Kingdom Hearts: Soul Crank

I don't own Kingdom Hearts or Bleach

This takes place during the Bleach Arc that introduces the Arrancars & near the end of Kingdom Hearts I.

Lock 000

Karakura Town (Early Morning)

Everyone's favorite Substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo Kurosaki was out doing his job, slaying Hollows and guiding lost souls to the Soul Society. He found a soul however that could not be guided no matter HOW hard he tried and this along with Rukia Kuchiki's constant pestering was ticking him off.

"Would you shut up already!? No matter how many times I try he ain't goin' to Soul Society!" Ichigo yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Keep trying anyway!" Rukia had said in response.

For you see Ichigo and Rukia had discovered a sleeping boy in their town with the same properties as a lost soul in a physical body. But what they don't realize is this boy may just change the lives of everyone in the Soul Society AND Earth forever.

Urahara Shop (Morning)

"So Ichigo, what brings you here today?" asked the shop owner, Kisuke Urahara.

"I'm here cuz' this kid can't is half soul/half human and CAN'T get a Soul Burial." Ichigo replied tired from dragging the STILL sleeping kid to the shop.

"Hmm...A human with the properties of a soul? Or a soul with the properties of a human?" questioned Urahara as he got a closer look at the boy.

"Any idea of what to do with the kid?" Rukia asked as she used her Soul Pager to scan the kid and see if he was a new type of Hollow but when she did she got strange results. "Come look at this Kisuke." He did as she requested and also put a confused face on.

"What's wrong?" Ichigo asked with a raised eyebrow.

"According to this, he's had something like a Soul Burial already but also allowed himself to be spirtually degraded while he was a whole at some time. But while this happened, two wholes were born as a result." Rukia stated intelligently much to Ichigo's discontent.

"English, please?" the orange haired teen said.

"In other words, he's become a Hollow willingly, been brought back to life and has had a couple of duplicates of himself made in the process." Urahara translated.

"But how's that even possible?" Ichigo asked although he had MANY more questions while staring at the kid.

"I don't know but it happened, bottom line." Urahara said flatly with concern in his voice. It was then that the boy had woken up yelling "Kairi, I'll save you!" afterwards jumping straight up and bashing his forehead with Ichigo's.

"OWWWW!!" both of them said at the same time.

"Well, now we know he isn't dead..." Rukia said with a sweatdrop.

"Where am I...? How'd I get here?"

"You're in my shop." Urahara answered "This boy, Ichigo here picked up your unconscious body and brung you here." he finished while pointing his fan at said orange haired teen as he was rubbing his now sore forehead.

"Oh...well, thank you. My name's Sora." the boy said while introducing himself.

"No prob-" before Ichigo could properly introduce himself to Sora, he was cut off by Rukia's Soul Pager which started beeping to alarm them that a Hollow has arrived.

"We'll have to cut the intros short, a Hollow's on the loose!"

"Alright fine..." Ichigo said as he used his Substitute Badge to turn into his Soul Reaper form.

Sora who witnessed every second of it was speechless. "No way! You have a drive form and a keyblade too?" he asked completely baffled.

"Drive Form?" Urahara asked.

"Keyblade?" Rukia asked.

"You can SEE me!?" Ichigo asked for the icing on the cake of random questions. "Well, I don't have time for this, it's Hollow Slaying time!" Ichigo declared as he ran out the door.

"Let me help!" Sora requested as his trusty keyblade appeared in his hand. Before Urahara or Rukia could even say or ask anything, he was long gone.

"" Rukia started.

"...could he do that?" Yoruichi finished in her cat form as she walked in after hearing every word.

"I don't know...but it could mean trouble for us."