I found on wikipedia that the Henson Company named Sarah's stepmother Irene so that is what name I'm calling her. I don't own any of the characters from the movie. I haven't read the manga Return to Labyrinth so I don't know if any of my own creations are in the manga. Thanks for reading. I wanted to make this like a PG-13 movie so there is is sexual content but it's as for now in only one chapter, but may be in more.

Thank Yous

Thanks for all of the reviews. Please keep them coming. I'm trying to write this while working on English essays for school. Of course this is more fun.


He sat on his throne with one leg an arm. His subjects surround him; not noticing their king was preoccupied. In his hand, he held a crystal orb. Inside he could see his one true love in a wedding gown, but it wasn't for their wedding. She was going to marry another. As he watched her twirl around in the gown, his heart dropped more. Ten years. Ten years since he had touched her. Ten years since she had defeated him and turned away his offer of eternal love. And now she was marring a fool who did not deserve her. Slowly a plan came into his mind. What if he could get her to return to the Labyrinth and him? What if he could make her realize she was his and he hers? A little came to his mismatched eyes. "I haven't lost you yet, Sarah."