Yugito was finally being released; it wasn't as if she had broken a bone or something. Just her and that bitch had a little disagreement about Naruto; she stalked out of her room and walked down the empty corridor. She looked curiously when she saw the Hokage's secretary or whoever she was come out of a room slightly pale and tired looking, feeling that she had to help the woman she made her way over to her.

"Excuse me, are you okay?" Shizune looked at her and smiled wearily,

"Yes thank you, just a rough night and then having to heal him," she said pointing into the room. Yugito's eyes followed her finger and her eyes widened when she saw Naruto lying in the bed with most of his chest and arms covered in bandages. She ran over to him and cupped his cheek,

"What happened to him?" when Shizune didn't answer she turned to see the woman blushing furiously and looking at the floor, "What happened?" she asked again,

"Well you see, Naruto-kun and Tsunade-sama were supposed to go out last night but when he passed out from what she was wearing she decided it would be better for them to stay in instead and this is what she did to him last night," she finished quietly, Yugito's eyes were wide,

"So what you're saying is that Naruto and the Hokage had sex last night and she put him in the hospital after?" Shizune nodded,

"Tsunade-sama has been celibate for the past twenty or so years, I think she was catching up on what she had missed," she said quietly.

"That doesn't mean she had to do this to him," she scowled while holding his hand. Now what was she going to do if she felt her urges? She sighed to herself; this might be a long few days.


Tsunade was in her office with a large grin on her face as she signed the paperwork on her desk, it was probably obvious that she was happy but how can you be happy signing paperwork? Well it went surprisingly fast when she repeated what had happened between her and Naruto over and over in her head. She looked up at the door and saw a scowling Yugito,

"Can I help you?" she asked cheerfully, however this didn't affect Yugito at all,

"You put Naruto-kun into the hospital," she stated making Tsunade blush,

"Yes, I might have been a little rough with him last night but it was wonderful,"

"Even Nibi didn't break half of his bones and put him in a coma," she clapped her hands over her mouth as Tsunade's jaw dropped,

"He...he slept with the Nibi?" she asked startled, it was Yugito's turn to blush,

"She is sorta a part of me and forced me to let her have a turn," which she finished with muttering, "A turn that lasted nearly four hours," Tsunade blinked at her,

"That's a shock and I certainly hope that Nibi is female, otherwise I might be a little worried,"

"Trust me, she is. The whole time she kept telling me how to make him last even longer or tease him into submission,"

"Did it work?" Tsunade asked feeling her hidden pervert arise within her mind, Yugito sat down,

"It certainly did," the two women giggled and went over both of their explorations and compared them.


Gai was training with Tenten and Neji seeing as lee had his arm in a cast. Tenten was holding a huge weight on her back as she tried to move around the training ground as Neji was balancing two katanas in the palms of his hands. That would have been alright if not for the fact the points were in his hand. Gai had personally come up with these exercises himself and boy was he proud, so proud in fact that he was prepared for the inescapable chase that he would have with his two students. Tenten was the first to blow up,

"I won't do this anymore, I'm going to be a married woman and I refuse to do this!" she shouted at them,

"YOSH SUCH FIERY PASSION TENTEN, NARUTO-KUN IS LUCKY TO HAVE YOU!" Gai cheered while crying, both lee and Neji looked dumbfounded,

"Ten-chan? You are marrying Naruto-kun?" lee asked her confusedly, she nodded happily, all previous anger dissipated,

"He asked me to marry him a few days ago in the hospital, it was so romantic. Although Gai-sensei was crying more than me,"

"Yosh Gai-sensei was overcome by such romanticism from Naruto-kun, I will defeat him one day," lee held his working hand up triumphantly. He felt Gai's hand on his shoulder, "Gai-sensei?"

"You cannot defeat Naruto-kun lee, and neither can I. His youthfulness is far too strong. We can only hope to have half the youthfulness that he contains," lee was in tears,





The whole way through this exchange of names they were hugged as their teammates covered their eyes and Tenten broke down crying while Neji tried to escape by burrowing into the ground.


