood with his head bowed in Cyclonis throne room.

"Yes. What is it!! This had better be important!!" Cyclonis glared at the scared Talon.

The Talon steeped forward trembling with fear "Master, a quarter of our talons have disappeared and half their rides have been destroyed not only do we need more recruitments it seems like we are losing"

"AHHHH!! AGAIN!! And I suppose your going to some how disappear as well" Cyclonis gave another death glare to the Talon.

"No master I…."

"..SHUT UP!! . Bring me the DarkAce"

"Yes master" The talon did what he was told the last thing he wanted was to be thrown off the terra by Cyclonis.

DarkAce walked in a knelled "Yes Master"

"I need you to bring me Piper of the storm Hawks"

DarkAce's head shot up as his heart skipped a beat. DarkAce cleared his throat "Master, what do you want with that girl, you tried to get her to join us but she refused"

"I No that, but this time she doesn't have a choice, she's what's holding those blasted Storm Hawks together she's the brains of the group she gives the navigations for that Merb to follow, she gives the tactics for that good for nothing Sky Knight, She keeps that blond in check; I wont be surprised if she cooks and cleans for them. So I came up with a plan. A plan that would get ride of the Storm Hawks for good". Cyclonis reached into her cape and revealed a clocking crystal.

DarkAce raised a brow "But master you tried that before and she found you out"

"ooo but I didn't say I would use it" Cyclonis tossed the crystal to Dark Ace. "You will; my plan is for you to some how get onto the condor disguised as one of the storm hawks, once in the condor dismantle the engine and make sure they have no tools or crystals to fix it. Once that's done you have to get out before the condor crash lands…"

".. What about piper" Dark Ace interrupted. He didn't want anything happing to his darling piper.

"CALM DOWN! Im getting to that"

DarkAce took a step back and continued to listen.

"You have to somehow get piper to leave the condor with you and if she doesn't cooperate take her by force, we will make the condor crash land and hopefully it will be the end for the storm hawks".

Cylconis and DarkAce both scared an evil laugh.

"Now Go! Piper will be ours"

"Yes master"

"Oh and Dark Ace wipe that drool of your face your getting my carpet all wet"

"As You wish master" after whipping his face with his handkerchief, a little smirk appeared across his lips as he exited the room Piper your going to be mine, whether you like it or not..


With the Storm Hawks…

Piper Closed her Diary and sighed she had been thinking alot lately about her feeling for Aerrow. She was about to put her diary in her draw when she herd someone knock the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me Aerrow"

Piper's heart skipped a beat. Aerrow? .wonder what he wants maybe …No it can't be.

Piper took stood up and took a quick glance at the mirror before walking graceful to her door, her expression dropped when the door reviled who was really behind it.

"Hehe chica-cha got ya, I can't believe you feel for it hahaa. You should have seen your face"

"Finn! What do you want now? Piper growled in annoyance

"Well your boyfriend ahhemm I mean Aerrow asked me to come get you…., what's that u got in your hands"

It took awhile for Piper to realise Finn just called Aerrow her boyfriend when she did a hint of pink appeared on her cheeks, Finn realised this and grabbed Pipers diary and ran down the halls to find Aerrow.

"Oh Aerrow! Aerrrrrrrrow!! I got something for ya" Finn put on female voice in attempt to sound like Piper and was signing Aerrows name down the hall.

"FINN!! GET BACK HERE WITH MY DIARY OR ELSE!!" Piper shouted out as she made a mad dash after Finn.

Knowing he would be a dead man if Piper caught up with him Finn through Piper's diary up in the air "Here catch!" and ran down towards the bay were he parked his skimmer.

Piper Jumped into the air, did a summersault and grabbed her diary just then Aerrow turned the corner and "Aerrow!" Piper clamped her eyes shut ready for a painful landing, but to her surprise to strong arms caught her. Aerrow buckled back abit but regained his balance as he held Piper firmly against him.

"Ill see you lovebirds later im outta here" Finn Ran towards the bay and started up his skimmer as he made his way out the condor.

Just then Stork walked in only to walk back out again after seeing Aerrow and Piper in the position they were in, mumbling something about a love diseases.

Piper's eyes slowly opened, she blinked a couple of times before she looked up, she was greeted with a warm hearted smile from Aerrow. Piper started to get a little embarrassed and stayed silent for awhile.

"Piper I don't think you should be practising your Sky Fu in the corridors you or someone else could get hurt" Aerrow loosened his grip to allow Piper to stand.

Piper stood in shock her cheeks felt like they were on fire; she cleared her throat "I wasn't. I was chasing after Finn".

"What did he do this time?"

"He took my diary that's what. His been doing all kinds stupid stuff lately im starting to get really annoyed". Piper folded her arms and her eyes averted to the floor.

Aerrow took a step closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, Piper emdiantly looked up "Don't worry ill talk to him for you meanwhile try and calm yourself"

"Ok… ill try"


Piper was about to walk away when she turned back "oh and Aerrow thanks for saving me"

He smiled as she turned and walked away until she was out of site ill always be their to save you Piper…. Always


DarkAce Road towards the condor, yet still keeping out range so he couldn't be spotted.

DarkAce soon caught site of what seemed to be a skimmer coming out of the bay (is that what it's called?) of the condor.

"O yes this is to easy" DarkAce rode towards Finns Skimmer.

"Man I can't believe Piper got all crazy over a book" Finn paused as he caught site of a skimmer. Finn being Finn decided to check out who or what was flying towards him. His eyes grew wide as he realised who it was.

"Shit! The DrakAce. Im outta here" Finn Turned and headed for the condor but he was to late DarkAce caught up to him , did a front flip and landed on the front of Finns skimmer and knocked him off. "Mind if I take your ride" DarkAce ginned evilly. Finn screamed like a little girl as he plummeted down to the terra below.

Oh I can't believe it. This is it… Luckily there was a waterfall below, Finn positioned himself for a dive and with a loud splash landed into the water

Finn Spat out some water and could see DarkAce drive away towards the condor

"That's it you better fly away" but it was too late Dark Ace was out of site.

DarkAce laughed evilly and he took out the cloaking crystal; it began to glow and a purple aura appeared around him.


Hehe cliff-hanger I think this is a good place to end the first chapter. Tell me what you think, just don't be too mean ok hehe Send me some reviews and ill Update faster hehe

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