Chapter 3

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Aerrow: which is why she needs saving

DarkAce: Im so misunderstood

Aerrow: No you're just evil

Dark Ace: Take that back or ill slit your neck with my sword Sky Knight

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Chapter 3

Possessed by love

Finn rinsed the water from his uniform; he then remembered why he was in such a state.

"I can't believe DarkAce stole my ride when I get a hold of him he will face the raft of Finn"

Finn took in his surroundings. He could hardly see anything thought the thick ghostly mist that surrounded him. He turned his attention to the sky and could make out three skimmers. He was about to call out when he herd cries for help. so he hid behind a tree and quickly peeked round to see what was happening, he couldn't believe his eyes, their was Piper pinned down by Dark Ace, it looked as though he was hurting her "this cant be good". Finn somehow found the courage to jump from his hiding spot to end whatever DarkAce was doing to Piper.

"Hey DarkAce leave her alone you creep"

Dark Ace's head shot round like a bullet as he loosened his hold on Piper and stood up giving Finn a look that could kill. "You!? I thought I exposed of you already. No matter it shouldn't be too hard to get rid of you this time".

DarkAce started to approach Finn, Finns confidence soon ended and he back up into a tree with DarkAce a few feet away from him with his sword pointing in his direction.

"Time to die"

Finn screamed at a pitch that didn't seem normal as he awaited the blow form DarkAces sword. But it never came.

Finn cracked open an eye to see why he wasn't beaten to a pulp, Dark Ace's sword had fallen to the ground and his hands were held at the back of his head and he screamed out in pain.

"Pick on someone your own size" Piper shouted from her heleoscotter.

DarkAce turned his head to the floor and then straight at piper.

"Piper!? Did you just throw that rock at me" DarkAce said through clenched teeth

"What do you think, and if you don't want to end up with any brain damage I suggest you back of you creep"

DarkAce stood in shock never had he herd Piper, talk with such anger it kind of turned him on.

DarkAce was to busy in his thoughts to see that Piper had started up her heloscotter and drove straight towards him at full speed. But he managed to jump out of the way just before it collided with him.

She stopped when she was just a small distance away from Finn. "Finn hurry get on"

Finn didn't waste anytime he jumped on from behind and gripped his hands around the back of the seat.

"Im on now GO GO GOOOO !. Before he gets up and comes after us"


Aerrow and the rest of the team watched their condor being blown up and broken to pieces from their skimmers. Aerrow was filled with mixed emotions; he was outraged at the Dark Ace for destroying his ship and taking Piper away from him. Upset that he never might she her again, but most of all he was angry at himself for not admitting his filling for her sooner.

"MY BABY!! What has he done to you!? WERE ALL DOOMED!! Stork feel to his knees and waved his hands in the air at his precious condor being broken to bits.

"I can't believe it's destroyed" Said Junko before bursting into tears while Raddar screeched in horror.

Aerrow decided to take his role as leader to try and calm everyone down.

"That's enough everybody. This is not the end. We will find Piper and Finn, fix the condor and take down the DarkAce".

"Fix the condor…looks at it! It will take month's maybe years to repair ourselves" Stork wined.

"We will find a way. In the mean time Stork I need you to fix up our rides again especially mine".


"Piper!? Cant this thing go any faster, DarkAce is gaining on us" Shouted Finn from the back seat of Pipers heleoscotter while double checking just how fast DarkAce was approaching them.

"Im going as fast as I can Finn, you no I could always lighten the load"

Finn mumbled under his breath at Pipers comment but his attitude soon changed when he realised jus how close DarkAce was to them.

Piper was dodging the tress in the forest soon the vision of green leaves and brown branches disappeared and was replaced with yellows and browns. The once cold forest had now become a hot dessert.

"Freaky, just what kind of terra is this, first its all cold now were in a Dessert!" Finn said with a bewildered expression.

"I'm not quite sure yet all I know is that it's an uncharted terra I didn't read a lot about the history of it or anything"

"And here was me thinking you new everything"

"Shut up Finn"

"Get back here with my Princess" DarkAce called with Anger from behind.

Finns eyes grew wide and he started snickering at DarkAces comment "Princess!? What is he talking ... don't tell me he wants you to be his girl"

"You quest right"

"Wow so earlier when he had you pinned to the ground he was trying to kiss you, never knew he had the hots for you. If Aerrow finds out that the DarkAce tried to kiss his girl he would go crazy".

Piper blushed at Finns words "would Aerrow really be Jealous". Piper shock her headat the thought. "Could he feel the same way as me?"

"By the way Piper I think you should change direction, I think I saw the guys on their skimmers before I found ya"

"Great so they made it out alive" Piper was to over joyed to realise that the DarkAce was only a small distance away from them.

