Aburame Naruto

It had been a calm night, no clouds covering the moon with its bright light shining over Konoha, however that was not to last as the great nine tails raged at the gates as ninjas fought against it hopelessly. Minato knew that no attack would be able to stop it and had come down to the conclusion of dealing it. The problem with this was that there was no seal complex or strong enough to hold it and so had been forced to create one from scratch. He looked up at his friend and could see the sadness even from the usually stoic man,

"Shibi, you know this has to be done there is no other way," he saw the man simply nod at him, "Good and make sure it is all done to plan, I won't have my child being an outcast because of that damn council!" he cursed, those old fools had tried to make him take several wives to spread his bloodline, but he had told them to piss off, he grinned at the memory of their shocked faces and wished he would be able to see them when they found out he had a son, oh the joy and if his son was anything like him they would not forget it ever. He looked at the picture of his wife on the desk; she had already left to go into hiding and would not be back until he was sixteen or a Chuunin, God how he would miss her.

"Yondaime-sama it is time," he heard the man said slowly,

"Of course, and call me Minato remember, I'm not above my friends in anyway,"

"You do always say that and I always remind you are the Hokage and I am a clan head you are above me,"

"Yeah and I still don't have a comeback either," he said with a grin, "Well I suppose this is goodbye old friend," they hugged and Minato left the office quickly, Shibi stood watching the doorway,

"Goodbye Minato."


One hour later and Shibi stood in front of the council with the boy in his arms who was sleeping peacefully even amongst the shouts of anger, cursing and vengeance,

"The demon must be killed before it heals otherwise it will kill us all!" screamed a certain pink haired woman, many civilians agreed with her and one or two shinoibi but the rest were looking at the boy with some curiosity or in Danzo's case greed, 'He could be a brilliant weapon' he thought,

"Silence, I will not have that in my presence especially over the child," roared Shibi extremely pissed off at the council as his bugs rose to surround him and buzz angrily, that was more than enough to get everyone's attention, he rarely spoke let alone shout, the buzzing quietened but they remained in the air as a defence should anyone attempt anything, they had already done so that night and they were not lucky people, as far as he was aware they were still being treated for chakra exhaustion and one had died from it,

"Do you know who this child is? Whose legacy he is or how powerful he could become?"

"He is right, if he was to be placed in ROOT he would be unstoppable," said Danzo with many civilians agreeing," the buzzing was heard again and the smirk fell from their faces as the whole wall behind Shibi was filled by bugs and they crawled along the floor and ceiling around him,

"No, do you think I would let you take away my best friends child to become an emotionless killing machine?" many people in the room all gasped, it was no secret as to who this man's friend was,

"How can it be? Yondaime had no wife or child," asked the same woman,

"Woman you do not know anything, with the pressure of the council on him for heirs do you think he would tell us of either? If he did they would be bred from the minute they were old enough and the power hungry clans would try to abduct them and mix their bloodlines to become stronger," spoke a now very attentive Shikaku as he looked at the woman with mild disgust in his eyes, "Their resemblance is uncanny, the only people with blond hair and blue eyes are Inochi's clan and I'm not aware of any more children from his wife, so it must be true and my support goes behind the Aburame Clan," the man winked at Shibi, "I take it he made you adopt the boy?" Shibi nodded, and there were more outcries,

"I have warned you already council, I will not take this abuse towards me or the boy," he said as the bugs began to advance, many became silent except for the woman who was known as Haruno Miya,

"You would not attack this council if you wish to remain on it and your clan be welcome in Konoha anymore," she said with a smirk,

"But should my clan choose to leave and move to another village, that would be quite disastrous for you would it not? Your economy would fall as my clan provides most of the silk for exporting and you would lose most of your trackers and favour in the village for forcing us to leave over such a small threat," all this was said with a cold manner but he was grinning under the collar of his coat, the look of shock on her face was quite pleasing to him as she tried to speak,

"But you wouldn't I mean...

"Woman you have said quite enough, I suggest you just keep quiet," said Chouza glaring at her,

"Shibi you also have the support of the Akimichi Clan,"

"The same as the Yamanka Clan," spoke Inochi,

"The Inuzuka Clan stands with the Aburame," spoke Tsume,

"I support the Aburame's, the Uchiha Clan joins you," spoke the female head of the Uchiha making everyone turn to her, she was usually cold and strict but they saw a small smile on her face as she looked at the boy,

"What is the meaning of this, it is a demon it should be trained under me to destroy other villages in seconds!" Danzo cried out at them, he was met with cold glares which he returned in anger, "Very well it must be done to protect Konoha, ROOT kill the boy," he said and throughout the room Anbu appeared and restrained the ninja who tried to stop them in their mission as seven advanced on Shibi who brought his bugs forward to defend him and Naruto, however before anyone could move Naruto woke up and seeing all these people with masks started crying and to their shock even more bugs started rising through the floor and blacked out the windows which was when everything was kicked off as screams were heard in the dark and crashed as bodies and people moved around hitting the floors. When he stopped crying the windows were uncovered and the bugs retreated back from where they came revealing all the Anbu on the ground as well as Danzo, everyone turned to the now giggling boy as he pulled on the collar of Shibi's jacket trying to pull it down as the man stopped him,

"That was interesting, I assume you have already transferred your bloodline to him?" asked Shikaku,

"Of course it was to guarantee his survival as he is now under my protection and has our bloodline, and with your support I believe you would like to do the same?" Shikaku nodded as did the other who were supporting him, "Then let us head to the sealing room I prepared in case of this series of events," they left leaving the rest of the room in complete silence as they contemplated how strong the child would become under the clan heads.


