Kingdom Hearts: Soul Crank

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This takes place during the Bleach Arc that introduces the Arrancars & near the end of Kingdom Hearts I.

Lock 014

Karakura Town Warehouse District (Afternoon)

"You're no longer human, and you're no longer to associate with these fools." spoke Saïx in his usually cold monotone voice. The newly transformed Shioni turned around to face the XIII member and glared at him, sharp fangs bared menacingly although it didn't phase him or his partner. "And I should heed your words because...?" questioned the demon.

"Because if you come with us. We can grant you what you desire most: Unparalled Power." answered Ulquiorra. Shioni felt that he was telling the truth. It wasn't his tone of speaking nor the melancholy expression on his face that was convincing. No, it was something...commanding yet enticing about his presence that in a sense, drew him in to listen to his words. Finally he spoke. "...We shall see. Lead me to your so-called unparalled power. And..." while speaking, the ex-human flexed his arm with claws shining in a dark, demonic energy that was all his own.

"...I will lead your enemies to the grandest of slaughters."

"Ichigo!" Urahara called out and stepped forward waving his fan in a non-chalant manner. "What happened to ya'? I leave you alone for a couple of hours and you become a bad guy? I must say, that's not very nice." He then turned towards The King and frowned, suddenly abandoning his carefree manner in favor of one more befitting to the turn of events. "So...the heart is beyond capturing now?"

"...'Fraid so." Finally pulling down his hood for the first time before his Vizard companions, The King was revealed to be an anthropormorphic mouse with black fur and his perfectly round ears were free to frame his head. "I always wondered why he sounded so...cartoony." off-handedly commented Shinji. Ignoring the comment, his leader continued. "Yep. All we can do is put him down before he does any real damage." This got a noticeably uncomfortable reaction from Sora who couldn't believe what he was hearing. One of his dearest friends actually wanting to kill another living being.

"Saïx. We're behind schedule." Ulquiorra's words snapped the key-wielder out of his mental distress momentarily. "We must RTC now." "Correct. Shioni, was it?" asked the Luna Divider. "Follow, and you will meet the men who can give you what we promised." The same portal they've been using for transportation appeared once more behind them and after his Espada partner walked in, the demon turned to follow but not before "NO!"

"Ichigo!" Without thinking, Sora drew forth Kingdom Key and jumped sky high only to swing down at him. "I'll save you!" The creature formerly known as Ichigo Kurosaki merely backhanded the former friend across the face, stopping his assualt cold in it's tracks. "Just shut the hell up. I'll kill you later..." And without another word, Shioni left everybody's sight by entering through the portal that was left open. Getting up sluggishly from the blow that was dealt to him Sora swore to himself out loud: "I can't...and will nor...lose another friend!" "You fool."

Saïx spoke rather condescendingly to the teen keyblade master after stepping halfway through the portal of his own creation. "This is his choice. Not yours. And the rest of you..." he looked up from Sora, referring to The King, the Vizards and Urahara while he finished saying what he felt needed to be said. "Just beware of what our masters are going to set in motion." "And just who are your big bad bosses huh?" demanded the always rash and loud Hiyori.

"They are simply known as. Lord Xemnas and Sosuke Aizen."


"Huh? Where am I? How did I get here? Oh no, this is bad! I hear someone coming..."
"I just want to go back...back home to the Islands. Before any of this..."