"Gotcha" DarkAce aimed his sword towards the wheel of Pipers heleoscotter and shoot a lightning bolt causing it to burst and fly off.

Piper and Finn screamed as the heloscotter started spiralling out of control until they both feel to the ground.

DakAce parked up his skimmer a few feet away from were Piper and Finn had landed.

He made his way towards piper, I never thought it would be this much trouble to get you DarkAce then scooped her up in his arms and positioned her on Radarrs part of Aerrows skimmer.

"This time you won't get away from me that easily" Dark Ace smirk to himself and he set of into the distance leaving an unconscious Finn behind.


Stork had been upgrading Finns skimmer seeing as DarkAce took Aerrows and even started working on his Stork Mobil.

"Its no use will never find them will all probably share the same fait"

"Stork enough with the drama already will find them we just have to keep looking"

"Guys look, who's that up ahead". Junko pointed towards a shadowy figure leaning against a tree. They drove closer and the image started to become clear it was a person with blond hair.

"Finn!?"Junko called running towards Finns battered body with Aerrow, Radarr and Stork close behind.

Finns eyes slowly opened; when his vision became clear he stood up and shouted "It's about time you guys showed up. I was dying out here"

"It's nice to see you to Finn" said Aerrow with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He held out a hand to Finn to help him up. Then Finn was given a bone braking hug from Junko.

"Im so glad your ok buddy"

"Junko! Can't breath"


"Finn what exactly happened to you, I mean you weren't exactly on the condor" Aerrow questioned not wanting to waste time.

Finn took in a deep breath this was going be a long day.


So were is Piper now

"I don't know all I remember was that DarkAce was casing us, then Pipers heleoscotter started spinning out of control and we both feel of and then darkness. My guess is that Piper must have been taken by the DarkAce again" Finn Finished.

"What does he want with Piper" said Stork and Junko

Finn looked at Aerrow for a moment he could see he knew the answer to.

Aerrow Stayed silent for a second he remembered what the DarkAce said back when they had the battle on the condor

"What do you want" Aerrow tried to stay still one sudden move could get his throat cut.

"To take down you Storm Hawks of course .And o yes, you don't mind if I take Piper along with me too do you?"

Aerrows eyes widened and his blood began to boil "What do you want with Piper!"

"Just to get her to join Cyclonia and to for fill my needs" DarkAce smirked.

"It doesn't matter what matter is that we find Piper" With that Aerrow walked to his new Skimmer.

"What's up with him?"

"Dude DarkAce want Piper to be his princess and obviously Aerrow's pissed about it"

"Aerrow loves Piper!" Junko said a little a confused look.

Finn. Stork and Radaar all sweat dropped. (That's what it's called right?)

"Junko you're a little slow aren't you"

"I've always known Aerrow preferred Piper more then the rest of use but didn't know he liked her like that he doesn't really show it"

"Well I have a feeling he will soon if he doesn't the he truly has mind worms"

Everybody looked at Stork and nodded their head in agreement.


With DarkAce and Piper….

Piper's eyes fluttered open. She leaned forward and took in her surroundings; she seemed to be in some short of cave under waterfall.

"I thought you would never waked up"

Pipers gasp and shuffled back "Whose their!?"

DarkAce walked from the shadows and into the light.

Piper blinked and her blood began to boil "What is with you. Just what exactly do you want with me?"

"I told you I love you why is it so hard to believe and you are coming with me to Cyclonia to be my princess. DarkAce cupped pipers chin and stared into her eyes.

Piper pulled away and attempted to slap him round the face but he held her hand before it made contact.

"You're very aggressive aren't you" he purred.

"I would never love a person like you" Piper stood and tried to walk away. But found herself back on the floor before making her first step. Pipers winced in pain but it soon went when she saw DarkAce chuckling and pointing to her feet.

"I tied your legs together. Do you really think im that stupid to have you escape from me again...? And why would you never love a person like me?"

"Because were different you're a cyclonian, im a Storm Hawk were totally different"

"Humm what do they always say again oh yes opposites attract"

"Well me and you will never happen"

"And why is that humm? I think secretly you want us to be together but you're just scared of what your friends and other people will think of you going out with the Dark Ace"

"How dare you think such an insane thing!"

"You like Aerrow don't you" DarkAce changed the subject

Piper froze and looked away.

"I knew it ,well he doesn't care about you look how long its been and he hasn't even come to find you, how old are you now, eighteen right, and I bet he hasn't even shown any sign that he likes you the way you want him to"

Piper stayed silent.

"How did I know. DarkAce smirked. "Don't worry forget about him let me be the one to.."