Naruto's years of training began almost the minute he could walk, most of it to begin with was with the Aburame's learning to control and talk to his hive and other bugs and would then travel to Shikaku and learn all the strategies and play shogi to increase his intelligence. When he was six he began working with the Uchiha's on his bloodline and learn their Taijutsu and incorporate it with his hive and form a powerful style, and at the same time he worked at the Inuzuka's bloodline steadily improving his tracking skills. His bloodlines were the Destruction bug host technique, the Sharingan, improved senses from the Inuzuka and his control over shadows. He had unlocked all of them very early and the last one he achieved was his Sharingan which had emerged in a battle with his father, Shibi in practice with his bugs, a small party had been arranged to celebrate his final unlocked bloodline at a very young age of eight.

He was entered in the academy the next year at the age of nine and was instantly top of his class far above the likes of such prodigies like Hyuuga Neji and the previous year's Uchiha Itachi. His appearance was striking, the long standard trench coat of the Aburame's which would not tend to wear too often as it obstructed his movement, the usual sunglasses to cover his eyes because of the standard but compound eyes, a result from the bugs inhabiting his body, but was most strange about them was that they had a deep ring of black around the iris which was a sign of a powerful shadow user according to Shikaku when he inspected them, and at fourteen years old he was surprisingly tall at 5'10 far taller than his classmates, Rock Lee the closest at 5'8. His coat was a deep black with two red stripes running the length of either side of it, and black combat boots, all of which contrasted with his blonde hair that had black streaks through it. Even if he was a year younger than his teammates that didn't mean he was any weaker than them, he was easily the strongest with Neji second, then Lee and Tenten last simply because he was able to negate her weapons easily with his bugs and dodge them if need be. His sensei was a little weird he had to admit but was a great role model for Lee who followed after him in his style of clothes and choice of Taijutsu and training.

The training was harsh for all of them although to a lesser extent for Naruto due to his extreme healing and sheer stamina and chakra from the Kyuubi, yes he knew, the Aburame's didn't believe in such secrets being held from someone and he was told on his tenth birthday by all the clans looking after him, surprisingly it didn't really bother him he was doing the village a great service why should he feel angry? So far it had only helped him get stronger.

Today was another one of his team training days and he stood in the middle of his three teammates waiting for their first move, this was typical practise, they would team up against him and try to take him down with their own styles and teamwork as he defended and struck back. He stood still with his jacket off, his body tensed prepared for the first strike, and with a grin he dispersed into bugs which spread out towards Lee who jumped away but was caught in the back by the real Naruto and taken to the ground, but when Tenten tried to help him by throwing kunai he once again turned into bugs and she was frozen by his shadow bind as his bugs covered her and absorbed enough of her chakra to put her out of the match but still be conscious. He was struck in the back by a palm thrust from Neji who charged him with his own bloodline the Byakugan active. This caught the real Naruto who collapsed onto a knee as Neji kicked at him but Naruto narrowly dodged him, rolling to the side, looking up at Neji he gave a grin which was returned and as he charged to knock out Naruto he found himself unable to move, the Naruto in front of him became bugs and travelled along the ground to the left and travelled up Naruto's leg and back into his body,

"I forfeit, good match Naruto," he was released,

"You weren't so bad yourself Neji, you almost had me when you attacked me from behind and can I just say ow!" he said as he clutched his side in pain with a small grin on his face. However as much a joke as it was the minute Tenten heard it she was by his side trying to help him, "Gah Tenten it was a joke I swear!" he hissed in pain as he tried to stand up fully,

"Uh huh and I'm the Hokage, now let me check it Naruto-kun," he gave a sigh as he pulled his shirt up high enough for her to take a look at his side, she had a small blush as she ran her hands over the spot, "Its already healing, you should be alright in a few minutes but don't strain yourself ok?" she said with a small glare at him, knowing how he could be sometimes when it came to training,

"Aww but you know today's my training with Hana-chan," he whined,

"Well then you can just blame Neji for that," Neji stepped back as he felt Naruto give him a glare but was relieved when he looked back at Tenten, he lowered his glasses slightly so she could see his eyes making her blush as she looked into them,

"But Ten-chan do you really want me not to train? I suppose that means I can't take you on a date anytime soon, I guess it can wait a few months or so," he was grasped by the collar of his shirt and pulled so his face was an inch away from her blushing one, "Err forget I said anything," she suddenly kissed him on the lips and he could hear silence from all of them and then snickering from Neji and cheering from Lee about the flames of youth, when he was released from her grip she then fell unconscious on top of him.