Hana was woken up by something wet on her forehead, tensing up she launched at whoever it was and slammed them to the floor with her on top. The loud squeak told her that it was a women, looking more closely she recognized her friend Shizune holding a damp cloth. At that moment the door slid open and they both turned to see Naruto once again wearing his glasses although you could see his eyebrows over the rim,

"Hana, you want her more than me? All you had to do was say," Shizune blushed and Hana was almost in tears, in a flash she was wrapped round one of his arms looking at him with big eyes,

"But I want you naruto-kun," she whined then turned to Shizune, "No offense," her friend shook her head,

"None taken," she said quietly as she stood up and scowled at Naruto,

"And what are you doing out of bed?" she asked with her hands on her hips,

"Erm, would you believe that I'm stretching my legs?" her eyes narrowed,

"Just over two hours ago they were both fractured and your left was broken," she stated, "And let's not list everything else," she blushed at this, he actually had burns on his...she was broken out of her thoughts by Hana,

"What happened to you Naruto-kun? How did you get hurt so badly?" he looked at her then Shizune and back again,

"I sorta slept with Tsu-chan last night," he fidgeted slightly, "And it was her first time in quite a while,"

"So she completely trashed you?"

"For lack of a better term," he answered, Hana scowled,

"When do I get you?" she demanded,

"Erm...," he sweated, "You're next I guess," her eyes lit up but Shizune stopped her,

"Sorry Hana but I don't want him doing anything like that for at least another two or three days," Hana let out a growl of frustration,

"But I'm in goddamn heat now," she snapped, Shizune was quick to blush and Naruto sighed,

"I'm not allowed to have sex?" Shizune shook her head, "I guess you'll have to settle for extremely heavy petting then Hana-chan," and before either woman could react he shunshin'd away with Hana leaving a furious and blushing Shizune, she had noticed that when he was around she pretty much wore a permanent blush. With a sigh of desperation she cleaned up the room and left.


Hana's moan echoed through her ears as she lay on her back, Naruto had taken them to her bedroom where he had laid her on her back and taken off her trousers. She gave a whimper as his teeth brushed against her clit and moaned even louder as he gently bit on it. By Kami she had never felt anything like it! Years of masturbation and partners and he was making her feel like it was her first time with a guy at all, and she loved it, the idea of her being the innocent girl and him the rugged handsome lover. She gave a long moan ending with a slight squeal as her body spasmed from the rush of her orgasm, her back arching right off the bed and pushing him further in her body eagerly wanting him to continue. She fell back onto the bed tired from her high of pleasure as Naruto crawled up her body and kissed her, another shiver of excitement rushed through her as she tasted herself from his lips. She felt the grin on his face as he kissed her obviously pleased with what he had done to her and her current state but she couldn't allow him this small victory so with a sharp push she rolled him onto his back and then straddled him her hands frantically pulling at his waist, Naruto felt like he was going through Déjà vu as he heard the ripping noise but let out a groan of pleasure as she took his head into her mouth and began to bob up and down while twirling her tongue round the head in her mouth. His body was twitching and his hips were desperately trying to thrust up into her mouth but she held him down with her arms as she continued to torment him loving the feeling of his domination by her hand. Feeling merciful she took as much as she could into her mouth and began to hum allowing the vibrating of her throat to finish him off and with a loud grunt his hand wrapped into her hair and she swallowed the mass of his cum, licking her lips as she cleaned him up. When she sat up she saw him smiling whilst still breathing heavily,

"You better teach that to the others," he joked and she giggled,

"I'll teach them more than that," she said with a bright blush on her face, "They're going to be my wives too you know," Naruto caught onto this fact and images of all his future wives flooding his mind along with what may happen between them, he couldn't stop himself as his dick began to harden again and become fully erect before her eyes, "Damn Tsunade-sama, now I can't even ride you," she muttered angrily,

"How about I do it then?" both of them turned to the doorway to see Tsume looking at them with a slight smirk on her face, Naruto grabbed the blanket and threw it over his erection but that didn't do much and Hana dived under them beside him,

"Mum! What the hell are you doing in here?" screeched Hana,

"What? I'm not allowed to walk around my own home?" she asked mockingly,

"Not in my bedroom you aren't!"

"You could hear the pair of you from downstairs and I came to check it out, how was I supposed to know that you would be sucking him off?" Naruto felt incredibly awkward and he could practically feel the heat from Hana's blush on his side. Nobody said anything for a moment but then Tsume spoke again, "Now about my offer..."

"Get the hell out!" Hana screamed and her mother quickly raced out with a large grin on her face.