.."Shut up!?" what's wrong with you, when will you get it through your thick head that I would never be with you; your a evil cold hearted murder who only lives to show no mercy. Finns out stranded in the middle of nowhere and I have no clue were the others are I just want to see them again see Aerrow again"

Piper now had her back turned to him and crossed her arms around herself to try and prevent herself from crying but it didn't work tears started fallen from her bright amber eyes.

DarkAce felt something that he never felt before. Guilt.

He slowly walked up to the girl, spun her around and embarrassed her. Piper didn't care anymore she burst out into tears with here head bowed. "My friends are probably in trouble and I may never see them again".

DarkAce felt his heart sink "How can a mere girl do this to me" he couldn't take it anymore he was so close to her he had to take advantage of it. His lips brush passed her check and towards her lips but she responded by turning her head so he kissed her cheek.

"Im sorry, I only did all those things for you every time I saw you with that sky knight it made my heart brake, im not all that bad why is it so hard to believe. Piper I love you".

Piper struggled to get free but his hold only tightened more "Love... you don't know what love is" Piper cursed.

"Then maybe you can show me" Piper froze as DarkAce chuckled then edged closer to her so his face was slightly touching hers. He backed her up into the stone wall and pinned her Arms above her head; he then moved his free hand to her hair and took out the band that was holing her ponytail in place. Her hair feel down to her shoulders. He ran his fingers through her hair then traced her face with his finger "You look so beautiful with your hair down... I love you".

Piper was mystified how did this all happen. Who is this man, he must be possessed. He can't be the same DarkAce… But this was real he wanted her. Bad. Could he really love me!? What am I thinking, of course he doesn't look how much pain he causes how many lives have been lost because of him. Piper don't give in its all an act to get you to join cyclonia...but it feels so real. What should I do.. his to strong.. Aerrow… Guys were are you? Pipes thoughts were then interrupted by the Dark Ace.

"You know you should dress like this more often I can see more skin that way" (ermm yer Piper still had the same outfit she wore from practicing her sky fu take a look at chapter 1 to refresh your mind) DarkAce tugged on her top in attempt to take it off. Piper didn't resist and some how managed to find the strength to kick him in his sheen. But DarkAce held onto the material firmly and as she moved to kick him her top ripped slightly revelling more of her stomach.

Piper squealed and wrapped her hands around herself "Don't look"

DarkAce moved her hands and pinned them up in their previous position. "Why would I do that, you look even better this way".

Piper Screamed but it was muffled by DarkAces lips over hers, DarkAce closed his eyes in pleasure she tastes amazing.

"It's impossible I can't stop him, I might as will give in the others probably…"


Both Piper and DarkAce broke apart; DarkAce turned to see who interrupted his precious moment with the one he loved.

"Aerrow!" Piper looked with astonishment.

DarkAce shot her a look before turning his attention back to Aerrow "You're still alive you just won't die will you"

Aerrow narrowed his eyes "Maybe you didn't here me you get away from her or ill slice you up with my blades".

Finn, Radaar, Junko and Stork then rode in on their skimmers; they took in the scene before them. DarkAces hand was locked around Pipers waste. Piper's hair was down and her clothes seem to have been torn slightly. Then they looked towards Aerrow he looked like he was going to kick the shit out of the DarkAce any minute.

"Damn this cant be good" Stork spoke trying to break the awkward silence.

"Come on guys we got to help" Finn lead the group towards Aerrow and the others Aerrow saw this and turned around and signalled for them to stop "No this is between me and him"

Piper tried to move only to be pushed back into her current place "I haven't finished with you yet my sweet once I dispose of this pest ill finish what I started. DarkAce then planted a small kiss on Pipers lips. And made his way towards Aerrow. Aerrows blood began to boil, in rage he charged straight for DarkAce.

DarkAce blocked his attack.

"Piper Go!, I don't want to get hurt" DarkAce shouted.

"Who the hell do you think you are im her commanding officer ill be the one to tell her if she will get hurt or not. Piper Go!"

Piper wasted no time and ran towards the others who greeted her warmly.

Junko gave Piper his signature hug "Piper we all missed you. Radarr nodded his head in agreement.

"Awwww I missed you guys to, back when I saw the condor blow up I thought I lost you guys for good".

Stork eyes began to water "don't remind me!, my baby is gone forever!"

Piper gave Stork an unexpected hug"don't worry Stork we could always fix it"

" That's just what Aerrow said even if we didn't it wouldn't be the same" Stork berried his head in his hands. "There their Stork Piper rubbed his back trying to calm him.

Finn looked at her concerned "Piper are you sure your ok, did DarkAce..."

.. "No he didn't im fine now guys really... I wish I could say the same for them". Piper turned to DarkAce and Aerrow as did the others.


It was a heated battle. The clashing of blade against blade. Could be herd echoing throughout the cave.

Every time Aerrow received a painful blow the others would try to intervene but Aerrow would just shout and say things like this was his fight and didn't need their help.

"Give up Knight the girl is mine you had your chance and you blew it"

"I Know I did. Which is why im going to make it up to her when I finish you of" Aerrow then somehow kicked DarkAce to the floor making him lose his weapon. DarkAce tried to reach for it but Aerrow kicked it away. And punched and kicked him repeatingly in his face and stomach until he was coughing out blood.

The others started in shocked never have they seen Aerrow fight like this it was like he was possessed. Was he actually going to kill this man right in front of them?!.

Junko and Radarr covered their eyes, Finn and Stork couldn't move. And Piper felt tears in her eyes. "STOP! Aerrow that's enough!" it was no use Aerrow was in his own world and totally oblivious to everyone around him. He now had both his daggers pointed at DarkAce.

"Time to die" Aerrow spat with so much venom and hatred.

DarkAce cracked open his eyes he was in so much pain but he managed to speak "You fool do you really (cough) think (cough, cough) this is what she wants".

Aerrow was outraged he thinks im in the wrong im not the bad guy he is. He tried to take Piper away from me im not having im live.

Aerrow brought his blades down at full speed ready for the final blow everyone gasped in horror. But his movements were stopped when he felt two small arms rap round his waste. He looked down into two orange orbs and saw pain and confusion he was so tense it was like he was going to push her out of the way any second.

"Please Aerrow don't kill him you will only be as bad as him" Piper cried.

"Piper get of me!? He destroyed the condor, tried to kill us and tried to turn you against us…against me... And he even abused you".

Aerrow tried to push her off but she wouldn't buge. Piper began to sob loudly into his chest. Aerrow suddenly was brought back to reality and he saw what was going on. Finn, Stork, Junk and Radaar looked had horror writing all over their faces. He then looked at the girl in front of him, the girl he truly loved and would do anything to protect, was crying and it was all because of him. Aerrows blades lost its blue glow and he locked them behind his back in their usual spot and brought his hands around Piper.

"Im so sorry, I don't know what came over me. I was just so angry, just the thought of his hands on you made me sick".

"Aerrow what happened to you we were all so confused it was like you were controlled or something I was so scared don't you ever do that again"

Aerrow whipped the tears from her eyes, then lightly kissed her forehead" Don't worry I wont. I promise" Piper blushed at Aerrows action.

"Ill wait for you outside I need to clear my head" Aerrow rubbed her shoulders then slowly made his way out the cave with Radaar followed close behind. And soon the others joined. Junko turned around and saw that Piper didn't move from her spot. "Piper are you coming"

Piper turned "Yeah hang on I want to sort something out first"

Junko and the others forced a smile and waited with Aerrow outside.

Piper walked up to DarkAce and examined his form he was so badly injured he had blood dripping from his mouth, a black eye and cuts and rips all over his body and uniform. She stopped down and watched him for a while. She then saw his eyes slowly open. She could see he was trying to talk but it was so hard

"How comes…you didn't let him kill me?" Piper could just about make out his words.

"I couldn't just watch you get killed like that. It wasn't right.. It doesn't mean I like you or anything"

DarkAce chuckled slightly "thank you"

Piper took of her necklace and held it above his head his body .It then began to glow as an blue aura appeared around him, some of his cuts were beginning to heal and he could began to fell his energy retuning to him. She then put her necklace back on.

DarkAce sat up and held his hand near his face his eye was no longer swollen his attention was then turned to Piper "What did you just do"

"I healed you with my crystal necklace... But only a little. Enough to keep you alive."

DarkAce gave her a warm hearted smile "Thank you... I never knew your necklace could do that"

"Theirs a lot of things about me you don't know DarkAce" Piper then stood and walked towards her awaiting teammates. As she walked she felt his eyes on her but she refused to look back.


"You held him didn't you" Said Finn

"Only a little" Piper answered

"Aerrows not going to like this"

"Finn chillax I don't think DarkAce would be giving us anymore trouble after what just happened"

"Whatever lets just go im hungry" Finn joined Junko on the back of his skimmer.

Piper giggled then took a quick glance behind her. He was still staring with a look of satisfaction on his face. Piper couldn't help but smile.

"Piper are you coming" Aerrow called and signalled for her to join him on his skimmer.

"Yeah im coming Aerrow" with that she sat behind Aerrow and held her arms firmly around his waste.


After they were out of site DarkAce stood his legs were shaky at first but he managed to regain his balance.

"Damn the Sky Knight I will have my revenge and Piper this time"


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